WEHNER REPORTS: Vehicle Carrier ‘Stuck’ In St. John’s Harbour (VIDEO)

Car Carrier stuck on June 13, 2024, ST JOHNS HARBOUR ANTIGUA

Source George Wehner Real NEWS- Vehicle carrier ship, Guangzhou Highway, has apparently run aground in the St. John’s Harbour after several units of vehicles at the St. John’s Port Thursday morning.


The Guangzhou Highway remained immobilized and there is tethered to two tugs who tried unsuccessfully to free the Guangzhou Highway for several hours. Real News awaits word from the Port Authority on this development and whether it will prohibit the docking of other arriving vessels in port.


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  1. Just listen to how he sound like he won “something big” for Antigua. I guess anything that isn’t positive make you feel accomplished in his “so-called reporting”

  2. Your concern should be if there is any leaking of oil whice could harm the environment, but that would be outside of your understanding, your head to so far up gaston’s ass, you are unable to think

  3. You should be more concern if the boat is leaking oil, which could be dangerous to the environment ,but that would be to hard for you to comprehend, you need to take your brain from out of gaston’s ass

  4. After all the millions of dollars spent on scooping up water with excavators belonging to the Money-Hawk, this is the result. Their thiefing deeds are now floating on the surface of the harbour for the world to see.

  5. I have been to the Bahamas, and the port lucaya in grand Bahamas where those tourist boat are brought up to land for repairs, the container port is separate from the cruise port, and the huge ships I know can never come here, it’s all grandeur political aspirations, have you ever dug a hole in the sand at the beach? The hole collapsed as you get deeper and water spring, that harbor been dredge is not the ideal spot, the more you dredge, the surface in the surrounding is sinking under subduction going back into the harbor, so it always accumulating debree. The harbor need to be either relocate to crabbs or southern side where one sight is for container and one for cruise ships, or have a bridge out towards sandy island and meet the deep water, the length of those large cruise ship I see in Bahamas can’t turn around in that narrow channel, when I saw that new port building I expected more, I understand the upp had negotiated for shore cranes that is track mounted, as I am realizing now that if the ALP had done the viv Richards stadium it’s size would have been reduced and also no road infrastructure, the old road at the back of stadium from Parham was a mudded road under ALP, though I could remember in the 70’s bus running on that back road to st John’s , if it wasn’t for upp that road would not be there, as you can see now the ALP get back to office the road return to deterioration, lack of maintenance. So too the post office that was to be sold to Stanford, which I believe has a buyer so they are running it down, following the saying a leopard don’t change its color. Antigua has got to shift from merchant politicians in both ALP and UPP and agree on a development plan for Antigua and not transactional politics that benifit some few wealthy families that both party has to tip toe around, espousing centrist politics, instead leaning to the left and build the country and it’s poor black people. The ideology of politics institutionalized in Antigua is a functionary of the white class and hegemony of the UK and USA, we are been infantillised as leaders so no one does anything for the country unless by a grant, we are been managed well under the neocolonism agenda, take action people think for yourself, a dam should be built in cage bay area where all the water is, short cut straight road from John Hughes( I hate calling colonial names) to valley church beach while passing near boggy peak and create shopping and restaurants at our highest peak, rename the villages, correct the horse and cart roads that use to go to planters homes we have as highway today and straighten them out, the APUA must start to to do live line work to stop power suppression, we just keep doing what the British leave us with, no advancement, look back to the harbor and ponder. I gone here frustrated with some of our so call university graduates.

  6. So they never got any international org to review the dredging after they did it? Maybe we should check our airport runway. was real bumpy last time i was on it

  7. This is why the UPP will forever stay in opposition, when there were 5 and 6 cruise vessels in the harbor, why didn’t Whener report on that? Why didn’t Whener report on the home porting operation? You guys only seem to only highlight everything negative in Antigua which is not a good look. DO BETTER UPP! Everything is not suppose to be political, choose country first!

  8. He seems to gloat in reporting bad or unfortunate news. He gets pleasure in denigrating the country of his birth, all for expediency of partisanship. Carry on…

  9. This kind of the thing happens quite frequently all over the world. The Guangzhou Highway vehicle carrier finally left sometime yesterday (it departed St Kitts this morning) and a cruise ship and cargo ship arrived in St. Johns this morning with no problems.

  10. First of all he has the right to report on anything happening in the country he is a TAXPAYER. If you kool aid drinkers want to sit back and be deaf dumb and blind to everything so be it. The entire country is falling apart and you walk around with your head up your a$$ and pretend everything is great. Some people don’t want to suffer in silence the so called economic power house is one of many lies. People are working like slaves and are begging to get paid. People like me are waiting for my back pay for four years and counting. Nothing in this place is getting better but the politicians and their families eating the fat of the land. Report anything jack and the other dunce elements is old and has nothing of substance to offer the next generation so they could care less . Taxpayers need to know where our money is going. We have a boat we told the dunce elements we’re going to sell and all this profit we will have and the lies we’ve to paying to keep it. The lies that this government spills out of their mouths shame on the taxpayers who sit down and suffer for the crumbs they give them. Keep reporting soon the house of cards will fall. All lies this government is built on full transparency is needed keep exposing them for who they’re. Inquiring minds want to know where is the money that was gifted to Barbuda?

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