VIDEO: Woman says 15-year-old ran to her for protection after being chopped by masked teen gang yesterday


A woman who rescued an Old Road teen from the machetes of a teen gang is speaking out.

The woman who was at work at the time recalls when the bleeding teen fell into her lap.

She later recalls seeing a gang of masked teenagers armed with cutlasses and stones.

This has led her to make an impassioned plea to parents.

Listen to the full story here:







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  1. find all a them an lock them up for life they start too Early police need to lock them up. they should never see day light again

  2. It takes a village to raise a child. As a nation and that includes all of us, we really need to wrap our minds and make a collective effort to solve this problem of our wayward and violent youth. We are loosing our future to death, prison and possible debilitating injuries. This is not an ABLP, UPp or DNA problem. This is an Antigua and Barbuda problem so we all must lean forward to solve this so as not to loose our future.

  3. ANR, please revise this headline. The headline, as listed infers the lady was being attacked, and the teenager came to her aide. Perhaps insert the word “for” before the word “protection”.

  4. What is happening to these young people all of a sudden? Is it a repercussion of the bill-gates-want-to-depopulate-the-world vaccine that the pm forced on people? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  5. Jamaica is talking about the possibility of reintroducing capital punishment, I think Antigua should also be looking to go down that road.

  6. Everyone so concern about where incident happened really people. A young man almost lost his life by the hands of your young criminal minds. Stop shielding the criminal they are too you yo be going down that road. Some of you adults not going to get serious until it happens to you. Talk to you all children because plenty of you will be burying them soon.

  7. The problem is rooted in the kind of families they are coming out of, they find solace in gang affiliation because home may not be a safe or welcoming place. We have lost our way and wandered far from God, we need to go back to him so that with repentance and prayers our land is healed from moral degeneration , no repect for God , parents and themselves.

    • Elizabeth. Long time haven’t heard or seen your comments.
      I agree 100% with your views. In my views parents should be held accountable for the children they raise. Why should I pay so much attention to raising good children who will be law abiding citizens? Not to be a menace to society. We do not live in an animal kingdom. This is not the Law of the Jungle. Kill or be killed. We claim to live in a lawful society and are governed by laws.

    • @Elizabeth Taylor….At this juncture, in Our CRIME FIGHTING tactics, plans, execution of crime fighting plans, through ACTION PLAN, all CRIMINALS, #WHO’RE a part of any gang, order be they those sanctioned orders members comit White Collar Crimes from forgery to embezzlement to treason, and come from nice, decent two parents home MUST be addressed too.
      While, the Street Thugs are creating Mayhem in the streets, the polyester, tie wearing White Collar Crooks must be addressed as well.
      Crime is Crime! Focusing on one aspect and ignoring the other, is prejudicial.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  8. The solution is simple. Anyone young or old who goes around with guns and other weapons, anyone who breaks into homes and businesses, anyone who drives getaway car, anyone who walking around holding up people….

    when they catch them, they should just chop both their hands off one time. Problem solved.

    No possibility of repeat offending. Can’t pull trigger no more, can’t chop nobody children, can’t open people window and break in no more. Can’t drive around stealing no more. Problem solved permanently.

  9. The proper and consistent use of prophylactics, proper sexual education from an early school age, voluntary and free surgical and nonsurgical sterilization for both males and females would have prevented those savages from being conceived.

    I guarantee they are the product of an impoverished single parent household. Some male children raised by a single mother suffering from low self-esteem, living in poverty without any positive male role models are always overly emotional, lack proper conflict resolution skills and exhibit toxic masculinity traits, especially if they are raised in an environment where care and nurturing is absent. Unfortunately, the majority do not become career criminals, some mature into psychopaths hiding behind the professional careers of Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers and Politicians.

    I am unapologetically a proud eugenicist; some should never have been born. Their only purpose is to create pain and suffering to those who are making a meaningful contribution to the human species and planet Earth. Surviving an encounter with them will not make you a better person, it will only make one situationally aware and overly cautious with possible lingering PTSD. Only God forgives and I am not God.

    • @Nothing If you’re a proud eugenist then you’re no better than these “savages” because you show the same disrespect for human life that they do. All human life should be regarded as valuable. Thus, society should not give up on children. Ways and means can be found to redirect at risk children from following the wrong path. If children from single parent households are more likely to go bad it’s likely because they feel the disdain people like you direct towards them and their family, making them angry, and ready to lash out at society. So, the problem could be you.

  10. Could listen to the senseless rambling, but I will agree our children are out of control. We as parents need to do better. Children having children does not help, sparing the rod does not help either…

  11. Wait till they play with the wrong person child and ppl start fly in antigua. Dominican and Haitian don’t play by there children

  12. One must wonder at the similarities between Antigua and the rest of the world? There seems to be an explosion of crime worldwide. Why?
    Several experts have postulated that the Covid-19 jab would have cause neurological disorders in the long term but it seems to have started sooner.
    There are factors affecting the youths like high unemployment and the abuse of Marijuana but when combined with the jab, it is really a recipe for disaster.
    Just such a disturbing trend.

  13. Marning! Good morning to everyone.
    My name is Vere Cornwall Edwards…I have family from Mill Reef to Yorks to Old Road!

