WEHNER REPORTS: Robin Yearwood’s grand campaign promise on water is coming back to haunt him

Robin Yearwood

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  1. Amazing!!! In 2022 this is how homes and businesses are provided a source of potable water?

    Promised made! Promise not Kept!

    Vote out this failure of leadership and guardians of government institutions!!

    • Find your own phrase- even UPP’s phrases y’all copy from the ‘dunces’. Just cog all the time. True cogging followers.

  2. It’s a shame…pitiful if you ask me.
    This is embarrassing😳
    How granny, suppose to bathe..
    The minster needs to go..
    Plus isn’t he too old!! Omg..

  3. What a shocking situation!!!Yes, of course, if you have money you can buy a big tank with a pump and pay a lot of money to get these truckers to fill it for you. No problem. But what about ordinary Antiguans who cannot afford a big tank? This Government is a complete failure and the Minister of Public Utilities should be ashamed of himself..hard to imagine a more incompetent and useless Minister. Yes, his words will come back to haunt him..he must be voted out of office!! We need a Government that can GOVERN.

  4. This is a disgrace and a total failure of the present Gov’t. It was the same with the UPP so no improvement but C’mon it’s 2022. The people don’t mind paying for water so the Gov’t only has to invest in an RO system and charge accordingly. APUA is a failure and someone should be held accountable.

  5. Who the hell is this WEHNER guy, chattering all the time life he/she know something? Is he/she an Antiguan? Or somebody telling Antiguans what to do???? Chuups.

  6. Lmaooooo is only now this coming to light that water truck business UP!!!

    Sooooo you tryna tell me nobody knew that water truck been getting water and making bank all these years during all this drought water in and off bs das wild!! And Antigua ppl so nosy?
    How y’all let this slip??

    So when ur casually driving you mean to tell me nobody notices how much trucks active on the roads daily or what type of commercial driving employment has been taking place under you nose? Wow that’s wild

    So when government take fire brigade and police to full up tanks from the hydrants to supply the hotels and whoever with water, all on airport road u can see bare face day or nightly. y’all didn’t see that as money passing over to give government cuz obviously Government nah go use them resources for PRIVATE SECTOR just so?
    sooooooo y’all live your lives everyday complaint about poor government and voting them out

    Question: vote them out to replace them with who exactly??

    Y’all that dunce too? Or y’all just live off being retarded?

    Well I thought government was incompetent but Antigua independent for 30+ years and each time u vote on promised dreams to see more failure

    Y’all don’t learn either??? You clearly know if u vote out ALP whoever go in next gonna do the same bullshit and or probably worst and y’all still carrying on about replacing power. Lmaooo hey look joke

    It’s like u know fire hot when u touch it and u keep putting ur hand back in to get burned

    Lmaoo I thought APUA was retarded but these comments do be giving me life to laugh at stupidity and ppl that just don’t learn from their mistakes wow.
    Am seriously amused by how everyone thinks voting does such a big deal of a difference and ur thinking for the countries future

    Lmaooo didn’t anyone think of the countries future years ago and foresaw this? Antigua country truly does have learning problems I see why Barbuda want have nothing to do with them here. Y’all really do be slow

  7. Pussy Salad and Top Dawg need to be put out to pasture. They cannot solve Antigua’s problems. Time to retire and let someone else try.

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