Visa free travel for citizens of Guyana to the UK


Citizens of Guyana will no longer require visas to travel to the United Kingdom as of November 9. 

The decision comes as Guyana’s global importance rise given its growing oil and gas export capacity.

United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, Jane Miller, made the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday morning.

She said Guyanese would no longer need visas for up to six months. However, those who would like to stay much longer, work or study would need a visa.

Miller said that the abolition of the visa requirement is a “real sign” of the growing UK- Guyana relationship

President Irfaan Ali, who was at the press briefing, told reporters that while London has indicated that there would be no special security screening for Guyanese, he is urging nationals not to abuse the process, noting that a lot of hard work had gone into the United Kingdom agreeing to the decision.

The World Bank has projected Guyana’s gross domestic product will increase by nearly 50 per cent this year and foreign investment has skyrocketed since American supermajor ExxonMobil and an international consortium found commercial oil and gas deposits off of Guyana 2015.

Jamaica is now one of a few CARICOM countries whose citizens require a visa to visit the UK.

Guyana is a republic.

– The Associated Press and the CMC contributed to this report.

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  1. UK needs oil now and so quid pro quo. Jamaica don’t have no oil so they still suck salt when it comes to traveling to the UK. Money run things in this world. If Antigua had oil we would not need USA visa.

  2. And only because of Guyana’s 🇬🇾 current vast oil reserves; in addition, the UK is about to go into a major recession, the pound £ has tanked against the US Dollar $ and they also have a lame duck Prime Minister in tenure, with Liz Truss at the helm.

    Guyana should say thanks, but no thanks, because at the time that the UK put in place their Visa restrictions, the Guyanese were totally ignored when they asked the British not to be put in place in the first instance.

    The UK citizens are now suffering from a tired third term from their current government.

    My fellow country men and women of Antigua beware, and be on the qui vive of an awful third term of ABLP governance …


    • Oh, by the way, for the ABLP generational supporters, like @ PETE, JIM B, FROM THE SIDELINE, DAVE RAY, SMH AND OTHER LIKE-MINDED GASTON BROWNE APOLOGISTS “qui vive” means “look out” …

      Remember, Brixtonian doesn’t only discuss and debate … I also educate! 😉

  3. “De pirates coming, they coming again. Ah say de pirates coming, they coming with spite. And de Morgans killing again, de Drakes roaming again, and the Barclays slaving again, oh what a shame!” – Smarty Junior “Pirates”.

    Guyana, nuh drop you guard when it come to dem kinda people. Years now dem try kip you outta dem country, but because you find likkle crude oil dem suddenly want fu fren up. Watch yuself Guyana!

      • Why should foreigners stay in Antigua and live like dogs when they can go home and live like kings and sultans? Don’t lump me in with UPP; I’m an old PLM man.

        • @Mr Byam…. UPP and PLM ah de same subben and fu you hated ah fariners nah none different from UPP. Me only hope you nah have none picknee dat lib inna England or Merika. Because dem dey too ah fariner!

          • The nazis are marching across Europe and America again. The safest place for Antiguans is Antigua. The ALP has turned Antigua into Haiti, so it’s only natural for the foreigners to leave for greener pastures like Guyana. All dem bird man will lose dem woman to the coolie hair man with de oil money.

  4. @Brix…I am simply one of those you cant fool with your rhethoric. Just like Just Saying spew ALP you spew UPP rhethoric. or maybe my head is just too hard to be educated.

    • I’m not trying to fool anyone boss, I just wonder why you support a government that doesn’t want to see Antiguans make any headway in life.

      You seem to like your fellow citizens suffer … I don’t!

      Answer me this @ ., can you explain how Gaston Browne has made so much money since coming into office?

      I’m sure that if you have some semblance of thought or any critical thinking, even you can’t be happy with that?

      Your response sir …

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