VIDEO: U.S police called to resolve domestic dispute with Antigua Soca Monarch


Police in the United States are investigating a domestic dispute involving Soca Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda, Rudolph Albert.

The singer whose stage name is Low Rider said he had an argument with his wife and her 21 year old son and another child intervened, assaulting him.

The “fish dance” singer said he retaliated in self defence. Police were called into a ransacked house to investigate the incident.

In the video the singer gives his version of events.


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  1. That’s his business! Shocking that one would want to broadcast a family/domestic situation like this all over social media. But from his explanation, it seem like the pot in that home was always on high heat, ready to boil over. It can happen to anyone; but I am just saying….

    • He didn’t have to use all that foul language. He made things worse for himself. But anyway he said he didn’t care about going to jail, so…

  2. Leave Dem Americans alone. Man or woman. He say one thing wrong – America no good. America is good, Americans……

  3. And just the other day he was showing her off on social media. Leave them yankee girls alone sometimes I don’t feel sorry for y’all men at all they ain’t no good even their men say that..

  4. He didn’t have to use all that foul language. He made things worse for himself. But anyway he said he didn’t care about going to jail, so…

  5. Editor of ANU.In my opinion a warning should have been given.Rated R for contents.

    If America is not good.Get your behinds out of it.Why so many swear words in that video,ANR.

    • The man is free to express how he feels. Ent you just did likewise?? If he ameriKKKa nah good, why you letting it bother u? You missing your food stamps or Section 8? Keep out of husband and wife story.

      • I have never received anything from any Government,anywhere. What are food stamps and section 8.I worked and paid a tax bracket of 35% to the Federal Government. So you damn forward speaking to me about food stamps and section 8.

        • Woah! You squealed real loud and long babes. Ain’t no shame to your game if you get yo food stamps and Section 8. Hold strong until you can stand on your own 2 feet bases.

    • But ayru watch J’Truth videos where every ohther word is a swear word and then says he is real smh

  6. People a comment yes yet u speak of the language ….U act like when Antiguans no anger it no just shoot out ……..also how many Caribbean kids living with their parents still all old horses….so big No Low rider.

    • De man say he nar tolerate no violation. Just because he on their “turf” doesn’t mean he should tolerate BS

  7. Which one ah unnu would stand quiet and see a man hit your mother and just do nothing? He also stated he threw the aloe at/on her. He lucky he didn’t get a 9mm and dem bring him body back ah Antigua.

  8. These are the type of guys Àntiguans look up ..I would’ve locked his ass up for just sounding like a illiterate fool .

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