WANTED: 35-year-old Delon Shawn



A wanted bulletin is being issued by the police for the arrest of Delon Shawn Wills of St. Phillip.

The 35-year-old is wanted for multiple Fraud offences, Aggravated Robbery, and Housebreaking.

He is believed to be armed and therefore considered dangerous. He was last spotted at the airport. The police are appealing to him to surrender at any of the police stations without delay.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the nearest police station or call the Crimestoppers Hotline at 800-Tips (8477). The public is also cautioned not to harbour or assist him in eluding the police.

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  1. go look for J’Truth too and lock his ass up trying to scam people.. The iPhone 15 about to come out and all of a sudden he andriod phone not working. Playing smart bout he want an old phone that no one’s using while saying he’s not going to ask for a new phone and he knows the iphone 15 about to drop with a little smirk on his face like people don’t see through his bullshit soliciting..

    • The police can’t do anything if people want to be suckered by J’Truth. It reminds me of Trump’s fundraising to his cult base. I wish they would send J’truth their entire savings and their entire check every pay period.

      • You are so right, the police can’t do anything about that, I wish the stupid people would realize that j’ truth don’t want to work and stop sending their hard earned money to his lazy ass.

    • What did J’Truth do to get arrested? Gaston admitted, without being coerced or interrogated, that he, fraudulently transferred persons into different constituencies and he was never visited by the police. You are only admitting that the police are controlled by your party.

  2. @ Red Red laborite u clearly have nothing else to do with your time…. y not go and clean infront of Gaston yard?? …. further more what your statement has to do with the article? U are as stupid as they get. If people decide to give jtruth an iPhone that is not your business. U are just upset u can’t get the same so stop hating and go bade

  3. he a solicit he rasshole, he asking for a used phone that no one’s using, was offered to have it fixed, but still mentioning a new phone coming out? how convenient his phone don’t work now!. He a take advantage a people kindness. Boy go buy some proper clothes, shoes then get a decent shave and mark out. Stop watch man body, wa dem a wear, wa dem a drive, how much money dem a mek and the party or brotherhood they’re affiliated with. They’re people who actually work hard for a living while you a beg nf on social media pretending to be transparent and honest but nobody tawl lie so. You buy a vaccination card pretending to take the vaccine after telling people not to. FRAUD!!!!!

    You need to be locked up with the key thrown away like any other criminal😒

    • He is a real fraud, I don’t know how people can’t see through him, and don’t bother with his closing remarks, ( me lub ru ) he don’t love anybody, tell him to go and get a job, and you will see who he is.

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