Video shows the moment Dean Jonas was arrested at his home following an altercation with police



Former Minister Dean Jonas says a police corporal who came to his home Thursday afternoon demanded that he hand over his child to the officer, but presented no legal authority for this.

Mr Jonas made the claim during a statement in which he sought to clarify the chain of events which led to his arrest and charge on Thursday.

The former St George Member of Parliament says he considered the demand by the police corporal to be an unlawful attack on his family and refused to comply.

He says he then loudly and repeatedly instructed the corporal and another officer to leave his Scott’s Hill home, but was “forcibly arrested for protecting the welfare of his family.”

The media statement also says Mr Jonas “believes this kind of conduct is reflective of societal attitudes towards fathers and their custodial rights, which are often not given the same level of legal protection as mothers.”

He is due to make his first appearance in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court next Monday, on charges of Disorderly Conduct, Threatening Language, Battery on Police and Resisting Arrest.

He is being represented by attorneys George Lake and Merisse McDougal.

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  1. Dont Antiguan police officers, inform people for what reasons they are arresting them, prior to effecting an arrest? Mr Jonas was the one who brought up the word arrest first, when he asked the reasons for his arrest!!
    Wendell Robinson [lawyer] and former commissioner of police should win that case easily

  2. This is my Two Cents as a former Police officer, if Mr. Jonas does not have a custody Document from the Court, the Legal Gurdian is the Mother of his son. Too much Drama from Mr. Jonas!

    • Disrespecting law enforcement officers is wrong,the need to put more measure in place to arrest any one who committ any unlawful activities,or even for the used of findecent languages to police officers…

    • As a retired police office i am telling you thst when mr. Jonas told the officers to leave his yard they should have left and return with a warrant

  3. Well done officers. Now the video shows the encounter. How you can tell police you have arms to. They should’ve allowed you to go for it then corn you up Dean.

    This will be interesting. The assault charges is and will be justified. This guy is super arrogant. Who have enough balls to come out and accuse these officers now. This encounter was rather professional and respectful until escalated by Mr Jonas. Where’s the charge of threatening language?

    • You are wrong. The police was on private property without a warrant. They were told to leave and they didnt. At this point the police was not acting under the color of law. This was also a matter for the welfare department which the police should have referred her too. They would lead the investigations while the police assist. I was a police office for 20 years. I know what i am talking about

  4. That look like someone behind that and it look like is her friends if the man has his ducument why harast the man for them police was push to do give him a bad name .

    • that officer was not there to uphold the peace in my opinion. looks like he was there to aggrivate the situation and lower the man into the bullspit. the man is saying his lawyer have the information “THE CHILD LIVES WITH ME” officer next question should be DO YOU HAVE LEGAL CUSTODY. Is that the document in ur hand?

    • @ Lovely

      you and the ABLP minions always on Pringle case and you all are so dunce, do not know how to WRITE NOR SPELL…… all DUMB down the English language 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Why are the police there? It’s a civil matter. The police clearly was the aggressor. Why would they bring the woman to his property? I think that is what triggered him. Because he’s no longer elected, they felt that it gave them the power to treat him that way. They could not take the child from him without knowing the facts.
    They traumatized the child by mistreating him in the child’s presence. Wendell Robinson will handle that nicely. Dean has never been a person who I admired but fair is fair.

    • Yea u and the rest of alp did not admire Dean. When politician pikney get traumatised, its noticed. You know the rest children dem who suffer daily?
      Hope the child is in a safe space, caus the dad did overreact.
      Triggered & Gaslit … thank Goodness he didnt have a weapon

  6. The police are officers of the law. They do not act according to their discretion. It is evident that they were not called for the abuse of a child nor was there a court order that the child be removed from the home. Mr. Jonas informed the officer that his lawyer (by name) was the right person to answer any questions on the matter. The officer was out of place to state that that’s no his (the police’s) lawyer. Where there was no execution of a court order and the law not being broken, Mr. Jonas had the right to ask the officer to leave and the should have left, returning with the required documentation. Improper policing escalated a situation and it’s here on public display.

    • Well said! No warrant was evident! No contact was attempt6 to be made to the man’s lawyer! No attempt was made to see the documents the man was brandishing! No regard was given to the emotional well-being of the child! As a mother myself, I would not want my child to experience this, whether or not I am on speaking terms with the father!
      Except one experiences something like this, they cannot relate! This man did not commit any criminal offense. His flaw was trying to protect his family! The police clearly needs to learn the law! Somebody will be heavily compensated if rightly represented!

