Vladimir Putin – Deceitful – Dangerous – Destructive


by Rawlston Pompey

Militarily, humans have not defied the prophetic teachings as contained in the ‘Holy Scriptures.’ As it relates to ‘War,’ though it brings no comfort, the Scripture implores ‘…Do not be alarmed’ [Matthew 24: 6]. The unpredictable nature of man, speaks either to looming or the imminence of war. When a powerful nation shows ‘Militarily Aggression’ to another nation, that has been the only time when ‘Peace’ is mentioned. From this perspective, there may be ‘War without Peace.’ However, very unlikely that ‘Peace’ will prevail without ‘War.’ It has been made sufficiently clear, that the unprovoked ‘War with Ukraine,’ has been the ‘Pre-determined Military Aim’ of ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin.’ When such ‘Aggression’ focuses on ‘Annexation,’ there may be no ‘Territorial Gain’ without infrastructural destruction, death, human suffering and economic pain.


With no expertise in military affairs, warmongering or warfare operations, this commentary is primarily based on research. It looks at the currency of the ‘Russia/Ukraine’ military developments. It focuses on ‘Russia’s incursion into that ‘Sovereign nation.’ Firstly, however, it briefly looks at national personalities in the recent ‘War of Words.’ Thus, it looks at ‘…Browne v Watt and Warner’ and the ‘busty,’ feisty and dramatic ‘Dame ‘Washie’ Sherese v DPP.’ These appear not to be as horrific as the incursion by ‘Russia’ into ‘Ukraine,’ where, graphic imagery showed ‘Russian Bombers and Tanks,’ unleashing with merciless consideration and restraint, missiles artillery and mortar shells have been raining upon an innocent and hapless, traumatized and terrified people.


Then ‘Military Powers,’ such as the most potent ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), allowing and ignoring the ‘Destructive and Deadly’ military course of action’ taken by ‘Warmongering Russian President, Vladimir Putin,’ to disrupt their lives and livelihood and ‘World Peace.’ Even as the people desperately seek refuge, taking risks to escape from the wrath and ruthlessness of the ‘Russian War Machine,’ they continue to spew political ‘Rhetoric’ than face ‘Reality.’ All hiding under the guise of not wanting to escalate the situation. Nothing could be further from the truth, that they are all afraid of the ‘Russian Warmonger, -Vladimir Putin.’


Today, warmongering nations have yet to dispossess themselves of the notion that war-making is as necessary as car-making. This may have been made evident when warmongering ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin,’ skillfully fronted with ‘Deception and Denial’ that war was intended when he was amassing his ‘Military Machine’ along the ‘Russian and Belarusian Borders.’ Every nation knows that likened to ‘Light of day’ and ‘Darkness of night,’ there can be no ‘Peace’ without ‘War.’ Consequent upon man’s propensities in inflicting harm on others, life has been made more difficult, unlivable, unbearable and miserable. But these, are among the ‘Inevitable Consequences’ of war.


In spite of an enlightened human civilization, and continuing efforts to ensure that ‘Commonsense and Peace’ prevail, humans continue to make it clear that ‘Peace and War’ could never co-exist. Such, non-co-existence not only speaks to the harsh realities of life, but also suggests that as humans socialize or seek to establish and build relations or forge stronger links, man must fight. Specific to those endeavoring to position themselves for ‘World Dominance,’ while in some land-grabbing wars, there will always be territorial gains or losses. That, undoubtedly, is what war is all about. Extending this assertion to nations and their leaders, some will always find something to fight for, or over. In the process, and apart from combatants, many innocent people will die, many will be wounded and many will suffer.


Then in retrospection, it looks at; (a) ‘…The Cuban Missile Crisis: and (b) …The Japanese experiences of war; its debilitating effects upon people, infrastructure, national economies and by extension, the global community. Undoubtedly, some wars would be ‘officiously, vexatiously or acrimoniously’ waged and annoyingly fought by ‘Words.’ These ‘Word Wars,’ except provoke consternation, they bear no significance, neither to the economic development or financial well-being; nor seek to improve the quality of life or educational enlightenment of the citizenry. This may have been seen, as in the cases of the nation’s indomitable; (i) ‘…Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ and Media owner/radio host/parliamentary prospect, ‘Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watt.’ Where he sees parliamentary success, ‘PM Browne’ sees his unelectability [ANR: July 25, 2020];


There was the ‘War of Attrition’ between ‘PM Browne and Professional/Private Fraud Investigator, Kem Warner.’ He asserted that ‘PM Browne’ was ‘Playing on Words’ [Real News: Antigua: March 7, 2022]. Refuting statements he considered starved for truth ‘PM Browne’ countered with ‘Documentary Evidence’ that revealed legitimately-paid ‘Contractual Investigative Fees.’ Then there was the pugnacious ‘Dame Sherese ‘Washie’ Bramble v The DPP’ [ANR: March 12, 2022]. The unrelenting, ill-mannered, provocative and effeminate ‘Damsel’ who reportedly posted uncomplimentary comments, more vexatious to the spirit than his ‘busty’ appearance. From a litigious perspective, those comments were said to be capable of being described as; ‘…Malicious, callous and reckless.’ This ends the ‘War of Words.’


