Weekend vaccination drive resumes on Saturday; PRO encourages residents to turn out before vaccines expire

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment in collaboration with the American University of Antigua postponed the COVID-19 vaccination this weekend at AUA. The new date has been set for April 2nd, 2022 at the AUA campus from 9am – 3pm.
The first, second or booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccines will be administered.
The vaccines currently available in Antigua and Barbuda are the J&J, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Sinopharm.


To boost vaccination numbers and, reportedly, in response to the public’s request, the Ministry of Health will resume its weekend-vaccination drive on Saturday, March 26.

Numbers for the fully vaccinated remain at just over 62,000, while the partially vaccinated stand at 2,286.

Jenoure Smith-Kellman, Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Health, confirms that vaccinations are taking place at the usual locations; however, this weekend’s drive will take place at the American University of Antigua, which is collaborating with the Ministry.

Smith-Kellman says that residents can get their first, second and booster shots of the Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Pfizer vaccines at this time.

She says that shots for children aged 12 to 18 will also be administered.

The Public Relations Officer is appealing to persons who are yet to take the jab to do so.  This is also to avoid Health officials having to discard the vaccines, some of which will expire at the end of the month. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. However, here’s what Public Relations Officer Jenoure Smith-Kellman won’t tell Antiguans:


    The city of Louisville’s Covid vaccine coordinator – and a vocal proponent of mRNA shots – “died unexpectedly” last week. She was only 36.

    For over a year, Dr Hartlage urged people to take Covid vaccines.

    She urged them online, in person, and in briefings with Louisville’s Mayor. She also tweeted a picture of herself opening a box of mRNA vaccines and said she’d had “a little visit from the Pfizer fairy”.

    Furthermore, Dr Hartlage was thrilled when regulators authorised the vaccine for five-year-olds.

    She didn’t just talk or tweet either, she ran the city of Louisville’s vaccine clinic, which injected almost 120,000 people.


    Last week, Dr SarahBeth Hartlage died.

    Again, our government and the main stream media has HIDDEN this news.


  2. So where is the evidence this was linked in any way to a vaccine? It was not unheard of that healthy people died unexpectedly before there was a pandemic, people die unexpectedly now, and they will die unexpectedly in when the pandemic is over. Some will have been vaccinated and some not have been vaccinated. What’s your point? Where’s your evidence that this has anything to do with a vaccine? Why do you assume this was hidden? Not every family chooses to make a big pronouncement of their loved ones death, how is their death any of your business?

    • * Where is YOUR PROOF that it wasn’t a death from the vaccines?

      * It is assumed this was hidden because the media was silent about this vocal jab promoter.

      * It’s our business because all of humanity is in danger if what many doctors are telling us.

      * Why wouldn’t an intelligent person be apprehensive of a new experimental therapy that was rushed into production without the normal testing.

      * Why are YOU being so vocal about it… are YOU on the Big Pharma payroll?

      • Anyone that advocated against the vaccine and died they said it was covid and broadcasted and made an example of them. Why not do the same when the coin flips? 🤔 oh that goes contrary to the agenda.

      • I don’t need to provide proof of anything. I didn’t link the death to a vaccine, Brixtonian did. I didn’t make the claim, it’s not my burden of proof.

        It is assumed to be hidden by who? Brixtonian claimed that “our government and main stream media” hid the news. Why would the Antiguan government report such news? It happened in the USA in St Louis. Is Brixtonian an American? I’m just wondering out loud. Are you sure there was no coverage of this death in St Louis?

        And why are you bullying me Angel? Why must you always use capital letters when referring to others? Because I raise a counter point or ask a question I’m assumed to be big pharma? I’ve seen that you complain that others bully you yet you are always the first to attack anyone who has an opinion opposite yours. You are a very angry person.

        Please don’t exploit this poor souls death, which you know nothing about, to try and justify your misguided beliefs and to influence others unless you can prove that this death is vaccine related.

        • Again @ Evidence, even you must admit that the high vaccine death rates and injuries are being covered up.

          Just a few days ago, data was released that recorded vaccine deaths were 24% higher than the original figures (but because of what’s going on in the Ukraine, this data was quietly released). GO FIGURE!

          If you spent as much time doing some critical thinking, instead of shooting the messengers, you might actually find out what’s really going on regarding this PLANDEMIC … or is it simply that you have taken the trial vaccine(s); and you don’t want to REALLY admit that you were lied to?

        • Snowflake, you chose to jump into the discussion. If you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

          Re: “And why are you bullying me Angel? Why must you always use capital letters when referring to others? Because I raise a counter point or ask a question I’m assumed to be big pharma? I’ve seen that you complain that others bully you yet you are always the first to attack anyone who has an opinion opposite yours. You are a very angry person.”
          * Bullying you? No that isn’t true. You just playing the victim card snowflake!
          * Capital letters? Yeah, 4 words is certainly excessive snowflake.
          * Big Pharms – You never answer that question… did you get paid?
          * Bullying of me – My only complaint is the personal attacks on the messenger but nothing about the content of what was said.
          * Of course I go after post that are spreading lies and no I’m NOT an angry person, I just hate liars.

  3. When someone died with the virus they blame covid. When a vaccinated individual dies they say people was dying all the time where is the proof is the vaccine. The death is one sided, we are accustomed for 2 years lowing the media to think for us. Let us analyse more .let us shun all appearance of evil

  4. These f’n idiot still pushing this poison in us. They can have all the poison shots for us including the expired ones.

    All about money and control. Fu me body, fu me choice. F all the rest. All about choice.




    If you think is all fake news, me nar tap you from tekin all the shot adn booster more booster and even more booster and then more booster again. Your body, your choice.

  5. Not saying vaccines killed anyone but please explain to me why:
    – the US millitary, some of the fittest people on earth have seen an 1100% increase in all-cause mortality in the first 10 months of 2021
    – In Israel, one of the most jabbed nations on earth children are much more likely now to get myocarditis than be hospitalized with COVID
    – The CDC just quietly backed out 24% of child deaths, along with other deaths, blaming a ‘coding error’ for the overcount.
    – The list of side effects of the pfizer vaccine (included as part of their FDA application) are 8 pages long
    – The FDA wanted 75 years to release the Pfizer application data but took only 2 months to grant approval based on it
    – 9 Out of 10 hospitalizations in the UK, and the majority in Australia as well are jabbed
    – Relatively few unjabbed persons, including myself have caught COVID twice but everybody else is getting it


    • Yup… we present these fools with the factual truth every day, just like what you’ve provided here but they continue to ignore them. They respond by stupidly parroting the lie SAFE & EFFECTIVE…. Are they brain dead or something?

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