  7. The officer had no right on the man property on less the man commit a crime or unless they have a court order to do so if the owner say to get off his property cause you have no legal basis to be there it is a civil matter which should be handled by the courts the officers have no grounds to arrest the man the man have his rights to protect himself and his property from unwanted guest our legal system and police are trained back wards there been to many times that woman use these personal police friends they have to do alot of shit for a little piece of wife

  8. Dean boy you put yourself in hot water! Just to put your hand in someone else’s face in an aggressive way is an assault. An assault is an offence. You even escalated the situation when you said to the corporal that he came their with gun and that you have gun too and you asked the officer if he wanted you to go for it and made your way ad if you were going to get it. That Mr Jonas is a threat. It is not whether or not you have legal custody of the child but it is what you did that escalated the situation. You could have just simply present the document of legal custody if that is what you had in your hand to the officer and diffuse the situation.

  9. Now Dean Jonas is one of the most arrogant ignorant person’s I have ever come across but in this incident he is not 100% at fault. The officers clearly don’t know their role and function. Child custody disputes are the courts to decide. It civil not criminal. The officers have no rights on a person private property and Dean Jonas has everything right to defend his property and person. Could he have handle it better of course he could especially since the child was present. But the officers were way out of line. He said to leave then they should have and come back with the correct documents. This will be a very interesting case and in my honest option this video will do the officers more harm than good. We shall see how this plays out as I’m sure the media will keep this going for the clicks and likes.

    • It’s sad that in situations like these no one thinks of the defenceless little human being who could be traumatized and scarred for life because of this power struggle between foolish and irate parents and other ill-advised persons. I hope their consciences will be pricked to offer the counselling that he needs. But then we know that the result of sin is never pleasant. When arrogant leaders use the status of their office to bed as many wanton women as they can, and wield their sexual organs as weapons of mass reproduction, regardless of whether they are married or not, this is what happens. Hurt children, used as pawns to assert their manhood, and disillusioned, insulted and embarrassed spouses. The legacy of pain they leave behind is atrocious to say the least….let’s not even mention the generational curses! They never learn from those who have gone before! Sadly these are the kinds of people we hail as leaders, heros and ststus symbols. Regardless of political affiliation, we need to come better than that! Someone should have thought of the child!!!

  10. Probably a good thing he is no longer Minister of Gender Affairs. Men and women are not identical in biology and role despite what many try to suggest these days. In general, it is best for small children to be in the care of their mother. When they get older (e.g. teenagers) they can more easily fend for themselves living with a father. How can a busy man like Mr. Jonas adequately pay attention to the many emotional and developmental needs of a small child? I don’t know their business, but even attempting to prevent the child from returning home to his mother after a trip suggests a lack of emotional awareness of what is best for a child. How can a child just be randomly uprooted from his primary caregiver with no care or concern for the trauma that might cause? Father’s “rights” are not more important than the child.

    • So what do you say when mothers are not taking care of the children? I know of bad fathers but the world is full of bad mothers also, Especially in these times.
      It’s just sad 😞 because the children are innocent

      • Statistically there are way more bad fathers than bad mothers. Even mothers that some people classify as bad do more good for their children than the children’s fathers do. I personally can’t think of a single mother I know personally who I would label as “bad” whereas I know several father’s who are “bad” in one way or another. I know some great fathers as well, but they all have the support of their wives who do most of the child rearing anyway. So, in general, small children should be cared for primarily by mothers as has been the logical tradition based on biology.

  11. Now, there may be a lot going on here that we are not aware of. Why was the police there! Was a report made to them! Did they have legal grounds to remain on the property when asked to leave. All this May depends on what if any report was made to the police.

    Did I hear Mr. Jonas say he have arms to. Now, the police are given tools and equipment to aid them in the execution of there duties. These include firearms. If the police showed up with rifles and or shotguns, that may have been unessarry and can escalate things. But if the police had their sidearm, there is nothing wrong with that, and it should not have offended Mr. Jonas. If Mr. Jonas said he has arms too, that in my opinion is a threat to the police

  12. You people have all of the answers. Please tell me, when are we going to get water daily. All of you Minions of the Labor Party would support Jonas.Where were you people? When he had the Police arrested a young man from Potters in regards to their farm.You people are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • They should have tossed Dean in the same cell that the young man, who he advantaged, was placed in, and for the same duration of time plus a couple more days.

  13. Dean Jonas is nothing more than a dramatist.
    His behavior is abhorrent.He was a member of Antigua’s Cabinet.Laughter !!

  14. I would pay good good money to see him and Gaston Browne in a boxing 🥊🥊 ring … pure box office.

    Two “shapers” jus’ ah dance an prance 🤣🤣🤣

    • Gaston Browne 🍆 mus b stuck up ya @$$ wha he hab fu do wid dis ya. Mi wonder how much time ah day ya buss one nut to Gaston Browne name ya mussa slerp wid one pic of Gaston Browne face pan ya pilla

      • Seems like I’m hitting a raw nerve with the lovers and worshippers of our embarrassing Prime Minister. Nice!

