Wealthy investor hopes to build boutique hotel on 30-acre beach property owned by the Crown



The Cabinet held a meeting virtually with a wealthy investor who hopes to build a boutique hotel on a 30-acre beach property owned by the Crown.

The Saudi Arabian Government’s investment arm has shown a willingness to participate, utilizing Antigua as one of the first places in the Caribbean where the investment arm has chosen to do business.

The Saudi investment arm has already agreed to lend US$86 million for the expansion of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus; the loan is in the final stages of consummation.

The Cabinet conducted a virtual meeting with six members of the Government of Saudi Arabia to include the team which seeks out investment for the Saudi Wealth Fund.

The meeting was held to confirm that the Saudi fund will in fact participate in the hotel development project that is being proposed. Confirmation of such participation was achieved using the virtual platform. Several members of that Saudi fund will visit Antigua next week Friday.

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  1. Government is always quick to accept that someone is wealthy and the truth and fact is that nothing really materialise from these projects. Reminds me of when I spent time in the UK where all african men told the ladies they were a prince in their country and manage to woe them when nothing tarl go so.

    By the way why does the Ministry of Health continue to allow that apartment complex to run its waste water downslope and creating that mess on Lauchland Benjamin drive…yes I am referring to that piece of concrete stretch that takes you down to woods and then onto Friars Hill Road. Is it because the owners of the property are bakkra and government aint have no trang fuh dem?

  2. That word known as WEALTHY should not be used by the Cabinet of Antigua. Erased that damn word from your vocabulary. Remember those wealthy Africans.

  3. Porkston Browne giving away crown lands to people like she owns them. She even giving away crown lands to certain people who she hasn’t paid.

    You, the people who voted her in again, how much crown land Porkston Browne give you? Oh never mind, she gave you her table scraps and you ecstatic over that. Soon not even your children will own any land.

    Vote her in again and live on the table scraps she give you.

  4. This was not even worth mentioning. I am convinced now that the Gov’t uses tatics such as these to create false hope. If you cannot say where or who then there is no proposal, it is just an idea of what the Gov’t would like to happen, so it not worth mentioning.

  5. People of Antigua. What has become of that Wealthy Sheikh of MORRIS BAY, FAME AND SHAME. The one that was so WEALTHY. He used our land deed to get a loan from a BANK.Those lands at Morris Bay belang to are we.It was also announced sometime ago that a WEALTHY Investor from the Netherlands. He was going to build a Hotel in Antigua. A way he garne wid he wealth? We have been misled too many times by this Administration and more so the lying Kitchen Cabinet Notes.Lying sons and daughter of the Dog/Dawg.

  6. Gaston how many times do you have to be scammed? while give away the poor people’s patrimony and call it progress and economic development.
    Gaston- The political strategy is working: to “Keep them uneducated, ignorant and poor and let them fight for the crumbs under the table.”

  7. Someone always building hotels for the black man to be a slave once again – working to clean, wash and cook..Where are the investments in parks, recreational centers, factories so that we can produce products? Community centers where children can learn to socialize? Stuuups

  8. To the Gaston Browne Administration: Why 30 Acres of Beach Property that belong to the Crown? We the people are the owners of those lands. That is indeed a lot of Beach lands for a Hotel. Before the Pandemic,we visited Montego Bay,Jamaica. We stayed at an All Inclusive Property,known as Jewel Grande. It has over 200 rooms and some cottages of 2 and 3 bedrooms for families on the ground. It sits on 5 Acres of Beach Front Property. The buildings are built upwards not taking up the entire Beach. Why the heck we cannot do that in Antigua? If that model for building Hotels continues. There would be no more access to any of the Beaches inna Antigua.

    • @BLACK-MAN.
      This lot are not the brightest of the bright. 30 acres of beach land to build a boutique and hotel? This is hard to swallow. People should understand why Barbudans are wary of this administration controlling their birthright. I hate to say it but I will. The present Antigua government must be the laughing stock of the Caribbean. It just goes on and on, a never ending giveaway of our patrimony. Well you get what you pay for.

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