Visiting Volleyball Teams complain about their accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda


Press Release

The Minister of Education and Sports is aware of the plight of several volleyball teams visiting for the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association’s Men’s Tournament.

The Ministry wishes to make clear that ALL teams are guests of the Antigua and Barbuda Volleyball Association that is expected to provide the visitors with suitable accommodation.

However, acknowledging the negative impact the situation can have on the country, the Hon. Daryll Matthew has intervened and has instructed the organisers to make alternative living arrangements for the teams during their stay on the island as a matter of urgency.

Despite the development, Minister Daryll Matthew wishes all participating teams every success in the tournament.

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  1. Sound like a Labour supporter trying to make some quick money. Last minute paint job and no ventilation. Advantage!

  2. Really bad look for Antigua. The PM needs to personally step in, apologize and make this right.

  3. this is alarming! How can they put people up under these conditions? Some comrade is making a quick buck with this situation!

  4. Where is Wilbour Harrigan, the president for life? Ever since they put cheese in his mouth during the NOC debacle, we haven’t heard a peep from him.

    • He is the problem……this is not a ministry or government matter. The volleyball association is solely responsible for this matter due to poor management and planning

    • I always heard Jo Jo complaining about the Volleyball Association not having elections, hope there will fresh elections this time around. Time for him to go. Shameful. Come to the public and explain Wilbur Harrigan.

  5. That is how we as Black People treat other Black People. If they were WHITE PEOPLE,they would be given much better Hotel Accommodations. We need to treat ourselves better so that we learn to treat others the same,BETTER. Look at the filth around where the players were sitting on the side of the street.I am from Antigua.A dey me barn and grew up.Antigua in my days of living there was always clean.We had persons back then who took the time and dignity to clean their surroundings. Where did we go wrong? Since when we as a people got so nasty?

    • Blackman you spot on! Antigua has always been known for its hospitality, that is why we became the festival island. This contempt for our own black people is new and clearly trickling down from those whom we have raised up to top positions. Harrigan would never have his white visiting teams placed in that shxxty place.

  6. The Grenadian team will be victimized for speaking out. They have embarrassed the President of volleyball for life. So the best thing from the Grenadians to do is to pack up and leave ASAP.
    Jackie please note this is not a political issue ,it is the volleyball association at fault. Now it is out there as if it’s the fault of the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda.
    Mr. Wilbur Harrigan, I believe that you have given to basketball yeoman’s service and it’s time to give way to a younger and more energetic person. I know the answer is going to be who? Drop dead tonight and this very tournament will continue and the sport of volleyball will do you proud sir. You have done well , ran the race and it’s now time to take a back seat and enjoy. Don’t be a Robin.

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