VIDEO: Taxi driver assaults AUA student with stick studded with nails


The Police are reportedly investigating an incident involving an American University of Antigua (AUA) student and a man described as a “gypsy-cab driver.”

A video in circulation has captured the incident, which reportedly occurred on the AUA campus, allegedly over an EC$25 dispute.

In the almost three-minute long video, the man is seen using a stick to strike another male, believed to be a student of the university, while telling him to “behave” himself several times.

At one point, the man uses the stick to knock the student’s I-phone 11 from his hand.

The victim of the beating alludes to having broken the stick, which reportedly had contained a nail, and the video shows blood on the student’s hand and lower arm.

He is also heard identifying the man with the stick as a taxi for female students. However, the license plate on the video shows that the silver Toyota minivan is registered as a commercial vehicle.

While the full details of what triggered the incident is not yet known, AUA’s Executive Dean of Pre-clinical Sciences, David Graham, has stated that the university is aware of “the very disturbing” incident that occurred on Saturday night, February 19, between “an AUA student and a local taxi operator.”

Graham said he was not in the position to share additional information, but assured students that the university and the relevant authorities are involved.

He added that AUA is providing support to the student and cooperating fully with the authorities.

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  1. Smh if this was a black person this taxi driver would a never done this, because he would a get his rass bus this is wrong regardless of the disagreement over taxi fare come on Mon,how can u take a board an just hitting someone like that this person need to press charge an this man need to get lisence taken away forever,that man just stood there taking the hits not fighting back an this taxi man refuse to stop hitting him
    If this was me I personally not taking that because I would a knock he out cold. Even wen he driving away you can see he almost reversed hitting him,now let’s see how this will be handled mmmm

  2. That vehicle is NOT licensed as a taxi. Taxi drivers will now carry the stigma, unfairly. All those C plate vehicles that are licensed as ‘commercial’ vehicles are a complete misnomer. At the time that the license plates were being changed Transport Board was warned, by me, as a Board Member at the time, that this was going to happen. Bonafide taxi operators have to have special permits to operate as fare carrying vehicles for passengers, they have to attend courses and be certified.
    The vehicles carrying C plates were meant to carry goods and initially were meant for vans and such like. The unfortunate thing is that the arm that should have designated the types of vehicles to be utilized for specific purposes was never utilized.
    Having said that, if between the two parties an agreed upon sum for the service rendered was to be paid, then if at the end, there is a disagreement, violence is definitely not the mechanism to be used to exact penalty.
    The AUA should impress upon their student bodies to only utilize properly certified vehicles and drivers to transport them. Vehicles should bear the license plates begining with TX.
    The authorities need to look into this practice as it is going to affect the bonafide taxi drivers.

  3. Is he a legitimate taxi driver? The vehicle does not have ‘TX’ plate. Clearly, the video clip does not explain the entire story; but his anger-management issues will certainly be his undoing.

  4. Accent huh!!! Antigua will never be the same because all these foreigners with their different cultural behavior has spoilt our peaceful nature.

  5. This white guy clearly provoked the driver and is not innocent. He thinks he owns this country and can treat people badly and deny them monies. Yes, the taxi driver overreacted but black people have been taking shit like this – including underpayment – from white people for hundreds of years. The white guy was clearly provoking the driver after belittling him.

    • I agree because he was being very cocky about it; my problem is though we have no standards in this country. We just claim all the unskilled immigrants and let them do whatever however. SMH!!

    • I totally in agreement with you because nobody knows what happened before the camera start rolling.. not only that you can clearly hear the man telling him to “behave his self” so apparently he did something and who to tell maybe he’s attacking the man first as well and the man he used to stick to defend itself

    • There is no white guy here. There isn’t even a legitimate taxi driver here. Whataboutery doesn’t cut the ice.

      Jail and /or deport his violent ass.

  6. This man must be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law! I was listening closely, the driver doesn’t sound Antiguan.

  7. The victim was very patient. Base on the fact the taxi driver’s use of force was neither reasonable or proportionate, I am sorry to say this but I probable would have already killed him.

    The man have not use any force upon you, the only reasonable force may have been a push, get out of my face and that too may not be reasonable. He was in public, walking what seems to be more than 4 feet away from him but next to him and what seems to be a manner that is not physically threatening to the taxi driver.

    Seeing this makes my blood boil. This taxi driver deserve nothing less than an arrest for assault and battery. And if convicted, be punished to the full extent.

    He is lucky it was not someone else who may have been justified in using deadly force without the need to retreat.

    That AUA student is really patient, he was be awarded for not killing that taxi driver when base on the law he could have defended himself and such defense could result in death.

    The force you see in the taxi man’s action to hit with all his might. He intended serious bodily injuries that he knows or should have known can result in death. Had death resulted.

    I do not know this taxi driver but my feelings for him is not too great and that I am upset about. He is bringing memories of me getting back home from school one evening and a gun man putting his loaded revolver to my head and robbing me, then taking me to my apartment, tied me up and took nearly everything in my apartment. This student has his bag and so forth and it seems as if he could not pay the $25 but the force used was not justified at all.

  8. How about the passenger should have paid their fare. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The passenger is wrong for evading the fare, and the operator is tired of being stiffed. A lot of these students bring their bad behavior to the Caribbean and they need to be held accountable. Both should have been arrested for breaking the law.

  9. There goes our tourism industry smh rather worse the taxi man not from Antigua. Am CNN and BBC news ABC news and MSNBC news will take a swipe at us for this stupid taxi man’s actions.
    Imagine we are just rebounding from a 2 year Covid19 drought in tourism and now this smdh

  10. There’s more in the mortar, than the pestle!

    I was listening, to some clips of Comedian George Carlin. I love his take on white people, people of lighter hues #fear’! There’s only one, just listen to George on the Mr. Dick Syndrome.

    As for this incident, while this clip clearly shows anger, on both sides!
    Yes, the individual with the stick/weapon showed ‘anger,’ at this point of the ENTIRE STORY. The other individual, from his constant statement, “for twenty-five EC,” also points to ‘anger’ even though it may have being subtle, as in refusing to commit to an agreement, verbal agreement’s are still legal. He refused to pay for a service, yes, the individual with the stick may have being conducting an illegal business, or was he? The driver can claim to be perform a ‘ride share service.’
    Was he the driver contacted by APP, phone, street solicitation?
    What of other(s) who do exactly what the driver is doing with the “C” plates/tags? Those at supermarkets, malls, stadium events, lumber yards etc.

    Did the individual being beaten with the stick, provoke the other person anger/reaction(s)?


    Taxi-Cabs need competition from a local…Ride-Share-App! Several Car Rental Companies(VERNON) should team up, and set up an APP and Link it to the VACATION PACKAGES!

  11. The taxi driver has been arrested a b d I hope that he is charged also for using a vehicle as hire when notclicensed for such. Also his status in Antigua/Barbuda should be checked. JAIL TIME AND DEPORTATION.

  12. We are always ready to broad brush our Caribbean brothers and sisters. We have white people coming here to do one Job and when their work permits are up stay around. White supporting whites and give them jobs they are not qualified to do. They are paid much more than our people that are qualified and experienced. We need to stop this now .

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