Then there are other wars that are fought militarily. Such might be seen from the ‘Invasive Russian War Machine’ onto ‘Ukrainian territory’ [BBC: February 24, 2022]. Whether or not ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin’ may have been seen as ‘Delusional,’ none may harbor ‘Illusions’ over the ‘Intent and Resolve.’ Geographically, while ‘Russian Bombs’ may not necessarily drop from the sky, and artillery or missiles may not reach these defenceless and economic-malnourished nations, as a result of the ‘Military Incursion’ into Ukraine, regional people may still feel the devastating effects of such incursion.


Likened to yesteryear, there is much more to worry about today, than to be fearful of. Speaking to the ‘Ravages of War,’ history has shown frightening toll on human lives. The global impact of war has seen and heard of; (a) ‘…Exodus of traumatized and horrified people fleeing to safety; with (b) …Mass killings and burials.’ Then there are; (c) …Cries of financial crunch and economic hardship; (d) …Displaced populations seeking refuge in neighboring countries; (e) …Being forced to live and survive under horrendous or sub-human conditions: (f) …Inadequacy of accommodation; (g) …Budgetary constraints; (h) …Soaring prices of oil and gas, consumable and non-consumable commodities; and (i) …Scarcity of basic essentials.’ These not only speak to the ‘Ravages of War,’ but also to human sufferings of one kind or another.


History has also shown that ‘Russia’ never trusted the ‘United States of America.’ Conversely, the ‘United States’ never trust ‘Russia.’ Such distrust has led both nations to secretly develop bombs described as: (a) ‘…Hydrogen: (b) …Atomic: and (c) …Nuclear.’ These, particularly ‘A and C,’ have been considered as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’ Even so, there comes a time when a ‘State’ for its own cause, justified or unjustified, may behave ‘Militarily Roguish.’ Research has shown that the ‘Republic of Russia’ was well known for such characterization.


Research has also shown that no ‘Hydrogen Bombs’ were used in the two ‘World Wars.’ Such bomb was described as ‘…Immensely powerful, utilizing explosive fusion of hydrogen nuclei’ [Oxford Dictionary]. Today, though reluctantly, wars may easily be declared, fought and won in relatively quick time. That which seems optionally stock-piled in arsenal has been ‘Biological, Chemical or Germ Warfare Weapons.’ These speak to the use of bacteria in helping to achieve military objectives. Today, this might be dependent, either upon the dictates of circumstance or that situationally demands.


There has also been the ‘Geneva Protocol’ of which several nations were said to have neither signed, nor acceded [1925]. These are not for optional use in War. Some military analysts have suggested that while his ‘Military War Machine’ went on the warpath, the ‘Russian President,’ added another strategy by employing ‘Psychological Warfare,’ intended deter any form of foreign intervention. The ‘Geneva Protocol’ strictly prohibits the use of ‘Chemical and Biological Weapons in war’ [UN: May/June 1925]. These has the capability of eliminating humans from the face of the earth, without causing infrastructural damage.


The ‘Cold War Period’ [March 12, 1947 – December 3, 1989], reportedly saw that which war experts described as the ‘Arms Race.’ This race saw both ‘Russia’ and the ‘United States,’ developing, not just ‘Weapons of a Description,’ but also ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’ This also saw the proliferation of weapons and military hardware. Further research speaks to the uses of these substances or toxic proportions of chemical substances to; (a) ‘…Kill; (b) …Injure; or (c) …Incapacitate the enemy in warfare and associated military operations’ [ScienceDirect]. Respecting their use, there has also been the ‘Brussels Declarations,’ said to remain ‘Unratified’ [1874].


Likened to the family and other free institutions or organizations, for a stable environment, ‘Discipline and Restraint’ are not only key element for effective management, but also of critical importance to effective parental control. The same is true of members of the global community. Thus, nations within the ‘United Nations,’ and signatories to; (a) ‘…Agreements; (b) …Treaties; (c) …Resolutions; (d) …Declarations; (e) …Conventions; and (f) …Protocols,’ shall not only be given national ratification, but also shall be mindful of their obligations to each other and generally, to the international community. These, however, appear not to have sufficient deterrence for any of the ‘Super Powers.’ If it were not so, then the ‘Russian War Machine’ may not have been imposing its military ‘Might and Will’ on the ‘Ukrainian’ nation in the most ‘Destructive and Deadly’ way.


