Walker: “The Keys for the Fisheries stays with the Barbuda Council”


After several hours of negotiation between Barbuda Representative Trevor Walker, members of the Barbuda Council and Chief Fisheries Officer Cheryl Appleton, it has been decided the council will remain in possession of the keys the Fisheries Complex.

Early this morning, the Chief Fisheries Officer arrived in Barbuda accompanied by police dressed in riot gear and armed with machine guns. Her intent was to negotiate the turnover of keys to the Fisheries Complex and establish the working relationship with the council going forward.

Armed Police and Coast Guard units on the scene at the Fisheries Complex

When she arrived, however, her contingent met the complex surrounded by scores of Barbudans who had already formed a chain and a blockade around the fisheries building refusing to be moved by police or government officials.

While tensions flared on the outside, however, talks continued for what seemed like “forever” according to one Barbudan protestor.

Barbudans form chain to surround the Fisheries Complex

“We’ve worked out several issues, that the keys for the Barbuda remains with the Barbuda Council,” announced Walker to the joyous crowd.

“It has been a long morning. A lot of things happened this morning that were unfortunate.”

The standoff over the possession of the facility escalated this past Sunday – one day before the start of the much-anticipated lobster season – when police tried, once again, to rest the facility keys from the possession of the Council at the supposed request of central government.

“We have to work with Ms. Appleton… we have to. It is incumbent upon us if we want to maintain access to the EU market and have our standardize facilities be approved.”

“We have also given her the commitment to cooperate in whatever other avenues necessary, and she has also pledged to do the same. And basically [she] apologized for what was, in review, an unnecessary situation.”

The building had been used to house the police officers stationed there on the island, and Walker explained that the expectation was to have them out of the facility before the start of the lobster season.

The housing issue, however, was that, “The operational place where they’re gonna have the station, it doesn’t have any electricity as yet. We were promised by APUA that, by today, the building will have electricity. We’ve commitment from [the police] that are on the ground, that as soon as that is done, they’ll be able to move.”

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  1. Trevor Walker can become PM of Barbuda. He will lead them to the precipice and over the cliff. Good luck Barbuda.

    • He will be no different from PM Browne who is leading the Antiguan Nationals the same place.

  2. As far as I am concern, Barbuda should be control by the Government and if they Walker that could not do nothing for them when he was was the Ruling party at the time UPP, THEM STUPID HE WORST NOW CANT DO A SHIT FOR THEM BUT GASTON SHOULD JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE INDEED LET THEM RUN BUT NO HELP AT ALL FOR THEM. Don’t pay them a shit and see if Walker will able to do anything them too ungrateful, bad minded and dangerous. leave them to punish.

    • Fa tru. He want the key fine lef them wit um. He want them go back mek them go. No mek h fine money fu pay them. Them to damn badminded. Them want evebry thing free. The central government should not give them 1 cent. Mek them finds ways to sustain themself.

      • I don’t know why some people have to be so unfair. The Bible says wo that man who call good evil and evil good. The Barbuda council have powers under the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.We Barbudans pay taxes to and the government have to give us money. God will punish all of you and if we Barbudans are burdening down you government why down he go to parliament and sign to get rid of us. He can’t do it because we are the bread basket for Antigua.

    • Under the UPP government, the island of Barbuda improved it roadway from dirt road to concrete road. The drinking water was improved because it was not drinkable too salty. A fishing complex and dock were built. Some renovation work was done on the airport building and the airstrip…just to name a few improvement. Yes, Walker should have done more under the UPP Government to improve the island but everything take money and tax is something most people don’t want to pay. The mainland of Antigua also need a lot of improvement in it infrastructure to. Central government is responsible to give Barbuda certain amount money which was one of the agreement made when both island come together so Antigua could have it independence. My suggestion is releasing Barbuda and let it be on it own.

    • Please tell Goston Brown to set Barbuda free like yesterday so we don’t have to to burden his government anymore. Sine we don’t pay any taxes do he should not suffer anymore just cut the tie.

  3. Seems like Trevor Walker has a STRONGHOLD on the MINDS of some Barbudans. Commanding them to hold hands and surround a building and sing “break every chain” at his beckon call. Is he a modern day Jim Jones? He should use that same power to command them to come together and repair their homes.

  4. So people stand up for their rights and actually have an expectation for the government to respect their wishes and you guys are upset?

  5. Watching that video was a very scary experience. Seems like Trevor is the messiah of the people gathered around him. What ever he tells them to do, they would gladly do without any questions asked. That is a sad state of mind to be in. Hope they break free from those mental chains before the noose tightens.

    • Mr Walker never asked the people to do that, they did it on their own. If you guys will grow a spine and stand up for right and justice in Antigua and stop take filty luca maybe you guys would see better than just in front of you all noses.
      All what you all have to do is to tell your government to set Barbuda free so we will no longer be a burden to you guys. For setting Barbuda free would be the best thing that ever happened to us and we will no longer be the 🍞 basket for Antigua.

  6. After 10 months the government can’t get the police station fixed? Children are going to school in a makeshift classroom and a huge airport is being built. Why displace fishermen and jeopardize their livelihood? Why was this show of force necessary? Relocating the police to another location is just basic common sense! The police need to go and fight crime!

  7. I don’t know why some people have to be so unfair. The Bible says wo that man who call good evil and evil good. The Barbuda council have powers under the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. You are all so political blind that the truth will never hit you face. But God is good and he has the final say and every proud and self-righteous man woman or government will fall. So you guys have Gaston Brown but we have God all mighty fighting on our behalf.

    • Y’all are lost in the twilight zone over there in Barbuda. Codrington NEVER owned any land, but y’all so ignorant and insular to swallow the lies that your messiahs preach to you.

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