Watts will not absolve students for poor conduct, but blames Administration for reckless implementation of marijuana law


Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, says he is not blaming the partial decriminalization of marijuana for the behaviour of many school children; but he believes the Gaston Browne Administration was reckless in its implementation of the law.

Complaints have been widespread among educators and parents about the increased and wanton use of marijuana on the school plant, even as drug paraphernalia, such as scissors and wrappers –prohibited items on the school compound – are being confiscated.

Principals and teachers have also complained about the heightened disrespect by students and their violent behaviour.

Watts says he has witnessed young people using the drug in public spaces, but will not debate the claim that its use is causing students to act more violently.

He notes that proponents of the drug would say it is a calming substance, while others have disagreed, calling marijuana a gateway drug for more powerful and harmful substances.

But in reference to the drug problem highlighted at the St. Mary’s Secondary School, the Candidate says he is not equipped to speak about the impact of marijuana on younger minds.

Watts says the Browne Administration is concerned only about retaining power at any cost. And he accuses the political directorate of decriminalizing marijuana to win votes among the Rastafarian community and young men, in particular, who smoke the drug.

He says the Administration did not stop to think that certain safeguards should be put in place, first, to protect the youth.

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  1. Certain safeguards should be put in place….. WHY U NEVER MENTIONED WHAT THESE SHOULD BE…. Instead I guess in your mind it is easy to choose the easy way out and say ABLP would steal the ideas.

    Pride month is quickly ending 40 more hours to go. Happy pride month everyone #LGBTQ. On introspection what have you done in support of pride month?

  2. In North Amercian its legal why not the Caribbean its a income stream, parents need to take a role in this matter beer , wine, rum, might be a factors here too.

  3. The fact is not the smoking it’s a problem from the home with how the child or children been treated the used of the plant in its self not bad just that the students are on other drugs

  4. The 🐍 prefer them smoke the HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN on his 26 ACRES??? The lone pupah tree sitting among the RUBBISH, OLD STOVE AND OLD FRIDGE AND DUTTY PAMPERS done wither away!!

    You are a disgrace!!! You contribute NOTHING to FOOD SECURITY and you want to be Agriculture Minister.

    Ride off into the sunset on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

    • @Smh…excuse him. He is surrounded by people who love to beg food hence he himself has nothing to contribute and he has been indoctrinated with that mentality.

  5. We are always moving from the topic and always going personal. It is a fact. Measures need to be put in place for the schoolers and smoking.
    Some children don’t even know why is it that they’re smoking, the benefits and so forth.
    It really needs to be revised, honestly. It shouldn’t even be acceptable for children 18 yrs and under.
    You rather them to come to classes high as a kite, to high to concentrate and then end up with a head dry as a nut?

  6. King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe can do a PSA encouraging the youth not to smoke. He is the perfect person since he himself doesn’t smoke!

  7. Serpent, Jumbee_Picknee say dat U a pandah fu vote, by mekking #MARIJUANA the #scapegoat!

    Scapegoat is one of my favourite movie, especially, on a rainy day.

    Marijuana is being made The Scapegoat for some of the negatives and ills plaguing the Nation, as it always have being, and the youths are once again caught up in the fray.
    Marijuana, yes, just like any substance which alters the body’s chemistry can be a problem. Marijuana does not cause obesity.
    The youths who are behaving in negatives ways are stressed, and using a substance as marijuana without proper guidance to deal with such is no different, than a child being labelled ADD, AHD or any other medically accepted term, and subscribed, legal narcotics to help them deal with and cope with their issues.
    Many of us, would be pleasantly surprised to find out, that the majority of students who use marijuana to cope and deal with life’s stresses from the classroom to the streets to the home show no signs whatsoever, of doing so.

    A couple of things which Serpent should lend his voice to …

    A…the Education System needs revamping, to become more wholesome, exciting and enlightening. One such change MUST be, to stop separation of the ARTS & SCIENCES, from birth to University. Nature does not do that, whilst we are in the womb, why separate them, once we leave the womb and enter the physical realm of society.
    Sports is art! Sport is science! If you want your child to become a great soccer player as a midfielder or striker, teach them BALLET at an early age for feet coordination.
    Music is Art & Science…and the list is endless. Lawyers(just teach dem how fu be wan trickster lakkah Anansi…)

    B…the behavior of the youths, especially, teenagers will mimic the habits of the cultural norms which they immerse in. The society is stressed. The culture is becoming more and more violent. The family structure of, It Takes A Village(this subject should be taught from pre-K) barely exists in Our Culture.

    You have bombarded the Culture with both #Virtual and #Physical cultures. These #cultures are clashing in the thought processes, of the youths.

    Serpent, Jumbee_Picknee say, kum bettah dan dat, or Dean goh drag u over hot coal and roast u bomboo!

  8. The law was designed to prevent something that many of us cuss about: that is, young men getting buried in the criminal justice system for smoking a little spliff.
    Now is time for all to join forces to prevent harmful use among youths, not play politics.

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