Wehner Criticizes AGS Cricket Facilities, Sir Vivian Richards’ Alma Mater


REAL NEWS – The Antigua Grammar School’s sports area has been left to become overrun with bushes and trees, complains George Wehner, the United Progressive Party (UPP) mobilization officer, who is decrying its appalling condition.

Ahead of next week’s opening of schools for the 2023-2024 academic year, Wehner paid a visit to the government-run secondary school, which is located along Old Parham Road.

He reports that the practicing facility for cricket – in particular, the bowling net area – is not in good condition, as that area lacks grass, while there is a huge wild-tamarind tree growing through the metal net.

This protrusion through the batting cage has caused damage to the metal net, he says, as some parts of it appear to have become embedded within the tree trunk.

Wehner says there are termites in the area, as well, and the paved concrete pitches are almost overrun with grass.

The astro turf, meanwhile, is covered by leaves from the nearby trees, and the cricket stumps are visible only when the shrubbery is peeled away.

It seems that the Ministry of Education either does not care, or cares very little, about sports in schools and the proper upkeep of the sporting facilities, Wehner concludes.

However, he says, these facilities are very important in helping to hone the skills of student-athletes if they are to become proficient and professional in their respective disciplines.

The Antigua Grammar School, Wehner notes, is not only his alma mater, but that of the country’s lone living National Hero and cricketing legend – Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, who is the only West Indies cricket captain never to have lost a Test series.

What he finds instructive, the UPP officer says, is that the pitch area is in close proximity to the Antigua Labour Party headquarters on Nugent Avenue and Old Parham Road.

Since only a fence separates them, Wehner says the government officials who gather at the headquarters should have seen the condition of the facility and moved to restore it, so that the Grammar School boys can resume use of the area.

Unfortunately, he says, the Browne Administration cares nothing about investing in the development of education, sports, or extra- curricular activities for the students of this Nation.

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  1. All Mr. Wehner needs to do is get few of his friend together and go there on Saturday and cut the grass. Mr. Roberts would have loved to see that. And he can then take all the praise for being such a good citizen. But no, he prefers to criticize and complain, rather than be an example.

    • @FTS please tell the reader of this newspaper, what the hell the men and women dressed in red Labour party t-shirts are paid for at the side of the roads? Wehner work for Solid Waste? I’m sick and tired of you apologist of the Labour party, the dunceness is so obvious it’s unbelievable. Why not the cult party members on a Friday afternoon, take all Labourites next door from your cult headquarters and cut the school field, most of you are paid by the government anyway.

    • You honestly telling the man he should shut up not criticize and go do other people’s work instead of criticizing the people responsible for dropping short of the mark??? “From the sideline” I always thought you were an idiot, you should have kept your mouth shut and continue to allow me to think so. Instead you have opened it and proven my thoughts correct. Sick of y’all ALP lackeys…. Metaphorically You are attacking the fire alarm 🚨 to protect the arsonist… think about it… and try not to get an aneurysm while thinking. You already barely have 2 brain cells to rub together apparently, we wouldn’t want a cerebro vascular accident to rob you of what’s left. 😒

    • It’s called opposition and having a different viewpoint than your own @ From The Sideline.

      Embrace it, put on your big boy pants and accept an opposing view/or frame of reference.

      I’ve noticed in recent times Sidey, since the rise in complaints about the ABLP governance your bitterness is on the RISE, and the criticism of Gaston Browne has taken you to a level of RANCOUR that has made you lose your original focus – I’m surprised, yet very pleased at this development.

      • What is the word Rancour mean?
        bitter anger
        Definitions of rancour. a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will. synonyms: bitterness, gall, rancor, resentment.

        Brix, are you not describing yourself here? Being bitter against Gaston Browne. I mean what do I have to be bitter about? My party is in power for the next five years. I ‘m still in a celebratory mood. And although I do not have a crystal ball, seeing the slate of candidates the UPP is presenting to the voters, You guys will be in opposition for at least three more elections to come. And given my age, I don’t think I would be around, but if the good Lord would grant me such long life and health, WOW. I would also like you to be around so I can have some fun with you. You know Brix, I hardly respond to others, as they have no manners. They are beneath my class of having a conversation with. But the UPP started a very good civil program, that made us all proud citizens take part in it. National Clean Up Campaign. Why do you think our country remains that dirty? Because there are not enough good citizens that care. We see and criticize a lot but do nothing ourselves. In my street, I let my gardener clean the entire block. My neighbor’s gardener would stop exactly at the border of his premises. And if I see any garbage in the street, I’ll pick it up. I have no time to criticize the government. That is the most foolish thing to do. All Mr. Wehner should do is contact the principal of Grammer School and ask him if he needs some help to take care of the field. And he could take more credit with a photo-up showing him cutting the grass. The other day you had one UPP MP showing up public works by fixing a road in Grays Farm. Another one had a photo-up collecting garbage as the waste was not collected.
        You guys simply like to criticize and that is all. A minister makes policies, and a PS runs the department, and they have workers etc. And nowhere in that line of duty is the minister. But when the Minister starts to micro-manage you will have a problem. The Public Sector workers need to start doing their job for which they are getting paid. And they can be UPP or ABLP workers it doesn’t matter. Do the job you are paid for.

  2. I guess things slow on the UPP front. What was the condition of the grounds in Sir Viv days? this didn’t stop him from becoming the Master blaster and to note Sir Richie also a former WI captain came from a school that didn’t even had a cricket field. Have no fear Mr Wehner the grounds will be ready in time.

  3. Who can forget UPP’s cricket world cup legacy!!!

    Wehner wife live in RENT HOUSE or he man up and got a TITLE DEED for the madame???

    Up and down like Pringle UPSIDE DOWN BIBLE but is wifey happy?

    DESPERATE and MONEY HUNGRY for $1500 to drive around John Ashe buddy. Robbing a youth man from Grays Farm of de chance to drive the former TISSUE PAPER PM (according to Lovell Limpy Joe)

  4. Smh, you’re utterly ridiculous! Our children deserve better, much better! Stop trying to attack the messenger because you’re ashamed! Our money is collected via, taxes, levies, etc so let the government do what they are supposed to do. You, From the sideline and Carvaa need to hold your party accountable for the horrible job that they are doing! Smh.

  5. Who do you think is in charge of the school? Isn’t it the principal? And if the principal doesn’t see the need of keeping his school sport field grass cut, how that become something to hold government accountable for that. Soon anytime a dog barks or a baby cry, it’s the government’s fault. They used this strategy before. Everything was blamed on Lester Bird. They so need something to hold on to criticize this government that anything goes. We already tried it with security. I don’t hear anything about security anymore. Not even teachers are threatening to strike because of school break-ins anymore. At one point there were stray dogs with fleas under the building and even then, they wanted to blame it on the minister. He needed to go look for dogs at schools. This opposition is so pathetic and is not funny.

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