Walker Ready To Form Human Chain Around Barbuda Council Building To Keep Out Minister Samantha Marshall

Trevor Walker

Barbuda’s MP Trevor Walker and Minister Samantha Marshall feuding over the government’s plan to commandeer the Barbuda Council building.

The recently sworn in Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, said during her contribution to the budget debate in Parliament on Thursday, that the Barbuda must adhere to the will of the government.

“There is no other government but the government of Antigua and Barbuda. The local council is an agency of the government, like it or not, operating in Barbuda. They must comply with the directives of the government,” said Marshall.

She added that her newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary, Senator Knacyntar Nedd, would occupy the space which currently houses the Barbuda Council.

Marshall said she plans to accompany Nedd and the ministry’s permanent secretary to Barbuda “to meet with the local council and to assist them in having a full understanding and interpretation of the law” as it relates to the limitation of the powers of the Barbuda Council.

However,  Vice Chairperson of the Barbuda Council, Trevor Walker rebutted that if Marshall attempted to take control of the building, they would “refuse” to give her the keys.

He also remarked that he is prepared to do what was done last time at the Fisheries Complex referring to the human chain formed by a number of Barbudans in 2018 around the building to protect their alleged right to operate there after Hurricane Irma.

“We’re not violent people, but come!” MP Walker dared.

“The building is already occupied by the workers of the Barbuda Council and if we have to do what we did with the, we will do the same thing,” he said.

As it relates to Marshall’s visit to assist with interpretation of law, Walker rebutted saying that he knows the Barbuda Local Government Act “inside out” and that he “didn’t need a lawyer to tell him about that”.


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  1. Go with the law in tow and BUSS dem up. The Rep is very rude and arrogant………. trying to understand why the GoA&B are stay so long to put the Rep. in his place. Is it that the politicians play games with each other and let the public believe they are serious about governance?

  2. It is full time that the people of Barbuda along with Trevor Walker, sit down and have a constructive & civilized discussion with the central Govt concerning the way going forward for Barbuda….

    If the Barbudans really love themselves and are concern about the future of their children, now is the time to work along with the govt and disist in opposing almost everything that the govt proposes for development of the island…..

  3. MMmm Does the Government of Antigua and Barbudan own all rights to make decisions for Barbudans whether they like it or not? ..also curious.. Can Antiguans own Barbuda land? The person that honorable Samantha want to put over there..are they Antiguan or Barbudan? Very interesting..

    Im curious..Many Antiguans complain about other people not born in Antigua coming and taking jobs, Is this a case where the Barbudans feel they don’t want non Barbudans coming in and taking over?

  4. Lovely JIM JONES-esque technique Trevor Walker. What next you gonna command them to do? Drink that “special juice” Jonestown style?

  5. When would Barbudans see what Trevor Walker is doing with Them . Trevor Walker just like to see Barbudans stay where They are without any improvement while He and His Family get Richer off the backs of Barbudans. How can Trevor live with Himself ? History would not be kind to Him. His is leaving an AWFUL Legacy for His Children. Barbudans wake up before it is tooo late.

  6. What Trevor Walker need to do is separate Barbuda from Antigua. Dean Jonas could not do what the Top Dawg asked him to do but Samantha Marshall will. A human chain around a build is not going to stop her. Never under estimate a woman power Trevor Walker.

  7. Barbudans really need to seriously begin to think about secession with how they are treated by the present government. The Barbuda Local Council is in a building in which it conducts its business and the government is asking it to vacate the building so that the Official responsible for Barbuda Affairs (Ms. Need) can occupy the building. If that is not gross disrespect for the Barbuda Council I do not know what is. Also, for the Prime Minister to unilaterally decide to reduce the subvention to Barbuda should be considered by the Council to be the final straw in the antagonistic relationship between Antigua and Barbuda that is fostered by the government. Wake up Barbudans. It is time to move. You will survive. I know for a fact that the international community is ready and willing to come to your assistance once your umbilical cord is severed from Antigua. By the way, start that process and I am sure the Central government will stop abusing you and show more respect.

  8. Trevor changed his tune. He used to threaten to divorce Barbuda from Antigua and Barbuda. Now all of a sudden he is encouraging the gov’t to “let us go”

    Now tell me this. If you’re in a relationship and you do not like how you’re being treated, do you ask the other person to break up with you or do you leave them?

    What a WEAK-MINDED “leader” this man is.

    Hon. Prime Minister should leave Barbudans ALONE. When UPP was in office for TEN YEARS They did NOTHING for Barbuda. When Trevor Walker was a Minister He did NOTHING for Barbuda . Trevor was on a recording calling Barbudans a sorts of names and Barbudans say nothing. I do not know what Trevor has over Barbudans. Prime Minister leave Barbudan to Their own DEMISE. Tabor is a very one sided Person . Tabor blame ABLP for everything. UPP will complain for the next 30 years.

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