VIDEO shows man being violently stabbed on Big Creek Bridge

Big cREEK Bridge stabbing

It was reported that around 3pm, both a 19yr old and 23yr old of Golden Grove and Golden Grove New Extension respectively, got into an altercation that led to the younger of the two allegedly arming himself with a sharp object that he used to inflict several wounds to the other.


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  1. If this is as it appears to me, lock that idiot up for the rest of his life, upon legal conviction, of course. A total disgrace. No place for such things in a civilized modern society.

  2. Ya boy drive one hard kick in he balls then when he drop ah grung drive some hard kick in he head…The two ah dem really feminine…

    • Yes, exactly! When he pon di grung, pull down he pants and kick he in he balls and stamp he up..

  3. “Jamaican Gang Wars”

    Foreign criminals are now brawling in broad daylight. What is this useless ALP government going to do about it?

      • You need to excuse that xenophobic jackass Mr. Byam if a car knock down one dog he is going to say its ALP fault.

    • I have observed a different culture have creeped into Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬. A culture I have never seen the 56 years I have born and live in Antigua. And this culture is seen largely in a specific age group. That is sure not how I remember we handle altercation among our peers. These young men especially need good role model. Who are the fathers or uncles for these two young men, and where are they?

  4. Are Drugs an issue in Antigua among the young? I have never seen that type of a brutal attack in Antigua until now. It is being done in the light of day.

  5. There’s a need immediately for a change of Government. Too much crime gine on in little Antigua, dis only happen in a big country. I think a woman should stand up and run for Prime Minister.

    • And wtf does government haffu do wid two man ah fight and ah kill one another. This shit has been going from the beginning of time only now it consider “cool” to post this shit on social media.

      • Growing up in Antigua, in the late seventies as a teenager, I have never witnessed this time type of altercation. Back then we were using our fists 👊. Knife and gun were never crossed our mind or thought. My father thought me as a young lady to bend and used my fist to defend myself in any fight or walk away. What are we as parents and society teaching our children for today?

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