Whether or not nations might be so inclined to be fully compliant to these, most likely, such compliance necessitates acute consideration, situationally or circumstantially. No doubt, this is within the knowledge of all the leaders of the ‘World’s Super Powers.’ In this particular grouping, the nations that have been so identified are; (i) ‘…The United States of America: (ii): …China (iii) …Russia; (iv) …India: and (v) …The European Union.’ Those with membership in the ‘European Union,’ were said to have been less war-like. No matter what ‘Relations’ they may have established with ‘Foreign Nations,’ these nations are well known for protecting their national ‘Security and Economic Interests.’


Well positioned, for reasons of their large national economies and superior military armament, these nations, either singularly or grouped together, have referred to themselves as the ‘Super Powers’ of the world. Most have developed all kinds of weapons, including those for mass destruction of humans. Before it was regarded as a ‘Super Power,’ the ‘United States,’ well advanced in technology, reportedly developed the ‘Atomic Bomb.’ History has shown that in the ‘Second World War,’ the ‘Combative Japanese’ nation saw ‘US Bombers’ dropping two ‘Atomic Bombs’ with destructive and deadly consequences.


The targets: (i) ‘…The cities of Hiroshima; and (ii) …Nagasaki’ [August 6 – August 9, 1945]. On that day, the ‘Japanese Survivors’ would have heard the ‘Sound of Thunder’ and felt the earth quaked. Research has shown that the ‘5-Ton Bomb’ dropped on the former target saw some ‘4 square miles of the city reduced to ruins.’ It resulted in a casualty count of ‘80, 000.’ The latter city also saw high casualties. A similar-sized bomb accounted for the tragic loss of some ‘97, 000’ people, most of whom were said to be civilians. Historians believed that the two bombs killed between ‘129, 000 and 226, 000 people’ [Wikipedia: WWI: 1914-1918 Inescapable, that nation was faced with the ‘Punishing and Perishing Bombing’ of the defiant Japanese nation. After the carnage and destruction, in six days of combat and resistance, all streaks of defiance were over. Japan surrendered’ [WW II: 1939-1945]. That nation reportedly surrendered. Many lived to recount the harrowing experiences. These speak to the ‘Deadly Consequences of War.’


Even after the ‘ravages, deadly consequences and destructive effects of ‘Two World Wars [WWI: 1937 – 193: WWII: 1939 – 1945], nations continue declare and wage war against each other. A look back into the era of the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ has shown the situation then, that has bedeviled the ‘Cuban people’ for decades. Its ties with the then ‘Socialist Republic of Russia’ and their embraced communist ideologies, has resulted in a ‘Super Power Blockade.’ Such saw a stagnated and crippled economy; shattered dreams and hopes of every ‘Cuban national.


Instructively, nations with hardly anything to protect, have been most accommodating to those considered ‘Super Powers.’ For instance, the ‘United States,’ fearing that ‘Russia’ might become ‘Roguish and Belligerent,’ allied itself with the ‘European nations – Italy and Turkey.’ Both allowed for the deployment of the ‘American Jupiter Missiles’ within their borders [1962]. Such alliance, marked the beginning of ‘Military Crisis.’ The ‘Russians’ fearing that the United States’ might become overly adventurous, allied with ‘Cuba,’ and deployed the ‘Russian R-2 Dvina Missiles.’ They were both fearful of the ‘Jupiter and Dvina Missiles.’


Almost sunken to the depth of despair and bringing upon them untold miseries, the ‘Cuban people’ showed a resiliency and resolve, unmatched to people that had faced any of the ‘Super Powers.’ It is to global knowledge most industrialized nations with large economies, continue to produce, sell to other nations or caused to be deployed in strategic places under the guise of protecting ‘National Security Interests.’ Today, many people then not born will have read from ‘War History,’ the ‘Belligerent Attitude’ of ‘Russian President Nikita Khrushchev’ [1894-1971]. Seemingly testing the resolve of ‘United States President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy’ almost triggered ‘World War III.’


The ‘US President’ was adamant that other than ‘Hurricanes,’ any ‘Russian Missile-Carrying Ships’ crossing the ‘Atlantic Ocean’ shall be submerged beneath the Ocean. Not wanting anything that close to their respective borders, both nations embarked upon a hostile path of agitation. Intending no ‘Military Imbalance,’ then ‘Russian President Nikita Khrushchev’ appeared insistent in deployment of the ‘Russian Missiles.’ The then ‘President of the United States John F. Kennedy’ saw endangerment to the ‘National Security.’ When he reportedly dispatched more of the mind-pestering missiles to ‘Cuba,’ adamant and resolute that no such balance existed, then ‘United States President imposed that which historian described as ‘Quarantine’ [Wikipedia: October 28, 1962].


