WATCH: MSNBC Spotlights China’s growing influence in Antigua & Barbuda

Reporter Vaughn Hillyard travels to Antigua to find out how China is making its footprint known on an island not far from the U.S.
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  1. I’m rooting for china to win “the cold war fought with money”. the British had 2 centuries leading the world and the US had its century. the anglo-american empire is fading. While the US is throwing all its money into the black hole of the military industrial complex. China is spending trillions of dolllars at home to make sure they will dominate the economy and technologies of the future.

    • Yep, I too suspect they will win. The US has lost its way. Fact is nothing last forever. Countries with more people than the US have started to make major gains. We have been sold this false ideaa that the US is more exceptional than elsewhere. Has to be about everyone progressing not just the white few

    • @Interesting.
      When you wish China to win does this mean that your relatives who live in the US would have to come back home because they can no longer send money back to you? Will the Chinese welcome them with open arms, or put a mop and bucket in their hands? Or better, will they even be able to come back? Will you have anywhere to run to when life becomes unbearable under the Chinese?
      Last question. Are you a descendant of black slaves? Are you comfortable that everybody else except you has a share in the country where your navel tring bury?

      • You sure told the him, a non thinker no doubt just running his/her mouth. This is serious. They would not report if there were not some level of concern. China is dangerous. Read up on how they treat black people. They are buying our elections and lands. We the descendant of African Slaves will loose this land in a matter of years. Notice the Economic zones and who they go to. Are those concessions given to local people to create and start business in their villages? Meanwhile Social Security want pensioners to HOPE AND PRAY

  2. The Chinese are the new owners of Antigua.First the Colonials,then the Syrians and Lebanese,now the Chinese.I am now wondering who would be next. The Russians?

  3. Economic Imperialism.
    Let’s see what happens to that with the imminent collapse of some of their major development companies.
    Evergrande has just defaulted on their interest payments to bond holders for the third time since September US300 Billion yes BILLION. Watch that news.

    • Nope they made the payment
      “HONG KONG — China Evergrande, the troubled property giant that is teetering on the edge of collapse, appears to have bought itself a little more time.

      On Friday, the world’s most indebted property developer made an $83.5 million interest payment to bondholders, according to Securities Times, an official newspaper. The outlet, which is backed by People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s official newspaper, didn’t offer further details. see

    • I don’t get your point. Check your sources and facts. Is evergrande a private company? Has America collapsed after the last financial crisis? How many banks failed then?

    • Ah. I get it now. I suspect they want Antiguan CIP passports as an escape route for if or when their business goes under.

  4. I hope in time to come, Antigua doesn’t have to run to the USA to rescue them from the Chinese. The Chinese are making it easy for governments like Gaston Browne’s to mismanage their economy and running up huge debts to China to bail them out.
    When China finances a project, all the materials and manpower comes from China. How do these governments know they are getting value for the Hugh debts they are incurring? The countries do not even get employment for their people.
    Does the leaders who are taking Chinese money know what the ultimate goal is? China is working on taking over from the US as the world’s super power. At least America does not put minority men in concentration camps and give their wives to other men.
    I heard it said that there are people in Antigua who deal with the devil and in the end they had to ransom their souls.

    • I took a look at the budget estimates (2020) and could not help but notice that most of our debt to China (tend to all be at 2%), happened under the UPP admin:

      117,690,000.00 WPP 26-Jun-08
      25,499,500.00 Mount st john taken in 2005 14-Mar-05
      82,383,000.00 Aiport expansion 13-Sep-11
      109,844,000.00 Airpott expansion again 20-Mar-13

      Under the current admin the major loan 235,380,000.00 was for the port expansion taken in 15-Jul-16 , Most of the other things we got from them were grants. Note many of those loans, we have not even touched the principal (The msj loan which maturs in 2026 only 1,607,638.80 of the 25 million principal has been paid back). As far as the US not putting people in camps, its called the US prison system where persons of African decent are overrepresented. You may also recall the internment camps they had for Japanese, then there was one in Cuba called guantanamo bay and more recently the camps (they called them detention centers but your research should reveal the abuse that happened) they had for persons deemed illegals

      • Does this add up to the $10billion antigua owes the Chinese? Are you missing something? Thought the WPP loan was forgiven.

      • @Tenman
        So America and China are the same in their treatment of minorities. We know that there is a lot of prejudice towards especially black people in the US, but I wouldn’t worry to much about America as they will probably never colonize us. I don’t know about the Chinese as they are gradually moving in. If you have ever worked or dealt closely with Chinese as I have, you will realize that most of them think they are the superior race. As a matter of fact the white spouse of a Chinese told me that they call black people monkeys and white people white devils. Don’t as a black person walk In front or cross a Chinese as you will bring them bad luck. All the black leaders who went to China for a conference were seated at the back while the Chinese sat up front. There is creeping colonization in Antigua, but most of us haven’t realized it yet.

        • You are a funny man. Who had a base here China or the US? We practically cried when they left and many would welcome them back legs wide open. You recall all that happened at that base with our young ladies? What of the unsolved murders? Watch many of our young people so willing to sacrifice nothing or A&B but wiling to run to the US and join their armed forces, in order go get citizenship. You do know the US mandate that foreign persons coming to their country must be vaccinated got needless in many hands? Seems to me they already colonized many of our minds. Speaking of sitting in the back, you recall the Caribbean leaders who went to visit Trump. Don’t you recall they had to use the back entrance and sit and wait? You know France and such countries don’t get such treatment? There is a movie with Tom Cruise I always enjoy watching. Its famous line “show me the money” China not only talks, it walks the walk.

