We See You, Darren


Letter to the Editor,

We See You, Darren

Dear Darren

I listen to you when I can and until this morning, I thought you were OK. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

I heard you with a caller and your reaction to him and afterwards made you look petty.

In short, he asked you if you loved Antigua and your response was to ask him if he thought YOU loved Antigua.

He said he did not think so.

You got all huffed and hot under the collar.

Your response to him was wrong and you deserved the honest answer he gave.

You should have answered his question.

The worst part was that in all the time you have been having a call-in segment to the morning show, I do not recall you ever giving someone who was trying to get in before the news, a chance to come on after.

But there you were, breaking tradition.

And guess who you broke it for?

Someone you brought on to chastise the caller and smooch your ego. You lapped it up.

Be careful. Your slip is showing.


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      ABLP 17 SEATS





      • Move to the front of the class. If you aren’t drinking the UPP horse manure & speak objectively & positively about the UPP you are castigated by the same folks who called you Brother hours before. UPP are a dangerous evil vindictive bunch. Mr Ward better tow the line or else you’ll end up like man not so sure, Malika, Errol, Joanne, Donna, Chet, Milford, Winston, and Lamin.
        Watch yuh self.

  1. Writer , You are the BIGGEST CLOWN. Darren is an EXCELLENT Host. UPP Operatives want everyone to follow your tradition. Being a YES Man such as MISS KNIGHT and TUBBY JOAN of the Snakepit. Joan missed Her $7000 monthly pay check. Thanks to TANNY ROSE for exposing TUBBY JOAN. KNIGHT and JOAN are the biggest HYPOCRITES on radio.

  2. You guys are sickengly and disgustingly myopic in your subjectivity. You can only see the forest for the trees. Daren Mathew-Ward is a class act, second to none in morning or any other time slot at present. He is of high integrity and will not and should never stoop to the level of the vitriol which you guys possess. I can see why some people don’t want to be bothered with partisan politics. Wheel and come again…

  3. I personally think that Daren loves Antigua but, he loves the labour party more.
    I don’t personally know Daren but I can tell his allegence just from the way he conducts his morning show. He more times never either heard or remembers the things labour party said or he tries to make excuse for what they say or try to say what they mean, talking about in jest.

    I know this guy who says in jest concerning females and I quote,
    ” From welks to whale, elephant to snail he’s eating.” Another one who loves under age girls said in jest also
    ” From 12 O’Clock a lunch time” they both said it in jest but they actually live it. So this thing about in jest, is just B’S coming from a doctor and a journalist!!! SMH!!!

  4. Darren was particularly pathetic this morning. He either has amnesia when it comes to the ills of the ABLP or he does not keep up to date with the news. As one caller on POINTE FM indicated:” We should try to bring over Comrade Ward to POINTE FM. Even Labourites see his inclination towards the ABLP.
    This morning he really showed his hand. He kept on apologising for the ABLP. Someone has suggested that he has been bought out.

    Darren, please be balanced!

    • I grew up with him, I think its Daren not Darren. I believe that it not amnesia but that he might not be up to date with the news. I am not up to date with the news either. You know why? I have a life. Who can be up to date with all the fake news that is produced on the hour, by the hour, during this silly season?

    • And so wha????? The man hab di right to have a political inclination like any Antigua. Me want when election come he vote red and get a communications job at the Prime Minister’s Office fu mek aryu more sick wit envy and badmind.

  5. I think darren ward is very fair. I think the omg programming is very upp. Only dlp and darren try to keep the station from becoming an adult version of progressive radio.
    When labor is wrong, darren will expose them. When upp is wrong, darren will expose them. If there is credit to be given to either, he gives it. So darren, keep doing what you do best, continue to be you, cause politicians are all the same – users.


    Just to DEBUNK what you mentioned about DARREN. Darren is a Person who like to hear the truth from His INTERVIEWEES. Devon you should listen Observer Radio on Friday mornings. Damani Tabor is OBNOXIOUS to Darren. Damani take over the whole show without answering questions. The show should change the name to THE DAMANI TABOR HALF HOUR. Damani very rude and UPSETTING.

  7. If Darren took his integrity, he should have resigned the minute Serpent decided to interfere in his program by telling him that Max Hurst is not welcome on Observer Radio, because he feels Max Hurst is lying. If he has proof of that all he needs to do is present the truth and confront Max Hurst. Darren didn’t protest one bit and that told me that this guy has no integrity and will dance to the tune of the piper.

    • But its because daren knows that max is lying why max is no longer on the show. Everyone knows max and truth dont compute.

    • In my opinion Serpent did the correct thing. Get Lino-Hell Max Wurst out of there. When the lady organized their goodwill day on Observer Radio. Did any of them give one copper? I can speak because I gave my cash to the cause. I have that receipt to prove that I did. Dave Ray,the new spokesperson for Gaston Browne. How much did you give? All of a sudden you are coming out of your cave. I am fully aware they promised you a position in New York. What has happen to that? Stick to what you know. Fixing women hair and stay in that lane.Sets of low life,kissing politicians arses in Antigua to get freebs.
      Perhaps Daren should go and join Point FM with the rest of those in that PIGS PEN of a Station.I for one has never listen to his show. I do not give one damn.

  8. I honestly think he is a balanced person. I particularly love Auntie Debbie. No other program is as balanced on none of the media or stations to include ABS radio and television.
    Serpent as the owner , I know you are running for politics, which is also democratic. However, after politics there is life and if you and UPP do not win none of the people who are supporting you to destroy your station going to pay your bills.

  9. Some of you listeners need to stop listen to the man bl**dcl**t show. I remember when he hosted the Snake Pit during March Madness and the callers had strong for him asking him questions like that dutty foot caller. Asking if he cared for the suffering people in Antigua and you all thought he didn’t because he wasn’t acting like you illiterate, miserable clowns. You all want to dictate the man’s behaviour for your own liking and when he doesn’t act like YOU want, you interpret it to be a lack of love for country. The reality is under Lovell as Finance Minister, there was a CONSTANT struggle to pay salaries and pensions. He loved to talk about the 2008 economic crisis but was lagging in monthly payments up to 2014. How could he manage the COVID era? Under the UPP, we had a water problem. So the man not being up the UPP’s behind makes sense.
    And Darren handles things better than I could have because me woulda drape aryu up long time.

    • Look nah just move to the head of the class but gwan go teach the class. Remind them hypocrites who have selected amniese and memory loss👐🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Darren’s problem is this: He does not keep up-to-date. He does not read newspapers and he does not listen to the news. That is disappointing for someone sitting in his chair.
      He knows more about what Putin is doing, about what is happening in the France than he knows about what is happening in Antigua.

      Come on Darren! You can do better!

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