Weekly situation report on COVID-19


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  1. All cases are imported and then spread to the local population. As long as the tourists come, so too covid.

  2. Crisis of the unvaccinated. Not only are they more likely to catch covid, they are also more likely to clog up our health system and therefore deny other seriously ill persons a bed. Employers have to not only be concerned about persons catching covid, but also them getting seriously ill from it. The data shows the unvaccinated are more at risk than the vaccinated . Decisions have to be made based on levels of risk

    • Catching it is not the same as spreading it. Vaccinated persons are now spreading it not least as they believe they are immune and alter their behaviour.

      • Guy, agree with you that the vaccinated need to exercise caution. However, the data shows the vaccinated are less likely to spread it, than the unvaccinated. Admittedly there was a study (not peered reviewed) that found those with the delta variant having the same viral load as the unvaccinated. However, when you consider the fact that the vaccinated will more tend to be asymptomatic, it means there is less opportunity for them to spread the virus (not shedding as much for eg via coughing). A recent study in Singapore found that vaccinated persons with the delta variant were infectious for a shorter period of time (see https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.28.21261295v1 ). Clearly the vaccinated pose less risk in the spread of covid than the unvaccinated

  3. @nineman
    Are you doctor, scientists, biologist ,virologist or you a repeater of everything you hear without questioning

    • Not sure if you mean me and intend to disparage. Its tenman, ten (short for Tennesia) is my wife’s name and I am her man hence tenman. Ignoring your need to try to insult me, I am a researcher, driven by my IT background. My degrees dictated the need for research (you do know education should be lifelong). Must tell you I tend to keenly listen to doctors, scientists, biologists and virologist on the covid issue. You will note I always ten to provide references. Wish others would do the same, so we can all make informed decisions. I have even listened to the minor few in that group who at times seem to argue against the vaccines. Interestingly many of them have taken the vaccine (eg Robert Malone and his wife, who took the Moderna jab) or make clear they are not against the vaccine but feel the need to share some of the possible downsides. Guy or Gal, the said experts as a group (thousands with one or two disagreeing) have made clear that vaccination is the safest option

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