WEHNER REPORTS: What the Chinese left behind after building Glanvilles Polyclinic may shock you



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  1. Plain & simple – PPM – Piss Poor Management under, the Ruling Arm of the government.

    #Get rid of the Chinese before, it’s too late!

  2. Ok, they should have cleaned up, BUT….antiguans are bad too!!!! Go and check your neighbours back yard…quite sure it’s bad too!

  3. How long has it now been since the clinic has been handed over to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda? How long since construction was completed? Are the Chinese still in possession of the out-buildings? It would seem not. It would therefore be incumbent on the owners of the property to finish the clean-up process. There is material that was not used that could be saved for some other project. The lean-tos that were either offices or housing for the workers could be cleaned, sanitized and re-purposed. The entire area needs to be cleaned and plants that are useful kept and the area be beautified.

    Maybe even the citizens of the area could form a group and apply for permission and assistance to clean up and beautify an area that is of service to them. Let us pull together and not assunder.
    I commend Mr. Whenner for having brought this up for attention. Now to the next step.

  4. Clean it up. Don’t let it get like the 🐍 26 ACRES of FARMing FOOL land in the NARSEE, DUTTY, WUTLISS condition with OLD STOVE, OLD FRIDGE, RUBBISH AND SMELLY CLOTHES MIXED IN WITH HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN.

      • Dat poor pupah tree. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ain’t contributing a ting to Food Security, but warn be Agriculture Minister and Finance Minister

    • @Skyewill. Agree with you totally. It seems that if it were not for Mr. Wehner the silence on the Chinese could be described as deadly. China’s do as they please presence in Antigua is not an asset it is a threat. Everything that is (slave) built by them appears to be of below standard quality and we pay dearly for all of it; the ultimate goal being to acquire the airport and the harbour…despite the horrendous costs we have paid for their intentional release of the covid virus into the world.

  5. “George Wehner don’t even own a home for a married man”

    ☝🏾that’s what they’re saying about you on the Internet.
    Is it true? 🤔 You and Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas in the same boat???

    Best you apply for one of the starter homes Georgie Porgie Pudden and Pie.

  6. Very well done George Wehner,keep up the good works.You SMH seems to know all things about anyone not in the pockets of this Administration.What really concerns me.I have never seen where you criticized any members of Cabinet for their laziness and or corruptive behaviors. Could you SMH,tell me why not.Are you a paid operative for any Political Party in Antigua? Are you liken to a prostitute? Being cheaply bought for mere crumbs from the tables of the GBLP.(Gaston Browne Labor Party).

  7. ANR, article heading is giving…clickbait. Please refrain from continuing this practice. Credibility as a news source needs to be upheld

  8. Who the hell is this Wehrner guy anyway? Is he somebody, or does he just feel he is? Was he tresspassing? If so, why isn’t he under arrest?????

    • “22 May 2018 — United Progressive Party caretaker for St George, George Wehner has been found GUILTY of BATTERY on a police officer.”

  9. How can this person just get into a non-public area like this and even into a room and film everything??? Is it even legal?

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