Vision for Change: Investing in Our Youth Will Shift Mindsets and Culture to Empower our Nation.



Vision for Change: Investing in Our Youth Will Shift Mindsets and Culture to Empower our Nation.

The decisions we make today will undoubtedly determine outcomes for our nation and our people for years, decades, and centuries to come. Politics as we know it must therefore be continuously challenged. New voices must emerge and new ideas implemented as communities become more independent in their thoughts and actions.


But independent communities will only emerge if we redefine the systems to reflect our people, culture, and history, particularly among the youth.


This will require many actions including constitutional reform, challenging and unlearning what we have accepted as norms to this point and retiring antiquated systems that stagnate our growth and development.


Invest in Our Youth to Empower The Nation


Our youth must not only be heard but empowered, if we want to realize societal shifts towards independence. The prosperity of the youth is driven by mental, relational, educational, and financial liberation. They must receive the education, training and tools to shift and grow their mindsets so that they can embark on a sustainable path of prosperity.


Our youth are the future of Antigua and Barbuda; therefore, it is crucial that our society provides a range of options for them to expand their horizons. Additionally, there should always be two or more viable political parties to ensure the protection of our democracy and political freedom.


Youth empowerment is the foundation of civic engagement and nation building. When activities such as youth-led media, youth councils, youth activism and involvement in community decision-making are integrated into our culture, it cultivates vital skills, and a sense of responsibility and confidence. These are all elements that are critical in becoming productive and healthy adults and future leaders.



Courage is contagious. A critical mass of brave leaders is the foundation of an intentionally courageous culture. Every time we are brave with our lives, we make the people around us a little braver and our organizations bolder and stronger.” -Dr. Brené Brown



The Fundamentals of Prosperity, Success and Transformation


In the book Why Nations Fail, writers Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson often refer to a nation’s success and transformation in the following ways:


  1. Prosperous nations and societies are typically byproducts of insightful, deliberate leadership and planning;


  1. Political and economically inclusive institutions maintain a culture of progress – an incentive to work, create and be a part of opportunities that are equally and impartially to all;


  1. Mutual destruction, whoever has the most power will influence the direction of a nation;


  1. What is done at critical or crucial junctures, meaning decisions made in moments when a new era is on the horizon. The world and, by extension, Antigua and Barbuda is in such a place presently.


Harnessing the Talents of Our Youth


Throughout history, revolution and reformation, the youth carried the mantle, supported by the more the experienced and influential in society. Recognizing the need for gaps to be filled, the UPP Progressive Youth Organization is being introduced as a “think tank to harness the talents of the youth.”

This organization is committed to developing and nurturing self-reliant youth and creating sustainable spaces to attract Antigua and Barbuda’s most brilliant young minds. Here, they can share ideas and advocate for youth interests at constituent, national, regional, and international levels.


Herein lies the next generation of Accountants, Anglers/Fisherfolk, Farmers, Business Professionals, Diplomats, Doctors, Investors, Lawyers, Professors, Politicians, Philanthropists, Sailors/ Mariners, Scientists, Social Innovators, and Regional & Global citizens.


The Youth Mission


We invite the youth from every community to join us in exploring solutions. Let us commit to doing the work to address existing and emerging issues affecting the Youth and Society. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on our collective journey to build the Antigua and Barbuda we deserve and envision for ourselves as future leaders.


“If Not Us, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?”. Theodore Roosevelt 26TH President of the United States


Best regards,


UPP Progressive Youth Executive Members

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  1. I love the idea! You’ll MUST come together and brainstorm, network for the greater good(Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA) and not the lesser evil politics and politicians.

    In particular, I love the phrase, “and retiring antiquated(me goh say #ANTIGUATED) systems that stagnate our growth.

    I would be lovely, if the conference is virtual and interactive. There are youths who live in other parts of world of Antiguan/Barbudan Heritage who I’m sure would love to participate. I know my daughter would love to view this.

    More positive powers to #YOUth!
    Come to think of it, leave the political party’s out of this, as in, if not this General Election, then prepare several INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, support them and you will eventually have #YOUr own REPRESENTATIVE(S), in the Parliament representing your interests. Asot Michael is a good PHILANTHROPIST with allegedly big monies, at the ready to help retire those areas in, of The Antiguated Systems which are and will continue to stagnate #YOUr growth as #YOUths!

    Drop a link to the Forum!


  2. This is a great concept. I am always impressed when young people can form their own independent opinions and demand the future that they want for themselves. Change will come if we empower our youth!

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