The ‘Russian President’ reportedly dispatched ‘Silos and Missiles’ aboard ships destined to the ‘Caribbean Island of Cuba’ [Wikipedia: 1962]. Then, ‘United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’ [1917-1963], would have no such missiles threateningly deployed close to the nation’s borders. Responding with Resoluteness,’ thereby showing strength of character and strong ‘Presidential Leadership,’ he reportedly ordered the nation’s ‘Military Commanders’ to deploy the ‘Armed Forces’ and take whatever action was considered appropriate and proportionate to any existing threat, in protecting the nation’s Security interests.


Looked at from today’s perspective, the ‘Russian R-2 Dvina Missiles’ may have been regarded as a ‘Virus of War’ [Harry Josiah: March 10, 2022]. Clearly, no ‘President,’ then and now, would have wanted ‘Virus nor Variant’ spreading across the ‘Caribbean.’ It was not only incumbent that ‘President Kennedy’ demonstrated undaunted and formidable ‘Presidential Leadership,’ but with promptitude ordered their non-deployment. Social commentator, ‘Slinger Francisco, ‘Mighty Sparrow’ brought world attention in a song, thus relating just what the ‘President’ ordered.


Taking a firm position against deployment of such missiles, ordered that any ’Retaliation’ shall be met with ‘Explosion.’ Harboring no illusions over what may have been the ‘Presidential Resolve,’ the ‘Russian President’ then ordered the return of the ‘R-2 Dvina Missiles’ back to ‘Russia.’ Whatever may have been intended, presidential wisdom prevailed and this allowed for the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis,’ to be peacefully resolved. Slinger Francisco, Mighty Sparrow’ provides an understanding of the ‘Presidential Order’ regarding the ships and missiles. He sang; ‘…Stop; …Search; and …Sink them to the bottom of the ocean’ [1962; Song: Kennedy is the Man for Them: YouTube].  These constituted the ‘Military Tonic-SSS.’


The nations that have been so called, appear always in quest of opportunities to declare or wage wars against those with negligible military power or capabilities. Invariably, one of these leaders becomes ‘Delusional or Dictatorial.’ His ego is boosted, as to harbor feelings of grandeur and superiority. Considering himself and nations a notch or two above the others, see themselves as among the powerful and mighty. With ‘War Machines’ and other sophisticated ‘Weapons of War,’ domineering nations are often well-positioned to inflict pre-emptive strikes. Thus, with adequate air cover, ground control and a large marine fleet, there are no restrictions to the use of the ‘Skies; Seas; and the Land’ over their territorial borders. The case of ‘Russia’ militarizing itself onto ‘Ukrainian Territory,’ speaks to its military power and might.


Not infrequently, a leader takes the world stage with ‘Ego Nourished’ on feelings of impregnability and adventurism. Geographically, internationally and historically, the ‘Invasive Behavior of Russia’ was not only well known by neighboring nations, but also the international community. With the invasion of ‘Ukraine,’ every neighboring nation shall know they are under ‘Russia’s Annexation Radar.’ Without the declaration of war, they shall know of its ‘Invasive Policy’ and inflexible ‘Military Muscle.’ They shall know of the experiences of ‘Poland’ [Sept 17, 1939]; …Finland [1939-1940]; …Crimea’ [February and March 2014]; and …Georgia’ [August 8, 2008: WSJ].


Given such nourishment, the ‘Delusional Leader’ often becomes overly ambitious, adventurous, hostile and aggressive. He would have already psyched out other leaders of the ‘Super Power Grouping.’ The ‘Russian President’ had carefully assessed risks that which may have affected operations. Harboring no inhibitions over the rest of the international community, the Military Operation’ was to be executed as planned. Research has shown that in every instance, such military ‘Invasion’ has seen territorial changes. These include; (i) ‘Annexations; and (ii) …Setting up of ‘Puppet Governments’ on captured territories [Wikipedia].


For several ‘Weeks of Uneasy Calm,’ the unpredictable ‘President Vladmir Putin’ had the ‘Super Powers Grouping,’ as well as the ‘United Nations Security Council’ speculating. They were all kept on tenterhooks. From a distance, he kept the rest of the international community uneasily and speculatively watching. Seemingly endowed with the ‘Spirit of Discernment,’ he may have concluded that ‘Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’ was ‘Flirting with Military Danger.’ The developments in ‘Ukraine’ prompts ‘Today’s Question;’ ‘Who may sing who is the man for Russian President, Vladimir Putin?’


Suspicious of the ‘Russian President’s intention the ‘United States warned ‘Western and European’ leaders that something was about to develop. The ‘Russian President’ had placed them in a state of anxiety and uncertainty. They had observed lengthy military convoys of equipment and ground troops being amassed along its western border. When amassment of those troops was further extended along the borders of neighboring ‘Belarus’ nation, ‘Ukrainian and world leaders were not naïve, but suspected that authorities were acting collaboratively with one of the world’s ‘Super Powers.’


