WEHNER REPORTS: ’40 acres of land at peppercorn price’


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  1. Wow. It’s not like it’s on lease and if we find out the land is not being used productively it can be taken back. This now belongs to him, and his future generations…forever

  2. So What???
    Man, you keep on going on to people private properties!!!!
    Don’t you dare walk on my properties!!!!

    • @Blabla
      What is wrong with people like you. Your country is being stolen by greedy, corrupt, and thieving politicians and you see nothing wrong with this? Yearwood is probably over 80 years of age. He should be preparing to meet his maker instead he is stealing our lands by acquiring it at pepper corn price. This is what these politicians do, and this is how they get rich and people like you support them. Shame on you. You should be so incensed that you want to see these people out of power

      • Well said @ Jackie, I find so many Antiguans ‘asleep at the wheel’ when it comes to holding our politicians to account. Shameful!

  3. Outrageous! Absolutely Outrageous. A national park no less! The politicians here are shameless, continually enriching themselves. Enough is enough people.

    Why do the politicians believe everyone so stupid. We get it guys, you are stealing the whole country.


  4. Avatar photo My family has been involved in the Labor Party movement since the early days and has received numerous recognitions from both V.C Bird and Lester Bird. I say this because right and wrong is wrong.

    @ Jackie well said.
    This @ Blabla character is truly a Donkey .
    Their only concern is “don’t come on my property” what a Dunce.
    Antigua will never change because they’re so many more like this Blabla buffoon on this platform and in general .
    I’m not blinded by party Tribalism and Redism .
    You make your cade I listen then I make a decision.
    Unfortunately my elders never tried it and has gotten my generation very little.

    Just Saying
    Betty’s Hope
    Smh among others.

  5. Keep up that good work Wehner. You are really opening my eyes as to the BOBOL set up in Antigua with those in CABINET.Things are so bad. That Pussy tap nyam salads.

  6. It is worth remembering that the Hon. Robin Yearwood, one of the richest men in Antigua, is also the Minister of Public Utilities. So, while he remains busy exploiting his position as a Minister to get even richer, poor Antiguans struggle every day with NO WATER, and the HIGH COST of ELECTRICITY. Because this wealthy Minister has no time to do the job he was elected to do. Antiguans deserve better!!!!

  7. George I hope you do the same for French’s Cove and list all the persons who own the lands there.. such hypocrisy.

  8. Thank you for shining a light on what many of us know has been going on for 30+ years.
    SIR Robin / the HONORABLE Robin Yearwood / SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE.
    What a seeming mockery of those titles and the expectations of the same.

    A man who seems to have chosen which nests to settle in many moons ago, and appears to have made his business partners very happy & wealthy.
    Who knows, maybe his breakfast buddies are pleased with his ‘contributions’ over decades.

    I remember many of us, 25+ years ago being told clearly by Minister for Tourism and DCA, that NATIONAL PARK LAND BELONGED TO THE PEOPLE OF ANTIGUA & BARBUDA.

    Seems that was pure lies, and it appears that depending on who you know, and possibly, the amount of enrichment to the connected person, that the people of this country are seemingly treated with tokenism at every turn.

    Yet the people go along, shrug shoulders and quietly chat amongst themselves, all the while it appears some in public office may be millionaires many times over, and that’s in British pounds if reporting on court cases is to be believed.

    Will this apparent abuse of the people’s trust,
    this apparent disregard for the office of people’s representative (MP / Minister)
    and apparent disregard of ethical standards, honesty & transparency usually required of a public servant and a leader, ever stop?

    Probably not until all current political players step away and allow a fresh set of people that are younger, more collaborative, diverse, tech savvy and willing to do the people’s work in a unity government.

    I’m surely dreaming eh.

  9. Wehner deserves to be sued for the lies he is telling: 1. The land was not sold for 2.00 per sq feet 2. No 40 acres of land, depicted here, was sold to Robin or Barrett group . 3. The government 2 years ago via consultations presented the Willoughby project, where 3,074.17 acres of land are being offered to locals (first preference). 4. The housing projects being pushed by government, the land are essentially given for free to locals

    • @Tenman
      How much was the lands sold for if not $2 per sq ft? And another question, who currently owns the lands in Willoughby Bay that I am sure was previously owned by the government.

  10. The politicians can thief as much lands as they want because a lot of Antiguans are docile and don’t care about what is going on in their country. Then the labour government bring into the country other nationalities who only care about sending money to their country. They hope these people will vote for them and this is how they will stay in power.

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