Video shows tourists enjoying the beach Thursday as locals told to stay home


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  1. The government doesn’t need to close bars or restaurants, just enforce the law you have already passed and make everyone show their vaccination cards for entry. At the moment no business is checking, so those that don’t close down or fine, those that do can stay open simple

  2. That is one of the main reasons,Tourists come to Antigua. They come for the Beaches. Then you are telling them,when they arrived.The Beaches are closed. You are then killing your product.In my opinion the Beaches should not be closed at all.The Beaches are wide opened with lots of breezes blowing.The Market down by The Bridge is more dangerous than any Beach would ever be.Have you people seen the crowds at the Market on Saturdays? Have you seen the crowds on Friday evenings on Market Street? So why the Beaches are closed on Holidays? What is the MOTIVE?

    • I am in agreement with you, the beaches should not be closed. I think it is just stupidity to invite the tourist with the main campaign using the beaches and then you telling them that the beaches are closed. They obviously did not spend thousands of dollars to be locked up in a hotel room.

      Added to that, the sea water has been known for its healing properties. When we catch a cold we usually run to the beach for a fix.

  3. These lawbreakers must be charged. Foreigners are not above the local people, and must not be treated so. Come down on them hard!!!

    • Carol

      In what world or island you living? You need go back for more medication at the hospital because, the one you actually use not help you at all. You loose the habity of perception….poor of your parents.

  4. The law must be applied equally. If the beaches are closed on holidays, then it is closed to both tourists and residents alike. If what the video purported is true, then it was a flagrant violation of the law.

  5. Going to beach is NOT a crime no matter how you put it. Any law that prohibits people from accessing the beach is actually criminal. No human being should ever be barred from going to the beach. Madness. Let these people enjoy nature. Criminalizing people from enjoying nature is nothing short of evil. Local people should be calling BS on the law instead of calling the police on innocent people at the Beach. What a sick and depraved world.

  6. The issue here is the beaches are closed for Residents but open for tourists. It is wrong. The beaches should not have been closed but if there is a Law in the country all must abide not some and tourist at that because them white. If they are here and the beaches are closed for one day, so be it they were not going to spend overnight. It seem has if the law exclude residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. I may be wrong, but this looks like the part of Jolly Beach where the private homes are.. So is it tourists or home owners… and actually the beaches should be a place where it is easy to social distance for all.. Just my opinion..

  8. No videos of some locals on the beaches? Have no doubt there were a few who decided to go. Based on this video and knowing the hotels are basically full with tourists, its good to see that at least only a few tourists, perhaps unknowingly, breached our laws. Hotels need to be more to ensure their guests are properly informed. Recall the bacchanal last public holiday (June 29 at Old Silver Beach )when we had locals fighting on the beach

    • Tenman you always try to deflect and pull a red herring across the trail. Have not heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse?

  9. “Why these white rich people allowed to swim on the beach, but not us locals?” Simple, they’re NOT allowed!! They are breaking the law! If you want to go for a swim on the beach YOU CAN! You also would be breaking the law! Call the police if you want to. But don’t make this about class, money, nationality, or skin colour, because it has NOTHING to do with that!

  10. Rilieydog I hear you. However, there is really no distinction between tourists, residents or home owners on the beach (who are also residents). If the law says that no one should got to the beach on a holiday, then it applies to tourists and residents alike, even those residents who lives on the waters edge. An example will suffice. Prime Minister Gaston Browne lives on Jolly Beach and if he was seen swimming at the beach on a holiday when beach use is not allowed, he would be breaking the law. As to whether the police would arrest him for breaking the law that is another matter

  11. TENMAN what really is your point. It would have been better if you said nothing. Whether tourists or locals, the laws should not be breached. “Ignorantia juris neminem excusat” TENMAN so whether the tourists knowingly or unknowingly breach the law consequences should follow as they invariably do for locals.

    • “its good to see that at least only a few tourists, perhaps unknowingly, breached our laws. Hotels need to be more to ensure their guests are properly informed.”