Given his apparent complicit role in the unfolding military developments, ‘Ukrainian President ‘Volodymyr Zelensky’ may have been given good reasons that his ‘Belarusian’ presidential counterpart, ‘Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko,’ has committed the ‘Cardinal Sin of Treachery.’ He had treacherously collaborated with the belligerent warmongering ‘Russian President, Vladimir Putin.’ He had allowed the amassment of ‘Russian Military Units’ along ‘Belarusian Border,’ to wage war against the ‘Ukrainian’ people, their nation’s territory and sovereignty.’ This not only constituted a grievous ‘Act of War,’ but also colluding with a ‘Super Power’ in committing grave ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’


That which might be said of the ‘Warmongering President,’ is that he appeared decisive and resolute and strategically and operationally adept.’ He showed no prior hostilities or aggressive intent toward the ‘Ukrainian nation, people and Government.’ Uttering no veil threats, and giving no warnings of that which he may have conjured up in the mind of the ‘Super Power President’ were two ‘Security Concerns’ that; (i) ‘…Ukraine could gain no membership on the ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); and (ii) …No silos with foreign-made missiles or warheads’ were to be deployed in close proximity of his territorial borders.’ At least, not under his presidential watch.


Ensuring that there was some semblance of ‘Military Balance,’ the allied nations combined their ‘National Resources’ in establishing the ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).’ As far as ‘Military Action’ was concerned, no one nation shall dictate courses of events. Clearly, ‘Russian’ authorities know that this organization, with alliance relationship with ‘United States,’ could pose serious threats to its ‘National Security.’ Thus, it became militarily ‘Agitated and Aggressive.’ Consequently, when ‘Russian President Vladmir Putin’ reportedly placed his ‘Nuclear Deterrence Forces’ on ‘High Alert,’ reasonable inferences might be drawn of his contemplation of using them, if necessity so dictates [Guardian: February 27, 2022].


Still, real or imaginary, ‘the ‘Russian President’ may have seen threats to its ‘Sovereignty and National security, even where none may have existed. That which shall have been foremost in his thought, may have been careful assessment of the individual and collective strengths and weaknesses of the membership of the ‘United Nation.’ He may have observed their uncertainties, indecision and fears. The ‘Warmongering Russian President’ appeared to have correctly assessed the situation. Then at the opportune time, his ‘War Machine’ moved into action from where the troops and convoys of military vehicles were strategically placed and poised for the carefully planned military operations on ‘Ukrainian’ soil.


Though said to be a nation without allies, and has no membership in any military threat-posing group, ‘Russia’ was said to have harbored fears when it reportedly applied for membership in the ‘European Union (NATO).’ Knowing that which was contemplated, when it became obvious that ‘Invasion of Ukraine’ was imminent, ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin’ speaking calmly, but ‘Deceptively,’ brushed aside the suggestion. Whether or not driven by ‘Delusion or Deception,’ one of the ‘Super Powers’ ordered ‘Russian Aggression’ by ‘Military Incursion’ into ‘Ukraine.’ Thus, under cover of darkness its ‘Superior War Machine’, unleashed a massive artillery bombardment upon those nations unmatched military and hapless people.


Expecting negative reactions, he would only acknowledge that ‘Joint Military Exercises’ were to be conducted by the two friendly nations- ‘Russia and Belarus.’ Friendly only unto themselves. This was not neither bought by the ‘European Union’ nations, nor by their friendly Western ally- ‘United States of America.’ When the invasion started, satellite imagery and television footage revealed a destructive and deadly ‘Military Onslaught’ being descended upon ‘Ukraine.’ This speaks to ‘President Putin’s ‘Military Adventurism’ and ‘Roguish Behavior.’ Instantly, ‘Ukrainians’ became terror-stricken, while the ‘United Nations’ and the rest of the international community themselves were left in ‘Shock and Awe.’ They all reeled in anguish over the senseless incursive military operation [February 24, 2022].


The ‘Ukrainian’ nation was said to be under subjection of intense and unrelenting bombardment with ‘Cluster Bombs’ from ‘Air, Land and Sea.’ Seemingly discouraged by the alert of the ‘Russian Nuclear Forces,’ nations with deterrent military capabilities, appeared unmoved. Cessation of bombardment was said to be dependent upon ‘Ukraine’s ultimate surrender to the ‘Russian Military.’ While many of these nations and the umbrella ‘United Nations (UN), have expressed condemnation, rather disappointingly, they have chosen the ‘Hands-off Approach.’ Likened to some nation’s ‘House Ways and Means Committee,’ as these nations desperately look for ways to impose sanctions on ‘Russian Renegade Brigade’ missiles, cluster bombs and mortar shells’ found intended and non-intended targets.