    • @Brixtonian you just could not help yourself can you? You should really seek help for your Gaston Browne obsession. Gaston Btowne is a multi millionaire at least start to charge him rent for the space in your mind.

      • Antigua deserves a better and honest leader that’s
        acceptable and accountable to its citizens, and represents us on the world stage with integrity … simple really!

        Furthermore, when the Prime Minister starts to explain and address the problems in the country, then people like me will let up, but until then – No way no how!

        So put that in you all pipes and smoke it!

  15. Clearly what we are witnessing here is a situation that ought to be sorted out in court. And while the parents argue and fight, it is the child that would be most affected bu all this drama. The trouble is, the police could not have shown up at Dean’s house unless a report was made to them. And as Police officers, they have a right and an obligation to take every complaint made to them seriously and to investigate and resolve any incidence of domestic violence as they see fit. So this must be the genesis of this whole saga. There are obviously serious custody issues that have to be looked at and resolved here. Unless the court so determine, NO FATHER can take it upon himself to take custody of a child without the consent on the mother. This clearly never happened here.

    What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody?

    There are two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. In almost all cases both of the custody types are shared between the parents. Legal custody involves decision making regarding the child’s life while physical custody deals with daily caretaking of the child.

    What Is Legal Custody?

    Legal custody gives the parent the ability to make decisions for the child. A parent with legal custody of a child has the right to make decisions about the child’s medical care, schooling and education, and religious upbringing.

    What Is Joint Legal Custody?

    Typically, parents might have joint legal custody, which means that the parents must share in decision making regarding the child’s and that the parents have equal rights to the child’s medical and educational situation..

    Joint legal custody, unlike physical custody, has nothing to do with where the child live. The significance of frequently awarding joint legal custody is that the parent who has visitation rights or secondary physical custody of the child cannot be cut out of the decision-making process regarding any major issues involving the children.

    What Is Physical Custody?

    Physical custody gives the parent the right and obligation to take care of the child on a daily basis. Physical custody allows the parent to have the right for the child to live with him or her.

    Typically, there is one parent designated as the primary physical custodian and the other parent receives secondary physical custody.

    After all this fight and hostility, the child’s well being and overall situation must still be sorted out. There is nothing worse than when parents are at war over custody of child and this war spills over into the public domain. What we are witnessing here today is a modern day soap opera involving politics, police, a child and warring parents.

    • @Audley Phillip Watching the video clip you see the police speak about a domestic violence accusation or a child custody issue ? Clearly its the latter and acknowledging that, you well know they should not have been there

  16. 1: how long has the child been in the custody of the father?
    2: does the mother have a right to be on the man’s property? Shouldn’t she have stayed in the vehicle?
    3: is the officer within his right to remove the child from the home of his father simply because that’s what the mother wanted?

  17. As a retired police office i am telling you thst when mr. Jonas told the officers to leave his yard they should have left and return with a warrant

  18. People, a soft word turns away wrath but harsh words would stir up anger.It could have been handled differently. Maybe I am lucky or blessed for never been arrested any where. I do not know Dean Jonas. However,based on the things I have read about him. It seems to me he is not well liked by many around Antigua. He rubs off on others the very wrong ways. He needs to seek professional help. In my opinion he has deep anger management issues. It would not surprise if he does use a weapon on someone.

  19. This is what happens when friend and company with people in authority gets mixed up. Police officers here are jokers. Need to let this gain some traction internationally.

    • In my opinion, the police do not need a search warrant in this case. They were simply there to investigate a report made by the mother of the child which they have the right to do. A search warrant only becomes necessary if there is a suspicion of drugs, ammunition, stolen goods or any illegal substance that may be on the premises of the accused. Just because someone tells the police to leave their property unless they have a search warrant means the police must leave. They were there to investigate a report that was made to them. Now it is what the accuse does that determine whether he is arrested or not. Mr Jonas certainly aggravated the situation. The prudent thing to do was to cooperate and present whatever legal document of the child he may have at the time. The following charges I believe that is justified are as follows:-
      1. Assault – putting your hand in someone’s else’s face in an agressive way is an offence.
      2. Threaten language – when Mr. Jonas told the police that they come here with gun and that he has gun too and said if they want him to go and get it coupled with his action of actually going to retrieve it, that could be interpreted as a threat.

      The charge of disorderly conduct is not applicable because he was on his own private property, not in the public place and that charge should be dismissed.

      The charge of battery on police is left to be proven in the Court. The video was not clear on that charge. Not saying that it did not happen.

  20. Another charge against Mr Jonas I think should stand is resisting arrest. It appears to me that Mr. Jonas was craftily set up but unfortunately he took the whole bait, line and sinker and fell for it. That’s why your action in any situation whilst under pressure determines the outcome!!!

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