    I have no doubt, that it’s time to charge teenagers from twelve to eighteen, and even if they’re younger, say 8 to 12 years old, and you are a part of, any such group, that commits, such crimes MUST be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER. No if’s, and’s nor but’s.

    Again, I, Vere Cornwall Edwards will never condone children, be they any family member, my son who lives there, is to old and in the 2000’ as his teenage years, he would dare not.

    Yes, Parents or Guardians MUST DO THEIR DUTY,
    but, the authorities MUST act too!
    We need a jail built on REDONDA. Family members can visit virtually daily for 1 hour with approved reservations. Once per week, weather permitting, a boat will make the trip for physical visits.
    The jail would have a store where supplies can be bought.
    The work force will make artwork, pottery, clothes, carpentry making cabinets etc for government properties. Road/street signage will be made by those in jail…
    They have to pay for their stay and rehab in the Prison.

    Gaston Browne, you and the present ABLP, Ruling arm of, the ABLP government MUST act, push the Judiciary like you’re pushing for the St. Mary’s South Seat, for phat-fat ass Samantha. Push the Judiciary like your pushing, the US State Department and the Maritime Courts, after confiscating, and now selling the Alfa Nero, at auction on Friday June 16th; because, as you say, the docked Alfa Nero may, again, may damage the harbor, port, seas and pristine coastline. Well Mr. PM, this has not happened, as of yet, and you have confiscated the Alfa Nero, Gangsta stule(BEWARE of A CYBER ATTACK – the Russians just don’t use guns and bombs. They’re amongst the best, in the CYBER WAR GAME. Again Mr. Gangsta “#Red_Shut” PM, Top_Dawg, as them call you, just like you think the Alfa Nero would damage the Harbour, our youths are damaging our culture, let me repeat, the youths are damaging our culture, just like you have used the Judiciary to INSTANTLY SELL the Alfa Nero, Mr. Gangsta PM #RED_SHUT or whatever COLOR, or ATTITUDES are propelling these youths, in this NEGATIVE DIRECTION, go to the JUDICIARY, amend the laws, ANY SUCH CRIME MUST BE TREATED. as an ADULT CRIME and the perpetrators charged as ADULTS.

    This is ridiculous now, not for ANTIGUA.
    Again, you do the CRIME, you pay the PRICE and TIME.

    These CRIMES, attacking others with “cutlass and stones,” is a part of the VIGILANTISM which I, VERE CORNWALL EDWARDS, bastard(Bailey, Ashe, Lake, Severn, Brodie, Friday, etc)., says, to any of my family who commits, these acts of violence, can be proven beyond, the shadow of a doubt, that you’ve GUILTY, please enjoy your stay, in jail/prison. I will not be visiting, nor communicating. The behavior of these children is way out of control now. Whether one or two, it doesn’t matter. Enough is Enough!


    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard
    Vere Cornwall Edwards

    • @Ras Smood, I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that the jab has been shown to affect a certain part of the brain — The ones whose barriers have been breached are not going to act normal.
      Gluten causes leaky gut and leaky brain making it easy for mRNA/LNP to cross the BBB. We are looking at the beginnings of a medical catastrophe.

      • @Sugarapple…Plain & Simple, if all this #Kill_Jab, to #Kill_Gates, to #HUEman Depopulation, to inferior medical treatments, medicines, psychological warfare, Tic_Tok Artificial Influencers, Jamaica Posse Influence, American G_Unit to #Black_Gorillas to any and everything, to include “lack of parental guidance,” why aren’t these street street thugs turning their weapons on each other?
        If, they’ve gone crazy, mad, insane, turn the weapons on yourself and commit a Jack Kevorkian, Kamakazee or be like the “herd of swine,” and jump over Devils Bridge during, a Category 5 or Category 6 Hurricane. I bet you, a “two-pence Hairpnee, they won’t.
        Do I get a bet? You’re the Doctor and Psychologist…
        Sugar apple, they need to be brought under Community Control, by the Law, if the parents/guardians won’t.

        The alleged behavior, of these TEENAGERS and TWEENAGERS must not be tolerated in public, nor in private. VIOLENCE is VIOLENCE.

        Again, take the Jail/Prison and REHAB PENAL Institution, to REDONDA. They can be ferried to Antigua or Barbuda as part of their Work Release Program!

        The “BLAME GAME” is no longer our solution, to the CRIME EQUATION and what it’s equal to which at this juncture, it’s bodering Mayhem, compared to, The Way We Were – Antigua STYLEE! We can, and must change, the components in the equation, to get the required results.

        Solving CRIME, or at least curtailing it MUST be done by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, not the TRIAL & ERROR Method. You’re a knowledgeable of these facts.

        Go well and rest easy!
        These thugs GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.
        DO NOT PASS GO!

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards.

  14. Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    I watched this video and this lady addressed the situation better than Gaston, Cutie and Atlee.
    Kudos to this lady

  15. Governance matter, and rules matter. Why a place like the United Arab Emirates have one of the lowest crime rates in the word? Because they are ruled with strict laws that carry strict penalties. Call it what you may, but they don’t have young people running around chopping up one another with machetes, or young ladies getting raped in broad day light. Stop following the west, and look towards the east for your morals Antigua.

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