Visitor Stabbed In Hatton


A male tourist to the island was stabbed earlier today during an apparent robbery.

The man and a female companion were in the Hatton area when they were approached by two men.

According to initial reports, the man was stabbed during a struggle.

Police say the injury is not serious.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the crime.

More details will be provided as they come to hand.

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  1. That tourist needs to be careful, Antigua arrest people for fighting back against criminal attack (Hero retired officer arrest is evidence), Antigua arrest tourist for honest mistake of bullet in bag. These arrest were without probable cause and without prima facie showing in charges.

    Just not a good place to be at this time, sad to say.

      • If you shut me up, how would the truth get out to make change? This is why rape victims and victims of crime and people who want to make a difference feels, they feel like they would be told, shut up, because this is what ignorant people say to facts.

      • I understand you will not comprehend how stating facts that are unconscionable helps law makers and citizens. I understand that you do not understand.

    • You are such an idiot, to be honest. That “hero retired officer” was convicted of a similar offence for shooting an unarmed man who he confined to a wheelchair. He comes back and does the same thing, and you belly gripe about his arrest? The tourist who came here with bullets in her bag was arrested because she does NOT have a licence to possess bullets in our country. Yet, you bellyache about that too? Dude, people know your identity, and also know that the “hero retired officer” in question is your father. Perhaps you need to speak to him about his trigger happy ways. Honestly, I’m quite surprised that he still has a permit to legally carry a firearm.

      • Did I ever hide that fact, you do know I am the one who made everyone know this right? Please tell me you have that sense to know that.

        How does one incident, with a wrongful conviction has to do with this incident. Just so you know, to make an arrest a prima facie case, and probable cause must be present that exist within only the issue you are charged for. I guess you believe people actually leave the street and urinate by the window of houses and try to push them open. Where are the people with sense?

        I completely understand you will not comprehend this too.

        • If your father was wrongfully convicted, as you suggest, he had every RIGHT to appeal the matter. You speak about prima facie evidence. Obviously, a conviction means that not only was there prima facie evidence, but also that a jury of your father’s peers agreed with the prosecution that he was guilty as charged beyond reasonable doubt. Therefore, the question of prima facie evidence becomes moot. The charge your father had to answer (and may have to answer now) does not require anyone to prove whether or not the virtual complainant left the street to do whatever you are purporting. The charge is whether or not he wrongfully shot the virtual complainant, as is the case in both cases. Young man, do understand that you don’t have a monopoly on understanding the law. Far from it; and I wager that the police, prosecutors, and the judges have a much better understanding of the law than you do. Further, the jury, being emotionally removed from the situation, would be a much better arbiter of the facts that you could ever muster. Shalom!

    • No Jamaica is check the news coming from there they kill 7 persons a day including tourists go check it out……the people that did this were Spanish so just kool ….


    No visitor and no members of a community should apprehend fear in walking the community.

    If in broad daylight a visitor cannot traverse through the community unmolested, then something is radically wrong. It needs ‘PIPC’; Correct, not ‘Pepsi.’

    It shows a people lacking ‘…cohesion; …vigilance;…will; …unity and the courage’ in thwarting the efforts of the ‘…brazen criminal element’ within the community.

    It also shows a dire need for ‘…increased visibility of police personnel, as well as an inconspicuous presence’ of personnel within the community.

    Likened to the ‘…IG’s’ (Island Girls), it needs men with courage and height similar to waves encountered by these females in the tiny boat rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

    That said, it needs community involvement and ‘…Partnership In Preventing Crime (PIPC).’

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