Visa-Free Access To Serbia


Antiguans and Barbudans will soon be able to enjoy visa-free access to the Republic of Serbia, that country’s Foreign Affairs Minister has said.

“My government, last Friday, unilaterally decides to introduce a visa-free regime for holders of Antigua and Barbuda passports,” Ivaca Dacic announced here recently.

Based on information on its official government website the Republic of Serbia is a democratic state.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. With a population of 1,576,124 million, it is the country’s administrative, economic and cultural centre.

Serbia also wants Antigua and Barbuda to establish an embassy in the country.

Dacic offered “all the support needed’ to make this a reality.

The minister said he hope this would happen soon.

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  1. “Antiguans and Barbudans will soon be able to enjoy visa-free access to the Republic of Serbia.”- Really!?!? – Because Antiguans, really throw box money and take off the first 2 weeks before carnival to go to Serbia. Smh…. Canada and The US are gone… these other random countries are just political rhetoric.

    No one had thousands of $$$ and time to catch connecting flights to these random countries and stay in hotels for 2 weeks since no family members live in Russia or Serbia or Ukraine…or Andorra(?) or Faroe Islands. But hey maybe I’m wrong.

    These place have been visa free for Antiguans for years. The fact is we don’t care. They are not practical. Unlike our extremely rich prime minister and his son who is about to have his hand in the people’s money being a politician in Antigua, our money is not ‘long’ enough to take such exotic trips that require multiple flight legs.

    What mattered to Antiguans were visits to family and friends in the US and Canada because honestly thats all we could afford if any. So thanks, but no thanks to Serbia and Ukraine. We have nobody to beg logging in these countries.

    But Mr Prime minister and your family, you enjoy these trips and send us lots of pics. Us Government workers will be back here working and not getting paid.

    Then again maybe travel luxuries are for the ‘new age’ Antiguans and barbudans who otherwise couldn’t get to these countries on their national passport and have now purchase Antigua passport. Maybe that’s who you guys were talking about when you say Antiguans. The paid ones not the born ones. Please be specific because Born Antiguans get no benefit from this foolishness.

    • idk im sure its political but we are not all yard fowls in Antigua. Some of us actually do want to go out and see other places, other than US and England so this is great news

      • There are way more than one antiguan in Serbia, it’s not because you don’t know doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. I myself wanted to go there and visit the antiguans here, my friend mum went to visit him while he was in Serbia. Try again

  2. This government really desperate
    Next visa free country for Antiguan’s will be North Korea
    The pm acting like he don’t care bout Canada but his actions show different
    How come we need visas to go to Africa? That is what alp should be working on

    • chups, which Antiguan going to Africa, If you want to go to Africa, we don’t need visa for South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Botswana, Gambia, Tanzania, Cape verde and ever Tunisia enjoy ur trip.

  3. This is really great news and the super-majority of Antigua’s appreciate this kind gesture from Serbia. It seems weird that anybody here would be criticizing the fact that we have one more country that is Visa-Free for our Antigua passport. What is wrong with that?

    I look forward to visiting Serbia using my Antigua passport and we should open an Embassy in Serbia ASAP, because that part of Europe is really fast growing economically (if people in Antigua read the news, they would know that).

  4. Ive lived in Serbia over 5 yrs and its nice to see small hurdles such as visa requirements slowly being eliminated. One more country on the list and even better Serbia. Antiguans can now travel to all (western) Balkan countries without visa…. along with the rest of Europe we can already see 🙂 this makes our passport one of the strongest in the Caribbean.

    This probably means nothing to the typical Antiguan who only travel to the North America and England to spend their year savings in two week, or who because of fear doesn’t even travel.

    It would be great if the officials can follow up with different initiatives for Antiguans to travel and get educated about all these countries that are have opened their borders to us.

    well done!

  5. Some of you need to check facts before you post comments. Serbia has NOT previously been visa free to Antiguans as Eonald Payne alleges. Half of you don’t know either world geography OR know how to keep your foot out of your mouth. Fact: you can get flights with only one stop from Antigua to Serbia for around the same and often less than the cost of a flight to Barbados or St. Maarten. The ones who aren’t interested in traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, who only want to fly to London, Toronto and New York can keep going there. The rest of us will enjoy globetrotting and enriching ourselves. BTW – Serbia has offered multiple scholarships to Antiguan students. Who have not only attained a quality university degree and learned a new language, but utilized the gateway for cheap and fun European travel.

  6. Get visa free access to Siberia and Mongolia next. Then we can set a record to be first in many things.
    Just pratying that those countries are not racists as the States appear to be.

    • At least even they are racist,we are not intending to live there,at least not the majority of us.Although racist,they could see the need to give us Visa Free access-regardless that some may think its not important,its the principal that matters.Yet a country that we have enjoyed visa free access with ever since i knew myself,has seen it fit to reverse that trend.In their eyes everyone else are terrorist, Money launderers,Drug Pusher’s and Crooks,except them. They are the only straight laced nations on earth,yet they control 90% of the world’s wealth. How the heck did they achieve it? Is it that they are more blessed than everyone else or they are extremely lucky? I fail to think it’s either.

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