          • While we may expect a certain behaviour from America, should black people expect a certain behaviour from China, who is purporting to be our benevolent friend?
            Nothing is ever for nothing. There is always some form of price to pay. When you can’t pay them for the port and airport, see what happens.

    • That’s not true. Just go to Northcoast or Mr.Ryan’s… Those Chinese workers are buying supplies/materials everyday.

    • @ DC Six and half a dozen are the same thing. During WW2 the American government rounded up born and raised Asian Americans and placed them in concentration camps. US soldiers raped and murdered innocent men, women and children during the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

      American slave traders/plantation owners raped and murdered your ancestors and America’s law enforcement and citizens are still doing it to this day. US interference in other country’s affairs is why Al Qaeda exists, why there is cultural racism between Haitians and Dominicans, why the war on drugs started and will never end.

      I read comment relating to the next cold war are you people even aware of the consequences that will have? An lone fully armed Antiguan soldier can only defend 20 civilians at best should an invasion occur to spark the 3rd World War, soldiers who have never seen combat, soldiers who have only shot at targets on a shooting range, soldiers who when sent to Haiti in the 90s cried to be sent back home. Antigua neither has no defense.

      • @Rashiek Ferris its sad our people seem to have forgotten our history. Evidence of a colonized mind, Speaking of soldiers, remind them of our soldiers role during that Grenadian invasion

    • Renouncing? Then get out of here, but nobody will take you Jack. You are offensive to loyal and patriotic citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Just go.

  5. You fools! You ignorant fools. Do some research on the role China is playing in places like Palau, Fiji, Micronesia, and many parts of Africa. Your new colonial economic masters have arrived; and they play for keeps. This isn’t about goodwill, this is about political and economic domination by the Chinese Communist Party. Look at Hong Kong and ask yourself what happened to freedom of expression, political freedom, religious freedom, and the ability to express dissent once the Chinese took over following British colonial rule, and look into the future of Antigua and Barbuda, and all those who embrace this emerging world order.

  6. Vaughan your reporting was informative, but I cringed every time you mispronounced the name of my country of birth. You even failed to notice your error when the PM spoke, how egocentric!

  7. Did Gaston not say if China want to colonies antigua with gifts, bring the gifts and come? Heard no outrage when such foolish statement was made.

    • No he did not. Man made clear that what you China is doing is aiding us develop. You really need to stop misrepresenting

      • @ Tennant what are you Gaston’s Lap dog how much are you being paid or this is your life ? You respond to every comment made on this forum . Your comments I stop looking at completely.
        You only see thingy through a red lens and not wrong and right what a waste.

          • Tenman, don’t pay any attention to the ignorant. Your service to the nation through your comments is much appreciated. Thank you.

          • @ Ten. a Master’s Degree and as a expanding business employer of 67 employees who depends on me to put food on their tables I would take that “Madness” any day.
            You seem to troll and respond multiple times to everything not Gaston
            Betty Betty Betty’s Hope I find zero hope in that name
            Take a bow some of the dumbess comments ever made on this platform comes out your mouth .
            Both of you should get together both as dumb as a rock.


        • Have one two, (masters) however that does not prevent you from being mentally ill. The signs are there (babbling etc). please go and get help. Perhaps when you are healed you can be a real asset to a&b. In the meantime I will keep the flag flying (defending a&b)

      • TENMAN are you a man or some “likkle fooley bwoy”. The issue is not whether China is aiding our development or not. The issue is whether Gaston made the statement or not. Yes, he made the statement that if China is colonizing us then they can bring the gifts and come. Did he make that statement? Of course after the public outrage he tried to walk back from it.

  8. Great interview!! As America sleeps on job, the Chinese & Cubans are making their presence felt…. Obviously, America do not care about the Caribbean. They tend to be blind to what value of its resources the area has to offer…… America needs to understand that What dog a play with…… Cat well want um!! A second interview should be done with our former PM, Baldwin Spencer as why he chose to rename a part of our patrimony from Boggy Peak to Obama Peak. It certainly has not propel America to do anything for us.

  9. The US just signed a 60 billion dollar deal with Huawei. And there are Antiguans worrying over some report by an imperialist yankee journalist.
    The Chinese are the biggest renters in New York and Houston. Evergrand will get its bailout, as if IS companies never fail.
    Do you think for one moment the US care about Antiguan development. They had their Marshal plan in white Western Europe, not the black Caribbean.
    Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are two of the most depraved places in the Caribbean. Just look beneath the facade. If the US can not develop it’s own, how is it going to develop anywhere else.

    • If that’s your attitude “Chups”, then why did you and half of your relatives defect to the US???? You need a little attitude adjustment. Don’t ever go there again, and tell your family to get out of there right now. Hypocrites.

      • Move over USA. Like Rome you are on your way down. If you taking horse whip and beating the Haitians at the border what would you not do to the rest of us. And this suppose to be the friendly democratic government.
        You are morally bankrupt and soon will be economically.

  10. Long live the friendship we are experiencing between the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the people of China and Cuba. Solidarity is a wonderful thing. Antigua, as a part of the non-aligned movement, remains a friend to all and enemy to none.

  11. Let the Chinese sort out the forced labour and organ harvesting fiasco first. You know you black men have some big ones they won’t think twice to sell

    • A hospital is to be built in the economic zone? I wonder who they will be working on there? We won’t know as these zones are independent zones. Organ harvesting is big business both in India and China.

  12. Sad, but the US government and media doesn’t represent its people like it used to anymore. They too are being slowly colonised by the global elites.

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