Want to Explore Singapore Like a Local? Keep These 5 Things Handy


Settled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is an immensely popular sunny state among travelers. People are eager to explore its world-class architecture or tuck into local mouthwatering delicacies. The rare mix of ancient old buildings and urban cultured skyscrapers, high-powered businesspeople, makes Singapore a one-of-a-kind holiday destination. The country has the excitement of a big city while keeping its rich cultural heritage.

The thrill of visiting Singapore keeps every one of their toes. However, packing for a holiday may not be as much fun for a few as the journey itself. If you forget to carry an essential document like travel insurance for Singapore or medication prescription, it can ruin the entire travel experience. For who want to experience the place like a local, here are a few ideas you can follow to see Singapore like never before:

  1. Keep Sunny Gears Ready and Cycle All-Around

Singapore is an archipelago where you can hop from one island to another at any time. The country usually has hot weather most of the months, and it is better to carry sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses all the time. Don’t be conned when you see the clouds as you will still need these things to explore many islands of the nation. Although public transport is widely spread, you can take the bicycle to have the most fun and explore numerous offbeat attractions like water parks and wetlands.

  1. Don’t Forget Swimmer’s Ear Medicine for Times of Suba Diving

Even though Singapore has many scenic parks and treks, underwater trails have their charm. Many signposts will fill you with information on the coral reefs and other ecosystems. So, if you are planning to scuba dive, keep a swimmer’s ear medicine handy to not get your ear infected of the humidity once you are done.

  1. Get Your Travel Insurance for Singapore Before Taking Your Plane

It is the most crucial document you should have beside passport, boarding tickets and visa. Before you take the plane, make sure to have the required travel insurance for Singapore to avoid any hassles. It will save you from many horror stories of losing the luggage or passport or delay of flight and more. Especially when you are a globetrotter, you know the importance of having travel insurance for Singapore trips.

  1. Pack Breathable Clothing for Jamming to Singaporean Beats

Pack light and breathable clothing in which you can easily move around. Shorts, skirts, cotton shirts, and dresses are some of the most easy-going clothes for men and women. You can also wear the same to jam on Singapore’s indie beats that feature live music. You can also wear the same to watch artistic performances at nearby theatres.

  1. Make a Little Kit for Times When You Eat at Hawkers Street

Singapore is infamously clean. Many locals eat at hawker’s street that offers a myriad of options. If you want to eat here, you may want to clean your hands before and after having meals. You can keep a kit handy that includes hand sanitizers, wet wipes, roti, and every other type of food. Although the place is clean, it doesn’t harm to keep a personal hygiene kit with yourself.

Bon Voyage

Taking a trip to Singapore comes with a lot of prior planning, like applying for the visa, completing the documents, deciding the dates, buying plane tickets and travel insurance for Singapore, and more. The list is never-ending.

As travel insurance for Singapore is an essential part of completing documentation, considering buying it from reputable insurers like Tata AIG that offers various benefits. Since trips can have many uncertainties, your travel insurance for Singapore can save you from any such hassles. A comprehensive plan will also help you in medical emergencies.

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