Water rates will have to be increased ‘sometime in the near future,’ says PM Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is warning of an increase in water rates but not before the next general election. He says the increase will be as a result of water wastage.


“Rationale and context please, not knee jerk reactions.


Water sustainability on a drought prone country requires not only increased production, but water conservation and domestic (home) water harvesting.


I said on Saturday, that we empathize with the public about the water shortage at this time, and reassured the public that the water problem will be fully resolved later this year, based on the massive investments made.


Both the cost of acquiring the equipment and the increased production costs of RO water, would necessitate an increase in water rates after the full demand is satisfied.


The above is to ensure water conservation and that the demand does not become a moving target through the profligate use of water.


Increasing water rates, while keeping them affordable, with a threshold to product the vulnerable, will be the most effective way to control water wastage and to control

the demand.


Keeping water rates artificially low will encourage wastage and will be self defeating.

Increases in water rates in the near future will be inevitable, no matter which administration is in power.


We should always embrace truth, no matter the circumstances.

Again, rationale and context are important.”

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  1. The Gaston Brown government has totally run out of ideas to manage and develop this twin island state to have mentioned that they would increase water rates.
    My water rate was increased when I was getting water almost daily. Recently I have been getting water once or twice a week and I’m still paying the same amount as I was paying during the period when I was getting it almost daily.
    As the lyrics of the song says “If ya can’t run the country give it to somebody.”

  2. It is very ironic that when we are taxed in the big cities we have no complaints….. But here in Antigua we want everything from the govt for FREE. Why ? Remember what the great president once said ” it is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country “

  3. I thought that most of the water wastage was through leaks in undergrounds pipes.

    These pipes were fixed?

  4. negotiate an amicable deal with Dominica to run 20 miles of pipes connected on a barge and dropped to the seafloor… some pumps etc.
    I will then except a small increase for the improved infrastructure.

    Voila! Water!

  5. Can anyone waste what they don’t have? 😳 Seems like the PM is putting the cart before the horse. He has leapt past the current problem of no water, to address the wastage of water when/if we ever get water (if moreso than when).

    While he is chastising the public for wasting water, he knighted Robin for presiding over a distribution system where one-third of the water produced is lost due to leaks in the system. That’s where our main problem lies. Fix that before talking about raising rates because of wastage. Nobody wastes more water than APUA!!

  6. Increase rates for what? The government water is always off or low pressure and I have to rely on my cistern.

  7. @Butch well u beat me to it cuz I literally come under these comments to point out how incompetent ABLP is at doing the ONE SINGLE JOB. I’m not UPP OR DNA OR INDEPENDENT NOR GO GREEN( but the can get my vote cuz Even with weed ALL GOVERNMENT dunce)

    If u see a problem repeating and u can’t stop it why don’t u monopolize it??? Common sense!! Millions of dollars in herb destroy over the years millions more than food more that can buy everyone in Antigua a Ferrari, enough money destroy can build a new reverse osmosis in herb. and up to this day no government can find a way to make money they sound so sad talking g about wrong and laws and rules when the concept of Government is only they can break the law, the grants the receive how different is it than a PONZI?. Politicians do not know how to run a country nor make money. Okay OBVIOUSLY Government gonna say price increase on water and know what weird your finance minister used to work Swiss bank back in the day
    Idk wa kinda maths he been doing back then but it can’t be the same now cuz none them numbers make sense. But guess what two road go fix and pipe go turn on and them win the vote to run again. Dam shame right but Gaston knows, bribe y’all and give u two sweetie like a child and all y’all shut up and take more his bullshit.

    Gaston not nor any per say government won’t stop inflation cuz the tax money look better end of the day point blank!!! Politicians tief money that’s what they do point blank!!

    Y’all want better fix the source and reform the government. Else leave the garbage to rot cuz one thing bout SHIT….YOU SIT IN SHIT LONG ENOUGH ITS STOPPS SMELLING!!

    Lmaoo at this point It’s getting funnier and funnier and the funniest part

    No matter all I say and I do have a point ABLP gonna still win, ppl go still vote and the dumb cycle repeats as it’s been repeating since am born and I am 57 rn. Imagine seeing the same bullshit for over 50 years and a country full of ppl still don’t learn from their mistakes

    • Welcome to the club. I’m 62 and have seen the bull shit longer than you. Love what you said as well. They can’t get it right because the focus is only on brining foreigners to save us. Give them everything and give locals nothing but a hard time. I participated at the tender board and have done the same abroad and have never seen sun Ridiculous moves in my life, we have no clue or care. When they see a problem, they divert to something else or start talking about the other guy. LOVE THIS: .YOU SIT IN SHIT LONG ENOUGH ITS STOPPS SMELLING!! A bunch of fake intellects running around with no ideas singing for their supper.

      • @Skyewill…

        …Papi! Papi! Papi!
        …kum even, and blow de conch shell fu we!
        …so, we cyan get de gist of dis #Nancy_Tory!
        …but maybe just a whiff!
        …of de SHIT, from the back of de Classroom
        …will give me some wriggle room
        …to escape like a #Jumbee on a broom,
        …and, become a Jumbee Picknee
        …each and every day at #high_noon.
        …fly away, and return only on de Full_Moon.
        …in de form of, Papa Elegba
        …to put a whopping, on dem in power!

  8. This is from the cabinet notes for the week ending Friday 15th April 2022:


    To the IDIOT OF A CABINET THAT IS PRESENTLY RUNNING ANTIGUA, that statement could only mean one of two things:

    (1) 52% of the water is being stolen (who really believes that) or

    (2) 52% of the water is being lost to LEAKING god-damn PIPES (the most likely scenario).

    What a bunch of idiots.

  9. Mr. Browne, I see you’re grasping at straws. Thanks to UPP you guys decided to do a full audit of the water wastage problem. But instead of replacing the old leaking pipes you have opted to charge us more for your incompetence. Cant say that i am surprised.

  10. Water wastage???…”profligate use of water”???..what country is the Prime Minister talking about?..in Antigua..there is NO WATER to waste..NO WATER to indulge in “profligate use”. The PM should do himself a favour and simply stop talking about the water problem..he sounds more and more idiotic and ignorant every time he talks about this water problem that gets worse and worse under his incompetent administrstion.

  11. Before you increase the water bill have all government departments and statutory bodies pay their utility bills. How much wastage is coming from government? How much millions a year is government depriving APUA? Call the election now.

  12. *Not before the next general elections* ohhh so you’re confident in winning and you’re pick and choosing boii you sad nf
    I would say I wish I could be like u but no one wants to be like you, you sick turd!!!

  13. “Empathize” not identify? Sorry I could not read past that. Can anyone tell me if the prime minister said anything about 💰 back for the water we have been paying for FOR WEEKS that all now has not made it through the pipes?

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