The daily bombardment, human carnage, as well as the infrastructural destruction, the sanctions reportedly imposed upon the ‘Ruthless Russian President Vladimir Putin’ appear no more effective in softening his militaristic resolve. Seemingly fearful of the errant ‘Super Power Leader,’ they have not only changed their ‘Militaristic Posture,’ reducing themselves to ‘Fence Sitters,’ but also their love of humanity. Those that are not for the ‘People of Ukraine’ are their enemies, and ‘DUST’ shall also be their destiny’ [Mighty Sparrow: Dr. Solomon: YouTube].


Given this ‘Non-Intervention Posture,’ ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin’ has shown a steely resolve in maintaining bombardment of resisting cities. For reasons of infirmities and physical restrictiveness, most were said to have been unable to flee to safe territorial havens. Many disabled men, women and children desperately endeavored to escape from the overhead bombardment from ‘Roaring Russian Fighter Jets.’ With sustained momentum, frighteningly and indiscriminately, bombs and artillery shells dropped with telling effect upon those fleeing and seeking refuge.


While sanctions, said to be intended to collapse the ‘Russian Economy and weaken the ‘War Machine,’ with no ‘Air cover or Naval Support,’ the incursive bombardment continues. The lack of these saw the ‘Russian War Machine’ continuing to drop destructive and deadly bombs on just about any building, facility and any person. With ‘Unspeakable Military Vengeance,’ missiles have been descending upon a non-combatant population of hapless, helpless and innocent people. Among them were said to be terrified and traumatized non- combatant senior citizens- grandfathers, grandmothers and terror-stricken mothers. Even more heartbreaking was reports suggesting that babies cradled in the unprotected arms of mothers, have been falling from their arms like mosquitoes sprayed with insecticide spray. All due to an apparent ‘…Delusional; …Dangerous; …Destructive; and Deadly Super Power Leader,’ the militarily ruthless, belligerent and seemingly unconquerable ‘Russian Leader, President Vladimir

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  1. Great article as usual Rawlston Pompey. It is my view that this is your best so far and I particularly enjoy your foray into history.

  2. First of all, the situation in Ukraine is confused at best, and proven disinformation is spewing from all the main stream propaganda outlets to demonize Putin.

    I think Putin is working with the ‘white hats’ to defeat the elites global cabal that is attempting to usurer in the NWO.

    The next ‘TEST’ of my theory will be Taiwan. If China invades Taiwan and finds bio labs making bio weapons then that will bolster the idea that Putin, Xi and Trump have planned this together to destroy the ‘global cabal (Rothschild bankers, WEF, WHO etc.)

    Time will till…. wait for it.

    • a Angel, not really Angel, if anything, this conflict is actually giving the cabal more ammunition for their agenda.They will be able to pull of their cyber polygon simulation and blame Russia. Also, it is causing the collapse of FIAT currency — bringing us closer to the digital currency which is one of the WEF’s goal.

      Putin is hell bent on protecting Russia’s border. A Verbal agreement was made in 1990 to Mikhail Gorbachev by James Baker, the US secretary of state in exchange for the unification of Germany that NATO would NOT expand “not an inch” further to the East. (Of course, that history has already been rewritten denying that promise was made).
      That promise was not kept by the West — and several Eastern European countries have already become members of NATO since then. When they announced that they would eventually adopt Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, Putin started to work on preventing that from happening. If you know anything about the Cuban missile crisis, then you’ll understand the similarities of why this situation is unacceptable to Putin and is ONE of the reason he’s doing what he’s doing. Moscow considers Ukraine part of its sphere of influence. Putin will destroy Ukraine before he allows it to become apart of NATO. Ukraine needs to remain neutral and be a buffer between NATO allied nations & Russia.

      As you know, we are only getting a one sided view by msm why this is happening and who is to blame. But if your memory is good, you’ll also remember these same media outlets fed us the WMD stories in Iraq over and over and over. And they all turned out to be BIG LIES by LIARS .

      The next pivot will be to China, that’s really the up and coming powerhouse that is checking US hegemony. Look up John Pilger and read and or watch some of his documentaries.
      “The Coming War On China.” is one.

      • The ‘media outlets’ have ALWAYS spoon feed us BS. Most people have been asleep to that reality until very recently.

        Yes – They want to “collapse of FIAT currency — bringing us closer to the digital currency which is one of the WEF’s goal” but this, I believe, is all part of the ‘white hats’ plan to takedown the global cabal. By collapsing fiat currency they will destroy the banksters global money system who have always been the starters of WAR.

        • It’s the bankers that are behind the federal reserve digital currency that they are working on right now. Only a few (maybe) decentralized digital currency will survive; bitcoin being one, but they will be clamping down on crypto real soon. There are no white hats imho; they have people playing both sides. This strategy has always worked for them. But as you said, time will tell.

