VIDEO: Spanish community leader responds to police handling of arrest of member


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  1. Tell these Spanish people to contain their dogs ok. Tell dem put dem pitbulls on a leash. Spanish people have zero behavior when dem drink dem rum.
    Control your bullshit and the police wouldn’t have a problem with you and your dogs.

    • Are you the PRO for the Police Department; why are you aggravating a bad situation? That’s really being insensitive.

    • He have the most to say I’m that voicenote it’s simple GO HEAD BACK A U GREAT COUNTRY!!!! KEEP IN MIND R U DOMINICANS NO LOVE ANYBODY R U A DE MOST RECIST CARIBBEAN NATION JUST LOOK HOW R U TREAT HAITIANS. and u all are a bunch of opportunists a bunch of users. The DR is such a great nation why flood our tiny island huh? Please tell me how many antiguans live in the DR ill wait. U all need are some disrespectful people who think that u all own no one explanation. R u come antigua and full up the place with whore house and obeah bars. HUMBLE R U SELF OR GO BACK A R U COUNTRY.

  2. Still waiting to hear what occured in the situation?
    I live in an area where there are quite a few Spanish speaking individuals. There are good and bad amongst all of us. No matter where we may come from, what strata of society we live in. Spanish people are very loud, very excitable, it is their nature. There is also the language barrier, when we do not know what are the import of your words.
    I have heard my neighbours ‘talking’ and felt like a fight was about to break out. They were just having a very animated conversation.
    It would have been better if the person in the video explained what was happening, what caused the police to become involved. Just like we have good people and bad people, the police are also people, but they are supposed to be trained to handle certain situations and if they act in an unprofessional manner, yes, we have every right to call them out on it. Do to so, however, there must be context.

  3. I know how this problem can be corrected. Most of you should return to DR, or vote for UPP. I assure you they will put things in place to rain in the unlawful behaviour of the police.

  4. Are they from SPAIN??? I believe the correct term ´to be used in the headline is ´Dominican Community. Or even Spanish-Speaking Community from the DR.

    • Of course they are NOT “Spanish”. They speak the “Spanish” languary but are Dominicans (DR). The Americans speak “English”, but they are NOT English. They are Americans. Duh!

  5. Very disappointed to see the xenophobia from Antiguans toward the people of the Dominican Republic. We are really one people. Antiguans don’t give the same energy to the Chinese or the Syrians or the white people here. I admire the Dominicans bcuz they are actual organized, courageous and they support each other. Unlike us Antiguans. The only difference between us and the people from DR is a boat stop and the white people who colonized the lands we was brought to. Again, we are one people. If police can handle somebody like that, it can happen to anyone. Police ain’t nothing but an organized, legal gang. Stop the chupidness.

  6. Mr.Martinez, I hope you realized the way your government and people treating Haitians in your country . Live in glass house ,don’t throw stones.

    • And just in case you know how Haitians treat Haitians in Haiti and DR?
      DR people don’t do in antigua what haitians do in DR
      In DR haitians have gangs they kill and eat people rape girls and women kill their bosses where they work
      In antigua in antigua the DR do not do that

    • The Spanish smaddy have killed over 300K Haitians in the DR. Then, they come to Antigua to riot. They have no respect for the rule of law.

  7. The guy said they come from a “great” (?) country!!! What countr y is that?????? What are you doing here then? Isn’t your “GREAT” country calling???? During your stay here try to fit in with the local culture, and not be so stand-offish! Remember, the law is for the lawless. You start bad mouthing the Antiguan people or the Antiguan authorities, including the police, you’ll be on the next boat to your “great” country, however, I’m not too sure they want you???? You’ve got some really great people here who are making a valuable contribution to the building of the New Antigua, but you’ve also got more than enough scamps and troublemakers. They make it bad fot everbody else.

  8. Plus, who made this guy “the leader” of the Spanish speaking community. From what I undestand the DR people don’t want him as a spokesperson. Please clarity.

  9. This Spanish pig just threatened the police! Where are the PC and the AG? Where is the useless Harold Lovell? All of these illegal criminals need to be deported.

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