WEHNER REPORTS: Ministry of Works Making Empty Promises (VIDEO)


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  1. This Wehner is a real dunce, kicked out of Defense Force, kicked out of UPP and now just all over try to be relevant. Another wash out like Franz trying to make a dollar by knocking everything going on in Antigua. SMH

    • @Born Antiguan

      Franz DeFreitas G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L BANKRUPT not just financially but intellectually. He no better off than Pringle CA-CAPA-TI-TAH PICK-UP-CORN DEAD DARG baxide!!

      Hope Wehner will carry he camera to the UPP Leadership imaginary convention.

      Pringle head EMPTY
      Richard married a yardie


  2. Wehner is your wife living in a RENT house??? Or you a real man with your own TITLE DEED to show ownership??? You rob de youth a Grays Farm from a salary to be driver for John Ashe buddy.

    What u have to show fu you damn self as a “man”????

    Carry de video up by the UPP CAN’T PARK AT EAST BUS STATION nuh.

    Or de “new” engines up Crabbs. Wah u fraid fu do dat?

    • Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown

      @ Smh and Born Antiguan

      Look how Wehner hab ar u a eat up ar u self 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

      This tells me he is very effective.

      Poor Antigua and Barbuda under the wicked and cruel and BROKE ABLP.

    • You really mentioned the car park that have been built many years ago and now under a new administration for many years now make you sound like a fucking idiot. I usually do not comment here, but you are a brainless jackass.

  3. Great reporting again Mr George Wehner. Most of us would never have known about the real reason for this long and overdue delay. Thank you sir 👍🏾

    This looks like another project where due diligence WASN’T observed.

    And why not inform the tax paying public of the issues that are prevailing if you have nothing to hide?


    Yes, that’s right the NEPO BABY Maria Browne, who I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, is NOT fit for office or purpose.

    Wheeling the trolleys outside ah Epicurean would ah suit she better, because NEPOTISM doesn’t work in the public sector. Period!

  4. Some of you people on this portal are empty sounding.Like empty cans bring kicked down the roads. There is a saying. Empty vessels make the most noise.When that phrase was coin. Did they have you Gastonites in sight.Keep the information coming Wehner. They cannot stand to hear the truth.

  5. There’s where our money is going. Instead of using their brains effectively, they are accepting payments to heckle. We were not hearing from them when they collaborated to smuggle West Africans, which cause them to ultimately meet their demise at sea. They are not even worth their salt. They have been overworked, overlooked and bypassed for some traitors, formerly of the UPP. (SMH, Tenman, Eric The Red and all the other self-abusers

  6. Pity he camera nah min day fu record the infamous LYING UPP PRESS CONFERENCE for the “new” engines that UPP bought WITHOUT THE REQUIRED PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL

    Taxpayers still paying for UPP mistake

  7. @Smh:Did I hear Gaston say. Those engines were sold to WIOC. Perhaps he should come back on this portal to clarify. Some of you have memories of convenience.

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