        • Wadad1: You and the rest of the Trump-ites are on the same disgusting page. Are you a Russian operative?

          • Are you a CIA tool and or a Neo NAZI supporter? Not everyone uses politics to form their opinion. There are 3 sides to every story.

      • You may not believe it but Russia is providing some balance in the world. Could you imagine a world with one super power, the USA?
        There is never a good outcome from wars. People’s lives and countries are destroyed. The world as if currently is, is that if I do it it is saving humanity, but if you do it, it is a war crime. When we think of right and wrong, we should remember the people in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, the Palestinians and the countless black and brown souls who have drowned crossing the Mediterranean seeking a better life in Europe.

      • Isn’t it interesting that the fake Angel poster always shows up along with the crazy Angel attacker posts. I guess if you can’t attack the content of the message then you attack the massager. So Weak.

  3. So now that the US has admitted that they have biolabs in Ukraine (which we knew already), what else are they lying to us about now? No, I don’t condone war but the last 2 years should have taught us all something about using what’s between our ears and behind our eyes more than what’s being forced into them.

    • When one wacko posts the rest of the wackos follow. Has everyone checked their scorecards today? A couple of the other regular clowns are M.I.A. If it’s not covid it’s Ukraine. Whatever the flavour of the day is at Bitchute.com.

  4. Putin is fighting against globalism and the new woke order. He has said all he requires is Ukraine to be neutral and abide by the Minsk accords and they refused, hence the special military operation that Ukraine has escalated and weaponised against Russia.

    The west is now trying to cancel Russia for refusing to be a puppet and vassalized. Three EU leaders were able to take a train ride into kyiv and leave as they pleased. Ukraine is larger than Texas and has a population larger than California. The media shows isolated attacks and sensationalize them but never show the tactics that the Ukrainian army is using to bait the Russians.

    We need true neutral reporting

    • Yes Matrix, you described the situation accurately. Putin is against the global cabal and Ukraine is the cabal’s puppet.

  5. Even little Antigua the western imperialist is about to destroy with complete eradication of our CIP programme and blacklisted us financially if we donot adapt their tax system. They are the ones who are evil and russia has every right to prevent their expansion.

  6. This internal matter is nothing new Europeans has always been warring with themselves. Nothing new two of their other internal matters were branded World War 1 and 2.

    Mr Pompey please right an article and chronicle how the Barbudans are been brutalized into submission and how after purchasing the syndicate lands how it was handed over to the same people that it was purchased from.

    No sah Mr Pompey let me hear you on this cold War in Antigua and Barbuda. To hell with Russia……

    Agriculture in this region made Europe what it is today, and these traitor idiots moved away from a proven economic system to the servitude touristic system that is fully controlled by the Europeans regardless of where they domicile.

    That paper called us dollar has a negative value, the digital Wuhan is the new means of Petroleum exchange.

    So Mr Pompey look at our resilience at this time and how we are where we are because the Europeans designed it so. …

  7. I remembered when the opposition here got into power, there were rumours that someone was aiding and abetting the removal of files from certain government buildings. Someone in position with authority. All allegations. Would the writer of this long epistle, describe that person as dangerous? Deceitful? diabolical? Iraq was invaded under false pretenses. We’re those involved described in the same terms? Guess not. Us black people here better delve into some history for wisdom.

    • Unfortunately, a lot of this history isn’t being taught in schools anymore. Some history is disappearing from books that aren’t re-printed. Dictionaries are having some words re-defined. Online sources of information like Wikipedia is having whole sections rewritten and deleted. In American schools the country’s history is being replaced by CRT (critical race theory).

      The onslaught on knowledge is relentless, deep and wide.

  8. On the Edge of a Nuclear Abyss

    Two days after Russia attacked Ukraine and the day before Vladimir Putin put Russia on nuclear alert, I wrote a little article whose first sentence was:

    Not wanting to sound hyperbolic, but I am starting to conclude that the nuclear madmen running the US/NATO New Cold War they started decades ago are itching to start a nuclear war with Russia.”

    It was an intuition based on my knowledge of US/Russia history, including the U.S engineered coup in Ukraine in 2014, and a reading of current events. I refer to it as intuition, yet it is based on a lifetime’s study and teaching of political sociology and writing against war.

    I am not a Russian scholar, simply a writer with a sociological, historical, and artistic imagination, although my first graduate academic study in the late 1960s was a thesis on nuclear weapons and why they might be someday used again.

    It no longer sounds hyperbolic to me that madmen in the declining US Empire might resort, like rats in a sinking ship, to first-strike use of nuclear weapons, which is official US policy.

