Waladli Lodge donates special stroller to boy with Severe Cerebral Palsy



On Monday 23rd July, 2018 WM Lenworth Johnson, IPM Shane Mackay and several members of WALADLI LODGE NO.9887 E.C presented a Special Tomato EOI Pushchair (Special Needs Stroller) to a mother of a young 15-year-old boy who has severe cerebral palsy and also suffers from complications of muscle astrophysics in his legs.

The mother, Ms Sylvia Batchelor was present to receive the chair on behalf of her son. The recipient Jaheim Daniel hails from the village of Urlings and comes from a family of six, mother, father and four children. Although their home is on a hill with an awesome view, it presents a challenge for mom to carry her 15 year old boy down to the village to engage in any activity. As the son becomes older, bigger and heavier, it becomes increasingly difficult for mom to take him out of the house.

The presentation of this special needs stroller (EOI Push Chair) provides a great opportunity to make a positive difference in Jaheim’s life, improves his mobility and also improves the interaction within the family.

The Special Tomato EIO Push Chair is the best of both worlds…a special needs stroller that provides mild to moderate positioning support AND a light-weight stroller that provides all of the bells and whistles that makes it easier for the caregiver on the go!

Freemasons are taught to practice charity and to care not only for their own, but also for the community as a whole – both by charitable giving and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.

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  1. Ok who cares what they are taught to do ….they are taught much more that that thou …not news worthy we all know what they are and what they do …the same police Robinson is one and what is he into ….

  2. Who and what is Waladli Lodge? Happy to see the smiling faces of some of their proud members. Never heard them doing anything for anyone before and I am 45yo so why now? Are they coming out of the closet?
    Special wraps, hand shakes, spitting on bibles, aprons, disgusting rituals, upper chambers sleeping with head to the east, etc Those Africans do not even know that the secret they are protecting is about themselves.
    Aquarius era which we are entering will enlighten the populous.

  3. I would really like to know how a person gets “muscle astrophysics”……. that’s a whole nother level of gaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssssss lol

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