VIDEO: Sharon Kelsick sends stern warning to Officials over threats made


Ms. Sharon Kelsick, General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda
Union of Teachers at an A&BUT press conference this morning.

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  1. Glad to see somebody in Antigua standing up for something, finally!!! Stand the line
    I understand that some teachers have not received back pay since 2013 murder!!!!! Question
    Who is going to stand up for those civil servants who are yet to get their back pay since 2018?? It’s my money I need it NOW!! I DONE WORK FOR IT.

  2. There are some strong and educated women holding good office and positions – there is REAL hope for Antigua’s future.

    I am so proud of our many women who are ignoring the nasty, threatening and misogynistic views from the male members of the ABLP government.


    ABLP, have absolutely no idea how to treat their own people, and can only resort to disgusting, disagreeable and distasteful behaviour … this is not how politics should be conducted in the country that I adore and love.

    • Kudos to you Ms Sharon Kelsick. Seems like you worked your way to the top on merit and not nepotism …👏

  3. Very professionally and well said. The government needs to take all education seriously and not just endeavors that score them political points.

  4. An Iron Lady, at last!
    You’ve got the support you need, so hold tight ur reigns n be ready to charge. We’ll follow ur dynamic leadership

  5. gaston browne do not like unionist in my opinion.

    Who fired Wigley George from the senate because the person stood with his union membership?

    Who fired or cause to be fired Hugh Joseph from the A.T. & L.U.

    I will never understand how grass-root workers can vote for a government with gaston browne as the head of that government.

  6. Kudos, Ms Kelsick. Stand your ground. These ALP operatives are resorting to what they know. Its a damn shame that Rodney is such a puppet. He should be hauling in the perpetrators as well as the host who sat there and did not stop the idiots. Bramble (and I’m no fan ) is in court defending things he said against a judge. I remember not to long ago threats being hurled at others and absolutely nothing being done. This country is lawless, just like the ones who sit in our cabinet.
    I just hope you consult the legal minds and take measures to deal with these clowns, as well as the host.

  7. Stop playing politics with our children’s futures this is so political every expression is to attack the Minister who is not afraid to defend and call it for what it is no mention of the negotiations or their position to work with the Ministry to resolve but just to attack and the belief that you are powerful the minister never attacked his teachers but spoke to the incompetence of the Union so you missed the boat completely

    • Your punctuation is so precise that I understand everything you’ve said without even reading whatever you wrote. You have all right to disagree with the teachers because you really need them and they are not available.

  8. Let history repeat itself. Going back to the days when Papa Bird had to deal with the very same teachers in 1978. And we know what the outcome was. You want to play hardball. Let’s play hardball. Negotiation isn’t my way or the highway. That is called extorsion. That is what you do when you highjack someone or hold someone hostage. You make demands or else. This young lady may seem like a hero in the UPP and their cronies face, as they dislike everything this government is about and want to see it fall at all costs. But we are dealing with the future of our children here and they are ultimately the victims. And guess what the Nurses have already indicated they are next to hold the government at ransom. And will it stop there or are there more.

    • @ From The Sideline, you sound and act like a real misogynist.

      First you spread your bile about the amazing investigative journalist Ms Phoenix, and now your hateful anger is towards another educated female Ms Sharon Kelsick.

      Don’t you like women who are much more unskilled and enlightened than you?

      SEEMS SO …

    • So the teacher’s are the one’s holding the government at ransom? What about the teacher’s right to payment that they work hard for? Take a look around a trained teacher of 17 yours still working for $2800 per month. Think about that before you bring politics into this. Who is taking advantage of who?

    • FTSL – Cool down boss. At the end of the day we need to put our children first hence try to avoid a war with teachers. Yes some of them (not all or most) have an axe to grind. The union rep here points out that mistakes have been made by the ministry and her union has helped by providing a list. She makes clear they (teachers) are willing to be held accountable. Sounds to me that its time the ministry of education take up their offer. It would mean better education for our children and real competition for private schools

    • More TEARGAS? What you drinking? Can’t be water because none flowing. Must be some special RED KOOL AID!

      “Neva again.” The teachers are taking a HARDLINE. Not a “SIDELINE.”

      • I will not call names here but it seems like some of you that are commenting does not work you don’t understand that when a person works they must be paid How can you have hungry children home waiting on you to collect your salary when you realize there is none or the little that you collect is not enough to pay your house rent phone bill Children tuition For you to be comfortable and to enjoy life or to even have all create an environment that is free from stress after going to school and trying to educate some of our children who are not even getting proper home training and take their home troubles to school teachers are human and they deserve the very best I am not saying what is happening is not going to affect the kids but it’s going to affect them even more if teachers just show up and have no interest in educating our lost children who some parents don’t even have their own identity much more to guide their own children into the right path so you would like the teachers go to school teach our children then when they go back home there frustrated and when they go back to school to take the frustration on the kids now we have a society where our children are not learning but stress and frustrated because of the teacher even if the teacher go back to school they’re not going to have interest in teaching the kids I support the teachers I am a mother I am very much concerned about my child education and educator.
        I support Mrs Kelsick she is also a teacher that teaches my child

  9. The General Secretary is passionate and powerful. Just hope that everyone will eventually come together and resolve the issues such that things can be normalized in the schools. This fight in the media between the Ministry and the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers only serve to complicate matters to the detriment of our children. Time for the parties to meet and talk and resolve the issues. Both sides guilty of swallowing the media bait.

  10. When I read @ From the Sideline diatribe, most times I wish God was really like man. So, you are telling me that nonebaddy suppose fuh talk fuh dem right? And because you taak, yuh political?? So, are you telling me that ALP teachers are not involved. I hope you God you don’t have kids.

  11. People,People,People,Sidelines is a singer. He sings the praises of his master,Gaston Browne. Gaston Browne would pass gas and his face would show. I heard those threats on Saturday coming from a set of ABLP arse kissers. I do not have anyone close to me in the Teaching Profession in Antigua. If I did,the Police would have been notified. Then if any of those sending threats walked close to my relative it would be hell to pay.I would be overly prepared to be arrested. I would go to the Police Station on my own accord.They have a right to threatened. I have a right to defend against those issuing those threats.

  12. Long Live the A&BUT. Togetherness for Progress! Keep fighting for what is yours teachers. You are resilient.

  13. Well done Sharon! It seems like you sat at the feet of Vernice Mack. Well done! I as a parent stand up with you to HOLD THE LINE

  14. The government always have problems with teachers and nurses. Is this because many in these professions are women? Do they think they can treat these professionals like they are less worthy. They are finding $28,000 us per week to maintain a yacht that they went and fast with. Pay the teachers their money and case close.

    • This ABLP government cannot handle strong, independent and educated Antiguan women, and it shows when they questioned or held to account on important issues in Antigua.

      Hopefully, more women will step up and step out of the shadows of these male misogynist dinosaurs 🦕 🦕 🦕

  15. Clearly, the current administration does not care about education. They found time to take ownership of a Super Yacht, unlike making time and effort to address the plights of the very people by way of their profession are the ones responsible for the existence of the politicians, doctors, lawyers of the world. It is sad that our politicians are very quick to blame other persons, rather than accept responsibilities for their shortcomings. Look how Darryl Matthew was quick to blame CWI for a building that he is responsible for, not having telephone and internet sercice for over a year that he has occupied the space. The same people who thinks these fools are gods, are the same persons whose children are out school since the end of Easter, and CXC is in two months. They are either INCOMPETENT or DOWNRIGHT WICKED. Take your pick!

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