VIDEO: Serpent says he won’t micromanage if appointed Minister of Agriculture


The United Progressive Party spokesman on Agriculture has given an insight into his management style.

Algernon Serpent Watts the UPP candidate for St. George told the Disaspora Progressives forum last night that he plans to let technicians do their jobs, giving him enough time to spend in the constituency.

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  1. That was a good outing, makes a huge difference when he has a prepared speech.

    The UPP sounded different compared to the local meetings.

    Seems as if they think the intellectual capacity of the diaspora is different to on the ground. So with prepared speeches and prepared questions and answers, the movie ended well.

    There is no way Pearl could have come up with an answer like that unless she had the question weeks ago.

    • Melchesidec – Pearl Quinn will continue to impress you, so be prepared to submit your compliments.
      Remember her contribution to the discussions re the CCJ referendum?

      • ANU Please be advised that the CCJ script was research rehearsed and then presented.

        I listened to Pearl on Dave show with Fled the scene and he will tell you there was a slow connection with her lips and head that afternoon.
        Nothing personal I know she is a wonderful person but debating and active politics are not the same things.

  2. MELCHESIDEC come on! I thought more of you. How can their be prepared answers in a completely live forum with the questions coming from listeners all over the diaspora. Just say that you were thoroughly impressed and leave it at that.

  3. Generic response…. you could extract these answers from any entry level management book.. Serpent get plenty information and dokisements over the years so me expect to hear creativity and substance from him… not the cookie cutter cut and paste response that the man on the street can provide…

    • Serpent responded to his audience. He knows the majority of who his listening audiences are, so he had to respond in that manner so everyone understands and get the message. The message needs to get across to everyone not just to you alone Spar+Par. Some people don’t even know what an entry-level management text or intro to management text is, so Serpent answered the questions for every listening ear.

  4. I have supported UPP in the past, but this type of person makes me sick. Being a loud mouth hypocrite is the credentials you need to be a candidate for politics. I am so disappointed in Harold Lovell! Shame!

    • Why you don’t replace Harold Lovell if you can do better? There is no perfect person on this earth. Why be disappointed? Didn’t he say what you wanted to hear?

  5. I thought he was SURE of his victory. How come all of a sudden it’s *if*??

    Why not Minister of Gender Affairs or Foreign Affairs?

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