Vote Person Not Party


by Makeda Mikael


If all political parties are putting forward a slate of good people none should mind our recommending a vote for the best person of those offering their service to the people. There are ways of ensuring a fair and peaceful growing period which enhances the lives of a people, and that is a coalition government.


Just look next door at St. Kitts, and recognize that diversity in the Government platform ensures unity and transparency, which fertilizes growth in the economy, and honesty in the disbursement of the country’s finances.

Several countries in recent times have exhibited the positive change of a peoples fortunes and ability to grow in unison simply by the acceptance of community through a coalition Government. About three elections past, the elections in Zimbabwe forced a joint government with the then Opposition, and the period of peace that ensued, though not always fair in practice, allowed the country to heal with a modicum of respect for each Party’s  differences.

Our little Antigua is being torn apart by hatred and greed. And while the born Antiguans are cutting each other’s throat, the new Antiguans, especially those non-black migrants from emerging and established dictatorships, are buying up lands and cooperating with corrupt government officers and officials to further denigrate our future.

A coalition government offers a similar state of equanimity as is derived after a Truth and Reconciliation Commission has done its job. The coalition prevents the blatant theft of the peoples patrimony by enrichment deals between officers and officials of government, and investors of questionable character, as now exists in our once pleasant state.


Knowing that all deals are fair game for all on board, and transparency is a demand, each one observes the next one and corruption ceases – for a season!

This is a call to the youth of this country to change the outcome of the next election.


Vote Person not Party, giving this little island a spate of peaceful development with ALL Antigua people involved with their government, because we are all joined in One Love!

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  1. In that case none ah UPP nearga wut me vote cause dem nah ready yet….Dem go fund me quest alone tell dem tale.

  2. I agree with Makeda Mikael in saying “Vote Person not Party”.
    Time to end once and for all PARTY POLITICS.
    All a LOCK on political power achieves, is something that isn’t very healthy for a democracy.

  3. We are a parlimentary democracy and in that system the party with the most votes forms the government. Under this system the party is very very important. Independents have no power. Here it’s the party you are voting for or against. A constitutional change would be necessary to change all that. Like it or not, that’s the way it s.

    • The Party that wins the most seats forms the Administration.There have been instances where the losers got hundreds of more Votes than some who won their seats.The sizes of the Constituencies needs to be reassessed and adjustments made to show fairness across the board.

    • The reason why they made it that way is so they can continue their DIVIDE and CONQURE strategy. If you fight amongst yourselves you will not notice that they are robbing you blind.

  4. Makeda I hear you but in the final analysis it is the Party who win the most seats will form the government. It will take some time for the vote “person” and not “party” consciousness to take root.

    • Charles is absolutely right. Perhaps it would be better if every candidate ran as an independent and the PM elected directly by the people, BUT this will take a life-time to be accomplished. Until then, we just need to work with what we have. The party that has the most seats forms the government. Pray to God they choose decent candidates. Some of them should be cleaning latrines.

  5. did she send this piece of advice to her birth country of St. Kitts? Tim and Dr. Drew longing to see her and eat monkey stew together on brimstone hill.

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