VIDEO: Woman says Officer Esprit never made break on her, apologizes


Melissa Benjamin was asked to apologize to the officer for social media. She was found guilty of all charges and fined $1600 in total. If she fails to pay by Dec 30 she will spend 6 months in jail.



  1. I hope this young woman has learned that it is never right to accuse people of wrongdoing, particularly of a sexual nature, knowing fully well that the officer NEVER propositioned her and that he was simply doing his job.

    I hope it also serves as bitter lesson to all of the bandwagonists who were quick to run with this lady’s story and besmirch officer Esprit’s good name. It is always wise to trust, but verify before making pronouncements based on one person’s version of events.

  2. They need to do this more often. Too many people think they can say anything they wish, even defame persons, without consequences

  3. Poor non-national. Who knows who lied? I do think however with her confession, she has earned her keep in Antigua.

  4. Ohhh wooow finally because she was lying that he use to try get eith her,this woman behave so disgraceful I can’t believe it’s only 1600 should fine 5000 for the way she acted stupid,an dragging the officer name trying tarnish his reputation smh

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