    My stomach is churning at the thought, despite what most experts say: that the chances of a nuclear war are slight. And despite what others say about the Ukraine war: that it is an intentional diversion from the Covid propaganda and the Great Reset (although I agree it achieves that goal).

    My gut tells me no; it is very real and very, very dangerous now.

    The eminent scholar Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research agrees that we are very close to the unthinkable.

    In a recent historical analysis of US-Russia relations and nuclear weapons, he writes the following before quoting Vladimir Putin’s recent statement on the matter. “Vladimir Putin’s statement on February 21st, 2022 was a response to US threats to use nuclear weapons on a preemptive basis against Russia, despite Joe Biden’s “reassurance” that the US would not be resorting to ‘A first strike’ nuclear attack against an enemy of America”:

    Let me [Putin] explain that US strategic planning documents contain the possibility of a so-called preemptive strike against enemy missile systems. And who is the main enemy for the US and NATO? We know that too. It’s Russia. In NATO documents, our country is officially and directly declared the main threat to North Atlantic security. And Ukraine will serve as a forward springboard for the strike.”
    (Putin Speech, February 21, 2022 emphasis added)

    Putin is absolutely correct. It is why he put Russia’s nuclear forces on full alert. Only those ignorant of history, which sadly includes most US Americans, don’t know this.

    I believe that today we are in the greatest danger of a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, something I vividly remember as a teenager. The same feelings return. Dread. Anxiety. Breathlessness.

    I do not think these feelings are misplaced nor are they simply an emotional response. I try to continue writing on other projects that I have started but feel stymied. The possibility of nuclear war, whether intentional or accidental, obsesses me.

    In order to grasp this stomach-churning possibility within the context of Ukraine, we need to put aside all talk of morality, rights, international law, and think in terms of great power politics, as John Mearsheimer has so clearly articulated. As he says, when a great power feels its existence is threatened, might makes right.

    You simply can’t understand world politics without thinking at this level. Doing so does not mean justifying the use of might; it is a means of clarifying the causes of wars, which start long before the first shots are fired.

    In the present crisis over Ukraine, Russia clearly feels existentially threatened by US/NATO military moves in Ukraine and in eastern Europe where they have positioned missiles that can be very quickly converted to nuclear and are within a few minutes’ range of Russia. (And of course there are US/NATO nuclear missiles throughout western and southern Europe.)

    Vladimir Putin has been talking about this for many years and is factually correct. He has reiterated that this is unacceptable to Russia and must stop. He has pushed for negotiations to end this situation.

    The United States, despite its own Monroe Doctrine that prohibits another great power from putting weapons or military forces close to its borders, has blocked its ears and kept upping the ante, provoking Russian fears. This fact is not in dispute but is shrugged off by US/NATO as of little consequence.

    Such an attitude is pure provocation as anyone with a smidgeon of historical awareness knows.

    The world was very lucky sixty years ago this October when JFK and Nikita Khrushchev negotiated the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis before the world was incinerated. Kennedy, of course, was intensely pressured by the military and CIA to bomb Cuba, but he resisted.

    He also rejected the insane military desire to nuke the Soviet Union, calling such people crazy; at a National Security Council meeting on September 12, 1963, when the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented a report about a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union which they wanted for that fall, he said, “Preemption is not possible for us.”

    Such leadership, together with the nuclear test ban treaty he negotiated with the USSR that month, inter alia (such treaties have now been abrogated by the US government), assured his assassination organized by the CIA. These days, the US is led by deluded men who espouse a nuclear first strike policy, which tells one all one needs to know about the danger the world is in. The US has been very sick with Russia hatred for a long time.

    • @A Team, that’s an excellent excerpt, for those interested, the full article can be found at countercurrents.org by Edward Curtin

  9. @Pompey…”with no expertise in military affairs, warmongering or warfare operations,”
    #PULL #UP! Hold tight! Could you possibly rewind, and come again! I n I, think Lester Bird loved to say, “WHEEL and KUM AGAIN!”

    I got one question, what would you call the operations carried out by law enforcement, the Judiciary and the church against, the Pan African, Black Power, Rastafari, Black Lives Matter #MOVEMENTS, in your own back yards?
    Don’t forget the term, “The War On Drugs.” I, for one, am just about certain, that to have achieved the rank of COP – Commissioner of Police, you had some for of military training which you adopted, and used against the Rastafari Movement, which by the way is still ongoing to this very day, as indicated by a recent article by Makeda Michael in this very news portal.
    So, Pompey while Putin might look like a monster to you and others, the monsters to Our children in the Rastafari Community are the local law enforcement officers #WHO’RE constantly, kicking in “dem back doh!”

    …Kum een Papa Onyan!
    …Mek dem kno, fu sure! Fu sure!
    ..,a who a Tear-Gas arwe,
    …PM Browne or is it Putin, across the seas?

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