Visitor traumatised after thief enters his home


The Police are probing a spate of burglaries across the island, one of which involves a person on holiday.

Reports are that a United Kingdom man, a guest staying at Halcyon Heights, had his Samsung Galaxy cell phone stolen after someone broke into the house.

The visitor reportedly was awakened by a sound and then saw a figure – who was about 5’7” in height, slimly built, and dressed in dark clothing – in his bedroom.

When the man called out, the person quickly exited the room and ran in an easterly direction.

Upon checks of his bedroom and that of his children, the man observed that several bags had been moved from their original position, searched through, and left on the patio.

The Police have concluded that the unknown intruder used a sharp implement to cut through a screen, then reached through an external burglar bar and unlocked a cylindrical lock for a wooden door.

Reportedly the doors to the bedrooms were closed but not locked.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 4 a.m. on October 16.

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  1. The crime is going up, up and up in my beloved Antigua, and again no positive response from our clown 🤡 in chief Gaston Browne.

    Ask yourself this, fellow citizens of Antigua & Barbuda:

    How is it with the run up to a General Election, our Prime minister can find – all of a sudden – the funds to try and palm-grease and hoodwink the electorate, but cannot find any money to halt our rising crime rate?

    And I’m sure I read somewhere that our police our well short of equipment and the resources to help them do their jobs correctly. Embarrassing!


    His silence on criminal activities has been ongoing for around 12-18 months now … again why?

    Let’s see how the hell any of the generational ABLP supporters try to defend the indefensible of Gaston Browne’s inactions.

    Come on where are you …?

    • Them a go say a UPP supporters carrying out the crimes to make the government look bad and their diehard supporters will believe the lies they spue.

    • @ Brixtonian: Antigua belongs to all of us… If you love our country and there is a problem why can’t you and the ” useless blue flies ” from UPP propose a solution to solve or deal with the problem.. Critising is one thing and easy to do, but presenting the solution is the other and a herculean task for many like you.

      • It’s not for him to present a solution… That job belongs to the PM, so he is quite right to criticise!

        • Exactly @ My Island 👍, people like @ Bluddy Bloke will always shoot down the messenger and never place the blame on the real perpetrator(s) of Antigua’s past and present struggles.

          They seem to me to be uniquely wayward in their thought process and something to behold … No wonder the world looks on us as absolute SIMPLETONS when it comes to political matters. Have mercy!

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