‘We forgive him but he must pay’ – father of sex assault victim


OBSERVER: A 15-year-old girl has been left with emotional and psychological damage as a result of her being sexually assaulted almost four years ago.

On December 6 2018, Leroy Campbell engaged in oral sex with and kissed a minor.

He was 49 years old at the time.

On the day of the incident, the young girl left school and went to East Bus Station where she boarded the accused’s bus.

The man informed her that he needed to stop in Cassada Gardens to collect a letter and, having been familiar with him as a bus driver for her village, she consented.

On the way there, he starting asking her if she was aware that he had feelings for her and asked if they could be best friends.

After he collected the letter, Campbell stopped on a road and told the young girl that he would like to seal their friendship with a kiss.

The girl, though in shock, kissed the palm of her hand and touched his cheek, as if to transfer it without kissing him.

The bus driver told the victim that would not suffice and took her to the back of the bus where he forced her to ‘French kiss’ him while he touched her inappropriately.

The accused then asked her several more questions such as whether she had ever engaged in oral or vaginal sex. She said no and also made it clear that she did not want to.

Despite her objection, Campbell forced her to remove her clothes and pressured her into oral sex.

When he finished, he drove to a store where he bought her a soda.

Campbell then went back to the bus terminal where he picked up more passengers before taking her home.

The victim, who appeared to have been crying, told her mother about the entire ordeal and the matter was later reported to the police.

After about a week on trial, a jury found Campbell guilty as charged and he was remanded until his sentencing hearing.

Yesterday, the 52-year-old was brought back to court to hear how the incident has affected the young girl.

The girl’s father told the court that his daughter has been scarred but he is hoping that “the long-term recovery will be successful” since she is now receiving counselling.

He said that his biggest fear is that this incident will come back to haunt his daughter.

The downhearted father went on to express his disappointment in the defendant, telling him “you robbed her of her dignity and you came to this courtroom to rob her of what was left – that is her character”.

He then referenced a bible story involving David and Nathan and said, “I forgive him. We all forgive him [but] for the consequence of his action he is going to have to pay.”

“The consequences lie squarely with you,” he said to Justice Ann-Marie Smith.

However, sentencing of the convict was postponed so that the court could obtain a report from the girl’s counsellor.

The case will resume on December 5.

Campbell could face up to five years in prison for indecent assault and 10 years for serious indecency.

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  1. That young girl has been scarred for life. Those are memories that even if she should be capable of suppressing them for her mental health’s same will come back to haunt her. I know for it happened to me.
    I commend her father for being Christian enough to forgivd him but would like to remind him that the act of forgiveness is also for him and his family that they may get to move past that horror.
    I hope that Justice will be well served and that the message so sent will be loud and clear, that we will not put up with older men and women taking the innocence of our young girls and boys. Let our children enjoy their childhood.

  2. I read somewhere probably in this media , that a young man just about 20 years old while working at a hotel went to carry the linen to two maids. He reported that he was raped. He went to his father first and his father told him – what Rape ? Are you an Aunty-man. He went to his boss and they laughed at him. He went to the police and met with laughter also. He then spoke to his cousins and they all laughed at him. So if these two women gave the young man STD or even HIV would that be a joke. Then there are a growing amount of Lesbians in this country. Adult women preying on young girls. Similarly Adult males preying on young boys. We will never hear of these cases , too ashamed to come out publicly.

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