VIDEO shows moment police shot at man in St John’s


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  1. Wait…..He na get shot in the clip?? The boss walk off like u weak earthlings and ur pathetic weapons…

  2. From the view I have, the first shot was justified. From this video I am looking at.

    The second shot, from my view in the video, was not justified, his back was to the firing officer. Was the man charging towards another officer with the object in his hand? If so, second shot can be justifies.

    I do strongly believe that de-escalation tactics should have been used base on my expertise this man really did not intend to cause harm and was bluffing. However officers still needed to take control of the situation and try to de-escalate first.

    Where are the stun guns? I need the regulations on this to provide the force with some less lethal options.

    • In RPFAB officers are not gonna approach u if you are armed with any form of weapon…They will shout once or twice then POP! That’s the end of that chapter….Officers are not being paid well enough and they’re stressed. The government issued problem solver will get the work done as quickly as possible…..

      • Starting pay of a police officer $4000 ec a month,
        Starting pay of a teacher $2300 ec a month, and teachers still be buying their own equipment for the classroom

  3. Typical street thug, guy hits you gun get fired. Only in Antigua you hear gunshots and no one running 😂.

  4. Editor if the building I see there in the video is Courts then it’s certainly not in Corn Alley

    • Thank you dear. These reporters in Antigua need to get it right before posting. Reporters get it right for your readers please and thanks🙏

  5. In this situation I cannot blame the police. The civilian first biolently attacked the police, so the police have to do whatever it takes to protect himself and others around. Police are human also, and in a situation like this some emotions get in the way. If the guy jist followed the instructions of the police it would not have ended up this way.

  6. We must begin to wonder if our distaste for crime is not encouraging the police to accustom themselves to shooting young men to satisfy our taste for revenge? We have to pause and ask ourselves, if this is the kind of society we want to live in, where both the police and those whom we have designated as “criminals” feel free to shoot any one that may have offended them, with disregard for the life of the individual. //This normalization of killings, especially by men in uniform, poses a threat to the life of everyone. It sets the stage for political enemies of the State to be treated in similar fashion. You first disregard those you think no one cares about, and when that becomes acceptable it is easy, thereafter, to treat others with the same contemp. It has happened before in other parts of the world. We must be careful of what we ask of or encourage the police to do to others. Already, the police are finding it too easy to pull their gun.

  7. The police did the right thing. They have to protect themselves. If it is one thing, I would not ever want to see a police officer loose his or her life while trying to capture a criminal. What would we say to his/her loved ones, spouse and children?

    • That young man was once in jail, a police officer wanted something from him, and went to the prison, and shot him in his stomach in his cell, so about 10 years later, he’s nothing like the kid in cadets with dreams of being a soldier

  8. The writer who posted this video must be cognizant of the fact that this incident did not happen in Corn Alley but on the stretch of road at the end of Vivian Richards Street to the Valley Road in the vicinity of the Blind School, CMC and Courts and the Bridge Service Station. Now about the video itself. The police officer who discharged his weapon in a public place was very reckless and careless when there were other persons on the road such as motorists and pedestrians. Someone innocently could have been hurt. This situation could have been handled differently. There were three police officers on the scene plus those that were in the police pick up. Didn’t the police have shields to protect themselves while approaching the subject who was wielding a missile at them? The officers while using shield could have approached the subject, corner him, subdue him and then arrest him. Overwhelming force was used unnecessarily. These officers here in the police force are too trigger happy and needs proper training in my opinion. There seems to be a pattern of police using unnecessary overwhelming force to curb any situation that doesn’t warrant it. It’s like shoot to kill then ask questions after. Lives does matter in this country.

  9. Only a court can determine who is a criminal. No one.else. And the court or courts make that determination based on the evidence presented to it. If the alerted criminal is executed by the police the individual is denied the opportunity to prove his or her innocence or accept guilt. That how.a civilized society behaves. An uncivilized society would permit its police power to execute anyone they decide to be a criminal. If the police can be permitted to engage in extrajudicial murders why be upset when ordinary citizens kill? At least they didn’t swear to uphold the law. The police have that duty. No be the judge, jury and executioner all in one. Hope this helps you to think about the kind of person you want to be and the values you want to live by.

    • @Alvette E Jeffers
      Should the occasion arise that you or a loved one is confronted by a gun toting or knife wielding thug and injures you, here’s what you should do: smile sweetly, tell him how naughty he is, hand over your cash, cards or other assets and lull him to sleep with a soothing lullaby. No? Christmas should be in just over three monts time so how about Jingle Bells? Almost everyone knows that one so, in your finest voice and in your favourite key, yodel away. That should send him packing. Don’t forget to apologize you didn’t have more to be robbed of, that’s important and tell him you are so sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will say no more except while I hate using caps and won’t at this time, my message to the cop concerned is this: Well Done. Let the bleeding hearts weep and wail. Rest assured, they will do neither if they become the victim. Guaranteed.

  10. In any confrontation between law enforcement and a citizen the law under which they function is what should and must govern their decisions at all times. They therefore cannot act as they fancy. It is unreasonable to say that the police alone can determine what type of response is appropriate in the moment of a confrontation and society must leave that decision unchallenged. It is frightening to think that people would grant unchecked powers to any department of society, especially one that can summarily execute you. If we do not require the protection of the law for ourselves don’t arbitrarily deny it to others. I’ll repeat, the police is obligated to act in accordance with the law he or she has sworn to uphold. All of their decisions must be consistent with it. He or she should be more obligated to it than any other citizen who has not committed themselves to be governed by the law. This the general principle that should dictate our thoughts.

  11. Here’s your opportunity to say what the law states. Case in point: this knife wielding thug with whom you seem to empathize, has an altercation with an officer of the law in which he injures the officer in the head. He is in possession of a knife, no doubt for the lawful purpose of slicing cheese or some such innocent purpose. Here we go, I quote;

    “It is unreasonable to say that the police alone can determine what type of response is appropriate in the moment of a confrontation and society must leave that decision unchallenged”.
    Are you saying, in all seriousness, that the police must wait for society to make what decision he should take while he might well be acting to protect his life? This beggars belief. As you say, the police must act in accordance with the law, equally the cop must protect himself from harm which could lead to the loss of his life, who knows what evil intent that thug had in mind? What am I missing? Oh yes. the law you referred to which I quoted and which I am wating to hear.

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