Weather Disturbance Now At 70 Chance of formation


A tropical wave located several hundred miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands continues to produce disorganized shower and
thunderstorm activity.

Environmental conditions are forecast to be
conducive, and development of this system is anticipated.

A tropical depression or tropical storm is likely to form this weekend
several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands while the system
moves westward at 15 to 20 mph.

  • Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…40 percent.
  • Formation chance through 7 days…high…70 percent.

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  1. The recent heavy rains highlighted our vulnerability and in a way unpreparedness for what is being touted “a higher than normal hurricane season.” We still have much work to do as we prepare for any eventualities. Drain cleaning, overgrown bushes and shrubs, trees near to power lines that could impact power supply negatively, the removal of bulk waste from homes and villages and some derelict vehicle that always seem to find haven on the roads. We have to begin active preparation now and always be on guard.

  2. The constant rain which seems #abnormal to the island is quite, the contrary. The island 🏝️ over centuries have known rains.
    Deforestation and other poor infrastructural planning are the major culprits for the instant demise and deterioration(s), of several of our roadways.

    Not but a two decades ago, when the rains had slowed and what the #professionals were touting, as #droughts, were actually great periods during which the proper infrastructural plannings and implementations should have being paralleling the growth of the Nation.

    I’ve always contended, that when Potworks Dam was not totally completed, and a vasts amounts of similar #rains came, the overflowing of the Dam in a westerly direction, was an indication, that…

    (A)…no new Housing Development(squatting at first), which became Alls East should have being allowed to take root and be established there. The hills were more appropriate for such.

    (B)…The road leading from Newfield, Bethesda which connects and continue westward, should have never being built, instead, extend Potworks Dam/Lake Northward towards the hills, designed and built with overflows which could be sent towards Roman Hill and through Sweets towards the Body Pond Lower Lakes East of the One Love Camp and Bendals and continue the process westward, collecting overflows in small reservoirs to service housing in the hills with proper roads and drainage towards these reservoirs to serve #FARMING as well.

    Please stop blaming the #rains. This is not the #horse_n_buggy, #donkey_cart days! We #vitz to #lambos rolling through, #da_hoods!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  3. @Audley, while you at it ask that the remove the dirt that has built up to the level of the dilapidated rails on Pigotts Road leading up to LS bar. Because the dirt is at the level of the rail it impedes the run off. I am an idiot and if that is so obvious as to what has contributed to the problem on Pigotts road when we get heavy rain then the brilliant minds must know or dem just nah kay!!

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