‘We Never Said There Was No Covid Within The Society’


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is denying giving the impression that Antigua and Barbuda was covid-free, even as he reiterates his call for vigilance.

“We never said there is no COVID within the society, we said there is one known confirmed case,” Browne said, the same day that Antigua & Barbuda recorded in 26th positive case of the new coronavirus.”

He said the government cannot be blamed if people do not take personal responsibility.

“I want to say to those who are irresponsible, if you do contract covid you cannot come and blame the government and say because we open up the country’s borders.”

“We asking you to wear all the PPEs and work on the assumption that everyone, even if the person is a local, that you work on the assumption that the person has covid and to protect yourself, to socially distance,” he said.

Browne called on residents to remain vigilant in the event of a second wave of the virus.

“So let us not drop our guard, let us remain vigilant as a people and just as we have managed covid within the first wave, let us ensure that any second wave would be managed appropriately.”

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  1. we “cannot blame the government”?? The only reason we have covid here now is because you left it too long to close the borders. Then because the citizens were so vigilant and followed precautions, despite a lack of adequate testing by the government, we were able to get it under control. Now, under pressure from your business backers, you are reopening the borders and you’re saying it’s our fault if the virus comes back???!!!! of course we will blame the government for the second wave

  2. Life is so simple in these parts. We either laugh away its challenges deeming them all “a joke” or we simply blame everyone else for them. What a joke!!!!

  3. Let me get this straight…

    When the CMO and Dr Molwyn repeatedly say that we are “COVID-free” it doesn’t mean that we are free of COVID-19??? 😳

    Ok, now I understand. They just meant that there is no cost attached to it for persons looking to pick up the virus

  4. PM office face book page:

    Office of The Prime Minister Antigua and Barbuda
    May 27th, 2020 3:15 PM
    The declaration of a country as Covid free speaks to the absence of confirmed cases. This does not mean that there are not unknown cases.

    • I heard a recording of Gaston Browne from his Radio Station.He did say Antigua is Covid free.I hope Knight replayed that tape tonight on Observer Radio.I called into the Station and asked Knight to replay the recording and he did.As a matter of fact.I told Knight Antigua made History.Becoming the first country in the World to be Covid free.

  5. @getthefcts I hope that you are not blogging on government time and being paid by taxpayers to do so?

    • Cool Ruler, government has Public Relations Officers. Many of them are Antiguan’s who love their country. Here is a Daily Observer article where the health minister and cabinet make clear what’s covid free means:

      ” The Ministry of Health – through Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph – has declared that Antigua and Barbuda is “virtually Covid-free”, after informing that only two persons are known to be currently infected with the novel coronavirus.

      The Cabinet noted, in this week’s report as well, that there may be other persons who are asymptomatic and may pose a threat to others who they may come in contact with daily.” from Antigua and Barbuda ‘virtually Covid-free’ minister declares May 14, 2020, OMG “

      • “Virtually COVID-free” is decidedly different from a COVID-free declaration. The word ‘virtually’ makes all the difference. Dr Molwyn and the CMO repeatedly said that A&B is COVID-free

  6. I still not getting it is Antigua civid free or not .so why it say 26 cases .as one band member from burning flames say get it right not twisted. So mr.prime minister get it right .The ministers them want to be doctors let the doctors do they job u all will never get twisted.

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