WATCH: Lumber yard fracas which resulted in police being called in


This incident occurred at a local lumber yard yesterday when one vehicle tried to cut through a long line of traffic to get to the top of the line.

The vehicle owner insisted on having his way even though someone stood in front of his vehicle.

Not even the store’s heavy duty equipment was allowed to come in his way.

The episode which resulted in the police being called in was caught on tape.


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  1. I don’t appreciate as a Syrian being stereotyped by the actions of one or two random Syrians who bear no respect for people. Their behavior only exhibits disrespect for themselves. I can speak on behalf of my fellowmen, that we uphold high respect for others and please don’t judge us on account of the derogatory behavior of a few.

    • you don’t appreciate it however that is the kind of attitude a lot of them exhibit when dealing with locals. They act like we’re beneath them especially if they have status and a little money.

      • And I am ashamed that many of them behave in such a manner. However I have many Syrian acquaintances who are good people and believe that we are all one people. I don’t associate with those other people. I was born in Trinidad and raised with the locals. They eat and stay at my home. I don’t judge and neither does my husband who is straight from Syria. I’m proud to say that I love all races but ashamed of all the people who put other races down. God will deal with them. If you love God, you’ll see your fellow man the same as you or even better.

      • Yes status and having money is an issue. I always say that status and having money never give anyone class. It’s behavior. Those people have no class.

  2. All you non Antiguan need to respect real Antiguans. They need to go back to their war torn country and fight for their country

    • we are all at some point in someone else country… a relative in the us for school, travelling for mdical business etc…. i dont suppose you would want to be told go back wayu come rm based on th actions of a few

      • Being open minded” what ur saying doesn’t make any damn sense because if u go anywhere in the world once u disrespect there laws or try to go above the system they will put u out of there country whether u like it or not so I don’t see how what ur saying has anything to do with what’s going on in this situation and the comments people are making towards it!!

        • But it’s not any one kind of people who have disrespect. It shouldn’t be one race against another. It should be law abiding people against the vagrants.

        • Anyone behaving like that should be banned from entering the premises and should be arrested. Who behaves that way! Shame, shame, shame on that behavior!

    • Yes you’re right that they should respect the locals. But is respect should be mutual and a stranger to no one. I was born in Trinidad and I was called names by some locals. Does this make me say that they are all bad? They’re ignorant and do not fear God.

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