Wendell Robinson Stays Away From Dismissal Hearing, Again

Former Commissioner Wendel Robinson

Wendell Robinson reportedly did not attend his termination hearing that was scheduled to take place at the office of the Police Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday.

According to reports, the suspended Police Commissioner wrote a letter to the PSC indicating that he would not be able to attend the hearing.

The hearing, which was initially scheduled for October 25 was rescheduled to November 14 after Robinson presented a sick certificate and requested more timeΒ so that he could answer to each specific allegation made against him in a letter from the PSC dated October 15, 2019.

It is now being reported that Robinson has chosen to respond to the PSC via a letter, which was delivered on the Commission Thursday.

The Commissioner of Police may face termination because of, as described in a letter by the Police Service Commission, his temperament and his fractious relationship with the Minister with responsibility for the police.

Robinson was first suspended in April 2018 following allegations of improper conduct leveled against him by two junior officers.



  1. Wha happen? Wendy decide to take a break and not show up. Come on, man, IF you innocent be a “man” and fight for your justice.

    • Why fight it when at the end of the day he going to take the PSC and Government to court a get a hefty pay day.

  2. Mr Robinson Immigration needs a new head or

    How about a new position that brings all the security units together or

    Ambassador resident ambassador to Kenya.

    Take your pick the ball is in your court. The government is in a weak position.

  3. Face the music , you have a big loud mouth and like to chat well, chat now. you can’t reap what you sowed. The evil that men do will live after them. Stand up as a man, use all the letters behind your name. Who last laugh laugh best. Call Percy to stand with you now.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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