VIDEO: Trevor Walker Storms Out Of Parliament During Barbuda Cessation Debate


In case you missed it, here’s the moment Trevor Walker walked out of parliament on Thursday.

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  1. Bachanal! They’re all a bunch of self empowered through government enrichers. They will never be held accountable for their schemes. One go down. They all go down. A bunch of narcisist. What a government!

  2. Why is Trevor running away from what the people elected him to do? TREVOR WALKER is the one who wants to break away so why is he running away? Stay! Fight for your people! Why COWER when it matters?? This “man” just proves what a WHIMP and TOOTHLESS TIGER he really is. It is one thing to publicly declare “I WAS BORN RACIST” but quite another to be a COWARD!!!!!

    Surely he has plans for when he becomes Premier of Barbuda. Surely he plans to continue developing Barbuda as he did during 2004-2014.

    • This is such a low blow. Do you all have any idea how it feels to be sitting in a Parliament, you alone facing down the diabolic and maniacal onslaught of the Labour relentless machinery which would stop at nothing to see your home obliterated in return for a few more million dollars that their greedy hands already possess? Try being Trevor for a minute, with that pack of verminous dogs barking at you from across the aisle, not caring whether the accusations they levy at you are true or false, as long as they beat you into submission. He did the right thing to leave before he said or did something he would later regret.
      In order to put their grubby fingers on Barbuda land, this administration is prepared to sink to the lowest low to deliver what was promised or already paid for by PLH. Matters are coming to a head where very soon Antigua and Barbuda will not be able to withstand the putrefaction that is being unleashed on the citizens by this administration. Something’s got to give.

      • If he can’t take the heat, get the hell out the fire. We all know the routine. Trevor will sue and nothing will come of it because there’s either truth to it or it will open another can of worms.

        Issue is if Robin really saw it then he should’ve said something then (or maybe he did…I don’t know), and get it all in the open.

    • Trevor is running away because he will never be caught on record to have voted for cessation. He will be absent for the vote. He did that before on a very important bill. He is very smart and knows these votes are historical records.

  3. Indeed it was a high spirited debate.. It seems as though Mr. Walker’s presentation began to be a thorn in the skins of the ABLP parliamentarians. The chronological facts that Walker presented during the debate was very agitating…. Clearly, Robin took some things personal to the point where he retaliated and chose to take it to another level, which was certainly uncalled for……The sitting speaker (L. Benjamin)showed a degree of biasness…. What was said by Robin in reference to the “taking up of the bag” had no bearing on the debate. Subsequently, the speaker again had no right to tell Mr. Walker that he was forewarned and hence if he lives in a glass house dont throw stones or else…….I am sure if Mr. Watts was the sitting speaker at that moment, Robin would be stopped in his tracks… Robin was rude and disrespectful!!


    • @Bluddy Bloke, I have been following individuals’ comment for years about these tyrants. Yes, I know you are a staunch supporter of such but let me say that I am very proud that you stood forth and expressed truth about what you heard, saw, and what should have been done. Bluddy Bloke, there is hope for you yet!

  4. I support Barbuda…..

    If Robin is upright why not go to the police with the information?

    Must be ABLP play book similar thing Asot did to the Chief Magistrate.

  5. What is wrong with this Trevor guy? Sir Robin just let him know the Parliament knows there is more to this Trevor than may be known by others. Sis Robin simply spoke the truth. Trevor is a real TRUMPite, a hard nosed capitalist, with a mouth that could use a little taming. He appears to be one temper-driven fella, or am I misunderstanding??? First impressions can be wrong, I know, so I reserve final judgement. Some say he’s a big Christian. Not from the way he conducted himself today. Can’t see it.

  6. So the man was to stay and take pussy salad telling lies on him, while mocky duck did nothing? Walker should have played the tapes of salad, giant malt and the man from dry hill discussing how they rip off the people of Antigua

    • Yes, he should keep his tail right there in Parliament and represent he interests of his people. From this day forward he shall be known as BROWN BAG TREVOR, THE RUNNER!!! Shame.

  7. Question:-
    Why the UPP up to now cant train the Hon. Jamal Pringle to do a proper debate. The guy was just an embarassment yesterday. Even 6 graders could do a better job than MP Pringle. I realky believe Harold Lovell and the chairwoman of the party setting up the young man to fail.🤦🏾‍♀️

    • @ Chupz….I am certainly not a fan of Jamal Pringle but in my view I think his debating skills is improving…… His articulation is not bad and he his now displaying alot more confidence in his delivery…. He is also projecting his voice alot better…. His research material though, perhaps need to be improved upon…. It is obvious that the educational dunces of the UPP party, who should be considered as his colleagues are not giving him the required help that he really needs…. Be that as it may, let’s wish him the best inspite of the fact he will continue to fight a losing battle against the ABLP giants…



  9. I watched that video a day ago.It was not funny at all.It is the worst behavior.I have ever seen in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda.It was despicable to say the least.In my opinion that should not be allowed to happen by the Speaker of the House and or the Deputy Speaker of the House.There has to be some levels of respect among the Members of Parliament inside that House.On the political platforms all hell could break out.It is open fair game.I have seen officials slug it out in Parliament type settings around the world.Just hoping we do not see that in Antigua and Barbuda.Those who are in control insideof Parliament,must be in control.No more of that crap.There are too many serious matters to discuss.No time for petty bull crap.It does not not help the populace one way or the other.

    • Country first!! There is so much going on in Antigua and this is all these idiots could bring to the table???, all this personal attack should not be part of Parliament. But thief no love to see thief with brown bag and since robin knows his seat is a sure one he does and says as he pleases. Not forgetting there isn’t much moral leader ship in Antigua currently.
      The fact that pussy salad smiles like he just won the fight shows he is not ready for the war. If he was, this matter should have been address since he had the “evidence” to bring to the court long time! Such bloody behavior is for children in a sand box!! TELL NONE A DEM COME A MY YARD TO BEG FOR OUR VOTE!!

    What the Hell Jamale was presenting in Parliament ? What a BIG joke. These are the type of Persons UPP attracts. Jamale was reading from His LapTop and for some reason it was a DISASTER !!! UPP SARL.

    DRIFTWOOD just quit UPP. Something is wrong with UPP . I heard Shawn Nicholas is the next Person to quit UPP.

  11. Isn’t it true that Asot was also kicked out of the Parliament by the Speaker. Where is the news on that one? I’m awaiting the article. Asot sure seems to be making unnecessary trouble. He doesn’t drink, does he? Just asking. What’s really going on here.

  12. They all know what each one of them are accepting from the peoples APUA statutory Corporation. Don’t forget who was there first and who enabled the demise of the power plants way back when. So those couple of ministers whose portfolio APUA and Transport falls under are stinking rich today. Between the GoF and our politicians, the people A & B will continue to pay dearly for utility services and some bloggers who profess their love for country, justify/defend their actions. BUNCH AH WICKED SET AH CRIMINALS!

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