‘We can’t take it no more’ say C&C Wine Bar staff (VIDEO)




  1. Who owns this business?? I REFUSE to patronize any business that oppresses people – especially my beautiful black people!! Who is this Claudine?

    • Claudine…she is the white lady that owes the business. Use to be partnered with cutie. .she left and started her own business cuties.

      • Ah ok don’t know her, but for sure I will not be stopping by that establishment anytime soon. The employees in the video seem hardworking and honest (especially the Dominican woman). If their anecdotes are correct, then Claudine sounds like a real beeyatch to work for. However, peel back her layers and their is likely some unresolved “hurt” that needs to be addressed. As they say “hurt people, hurt other people”

        Hope this situation is swiftly and fairly resolved for ALL parties involved.

    • Spliff when will you shut the f up and call a spade for what it is. You know what’s shameful? When people steals that’s shameful. The workers didn’t steal anything they work hard. Like you want them to steal cable from CTV AND KENTUCKY CHICKEN FEOM KFC.. Boss u just sickening to the core. Go f yourself dude you just a cunt. Will be interesting to see how things plays out for u little pipsqueak

    • SPLIFF why are u such an oppressor of ur own people ur an awful man. SHE HAFFU KNOW SHE LAST NAME? SHE A SHE MUMA? U JUS ONE DAMN IDIOT!!!!!!!!

    • That’s what you gathered from this? You belong where people like Claudine belong and I’ll leavr that right there.

  2. Tell Claudine hire me, she’s a bully cause all a them allowed her too that’s why she’s been in bus this long boycott her place of business

  3. There is nothing nor no one God can fix, if you all come together in agreement to God taking your situation before a Holy God and watch him u will have a testimoniay in this Country that will be shown for generations to come believe me prayer works. Ladies.

  4. Need more of this situation like this is happening around this island more people need to stand up and thing is they use your own people that have no guts to stand to victimize others smartly

  5. I got engaged to my wife at CnC wine bar when Cutie was around. I must say this Claudine sounds like the complete opposite to Cutie.
    These workers must have been forced to stand up against this and deserves the simplest respect of a meeting/sit down with the union to discuss these issues.
    It sounds like Claudine does not respect the labor laws or knows there will be little or no consequence for her treatment to her staff.
    This is what is called a modern day back door slavery system, this needs to be address by all involved. As for me i will never patronize this business and will spread the word amongs my friends and family so they know what theu are going to support.
    Such a shame. Claudine if you read this… DO THE RIGHT THING…. for your business and your workers livelihood.
    Happy employees are key to a thriving business, change your mode of leadership if you wish to succeed.

  6. The workers need to mention the contract she gave them to sign, and refusal to sign meant they lost their jobs. Basically she has no problem firing and hiring to get what she wants. She doesn’t want them to join the union etc as was said.

  7. Claudine called me the other day asking if I found a job as yet after she rudely dismissed from C& C without reason 2-3 months prior to her call. I found it very weird for her to call cause I know she doesn’t care about anyone to be so generous to check up on my well being. It all makes sense now I see this post lol

  8. Wow but she fuc up. She do look mean in tha face for real.
    Cuties is better anywsys. C&C got pests problems. I can’t eat watching all that!

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