Wearing of masks optional effective Wednesday



The Cabinet has also agreed that the regulations governing the wearing of face masks is to be repealed, making the wearing of masks optional effective Wednesday 16 March, 2022.


The CMO and her team propose that face masks be worn by workers indoors (office, stores, supermarkets, financial institutions, churches, civic groups, schools, bars, clubs) where workers come into contact with many strangers.


In outdoor places also, where there is likely to be crowds of people, the wearing of a face mask is dutifully encouraged.

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  1. ‘Encourage’ all you want, I’m no longer going to wear a ‘face diaper’. If any business demands one, I’ll promptly turn around and walk out. I’ll instead choose to spend my money with your competition! 😀

    • U have money? Lol jokes really write themselves your broke @$$ can’t even buy one data plan always tefing the neighbors wifi don’t know why the don’t plug out the Internet box🤣

  2. Businesses that will require masks need not worry. The rest of us will only patronize the mask mandatory establishments and avoid places where maskless people are free to contaminate the air and each other with reckless abandon. Just remember – when you play stupid games with your life, you eventually win stupid prizes. Long Covid is now one of those stupid prizes.

    • Many mask wearers are suffering from long covid. The cloth masks are absolutely useless. Only brainwashed people believe they are protective.

  3. @Eld
    That is the most ignorant thing I’ve heard anyone say recently. You obviously are incapable of critical thinking. Let me ask you this… if the masks actually worked, then why did so many people allegedly get covid? Talk about STUPID!!!

    I’m willing to bet that the people that will stop wearing those masks vastly outnumber the ignorant people who will continue wearing them. This will be a IQ TEST for Antiguan’s where the answer will be instantly visible for all to see.

    • Angel of death, you fail that IQ test every single time you post comments. You’re clearly just another narcissist seeking attention. Your simplistic mind will dismiss masks as useless because some wearers still got infected. It takes real intelligent analysis to see that there was a clear reduction in the incidence of COVID infection in mask wearing populations which limited most of the spread events to private social gatherings among friends and family members where masks were not worn.

      But you know what? I don’t really care if you wear a mask or not. At the end of the day, the long term health consequences of repeat infection from repeated acts of stupidity will be YOUR PROBLEM.

    • Thank God I’m not capable of “critical thinking” which is code for being brainwashed by conspiracy theorists.

    • How is mask wearing ignorant? Is everyone who disagrees with you ignorant? Jackass! Move to Moscow!!!

  4. It is more dangerous wearing a mask
    Mask no stop covid19 get it through your skulls people

  5. Thanks God i didn’t get Covid 19 thanks to wearing the masks and following all protocols and I will continue to wear my masks in the presence of people until a cure can be found

    • A CURE was found over a two years ago, it is call IVERMECTIN or HYDROXYCLORIQUINE and ZINC. These remedies were hidden from you…. now ask yourself why!

  6. I got COVID wearing mask. There are drugs that treat COVID very well and instead of promoting that they had us in fear fighting over a piece of cloth on our faces

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