      Why ask questions already answered, unless its your plan to as usual make melee(go find real work to do):

      • TENMAN Ras SMOOD has most appropriately answered your nonsense. Stop your ridiculous vacillation and don’t find excuses for wrongdoing. I am not an Antiguan who does not go to the beach. People who know me will tell you I go to the beach almost every day. When the beach is closed on a holiday I therefore feel like a fish out of water. Your comrade BEEF will tell you that one holiday when the beach was closed I went to Sandals prepared to get arrested if any tourists were swimming because I would be swimming as well. JUST TAKE A BREAK FROM SPINNING YOUR NONSENSE. If the beaches are closed no one should be allowed to go swimming, not even your WORL BOSS Gaston.

        • @Charles Tabor…

          The chameleon of #Ten #Hues can’t hide even when he’s changing colors and jumping from ship to ship like a stow away #WharfRat jumping from ship to ship trying to get to #SkyeLand.

          As for the ‘closing of beaches’ on holidays, totally ridiculous, since technically Sunday’s used by the religious hypocrites is a holiday therefore, they should be closed on Sundays too.

          The next thing, as I stated over a year ago and John French II picked up on it, the beach and its environs are one of the best remedy’s to deal with viruses, flu colds, aches, pains, total body cleanse(physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) which these so called “white tourists” and the #BLACK ones too, visit our shores for.

          Speaking of “tourist” versus “locals,” I know that our laws address issues similar in nature differently, and we know why. This is nothing new.
          However, in this case(the video footage) is being used as a political ad, and rightfully so.
          However, if I am sitting on a rock located on high water mark whuch is butt and bound with the ocean for ingress and egress, how can law enforcement determine that I’m breaking the law?

    • @Charles Tabor…there’s a saying, “you can’t teach an old ‘dawg’ new tricks; but TENMAN is a loyal ‘dawg’ no matter, who his master is. In this case his master is the Top Dawg aka Wurl Boss PM. You can teach an old ‘dawg’ new tricks, otherwise P.A.W.S. would not be able to capture and send Antigua’s Mongrels to live in luxury in places like Canada, after being homeless. So too, adoption kennels wouldn’t be able to attract new owners for their abused dogs. In the case of HUEmans the molding and indoctrinations are way easier for a #LapDawg, especially – wen dem nuff-n-edge-up AND lub carry-go-bring-kum.

  12. Lets be real, the reason beaches are banned on holidays is because locals and residents traditionally congregate in mass parties on the beach with lots of eating, drinking, dancing, socializing. And we’re still seeing this happen despite the risks of Covid, holiday or not, with no masks, no social distancing, etc. If people can’t be trusted to use common sense, then rules/laws as stupid as they may seem, have to be put in place. The Government is governing!
    Yes, all should adhere to the laws, but tourists aren’t attending huge super spreader parties on the beach. If a few slip through the cracks and enjoy the beach at their hotel, so be it. They are supporting our economy and the ONLY reason they are here is to go to the beach!

  13. How about we stop acting so reckless and foolish and start wearing masks, social distancing and get vaccinated so that Covid stops spreading! Then we can all enjoy the beach and not have to live under these restrictions!

  14. Y’all so dumb stupid foolish and mostly political… we all know the reason for the ban of the beach on the holiday is to stop any gathering from taking place- some of these tourist are spending a few of their 10 days vacation on a boat they chartered in Antigua…. what should they do, stay on the boat for 24 hours? Tabor just always coming here proving he’s an idiot in my opinion. Just look at the fanatics he sides with on this blog on a daily basis. Chups ….
    Antigua and Barbuda first…. tourism is our main industry… come on

  15. ITAL boss you cannot have it both ways. Yes, tourism is our main industry and will be for years to come until we can truly diversify our economy. Now, the Law is the Law and if the government says that no swimming is allowed at the beach on a holiday, what do you want them to then go on to say that the Law only apply to residents and not tourists in hotels. Boss the Law must be applied equally. What is so hard to understand whether we need the tourist dollar to survive or not?

  16. How ridiculous. You see how they behaving? the reason WE not allowed to the beach is because of the behaviour we saw before. Rum, Sun, Sea …WE just carry on Chupid. The whole place should be open up anyway, to the fully vaccinated!!!

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