VIDEO: Senator Shawn Nicholas Suffered Excessive Bleeding and Clotting after second COVID jab but says she would do it again for her country

Senator Nicholas describes her symptoms

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  1. Your allegiance till death to the Grand Wizard the Moustache is well, let’s just say is admirable but Foolhardy.
    If a substance disagrees with your body and put your life in danger you would
    take it again for GASTON I mean the country GIRL SIT DOWN if you have nothing to say .

      • TENMAN please tell me what is the significance of the questions you are asking? Senator Nicholas has outlined some of the side effects she has experienced after taking the vaccine, however, despite that she is still beseeching citizens to go forward to get vaccinated. Why the hell then are you trying to spin this into politics? You are absolutely pathetic.

        • Boss clearly you have comprehension problem along with vision issues. My response was to “It goes like this” ()Would have thought a sober minded you would have saluted my reminder:

          “Your allegiance till death to the Grand Wizard the Moustache is well, let’s just say is admirable but Foolhardy.
          If a substance disagrees with your body and put your life in danger you would
          take it again for GASTON I mean the country GIRL SIT DOWN if you have nothing to say .”

          • Idiot TENMAN do like me when you are responding directly to some one comments. Start by putting their name or whatever aliases you guys use then there would not be any misunderstanding as to what comment you are responding to. Please note and learn.

          • Guy are you new to responding to threads? Its a reply. There is no need to identify the person you are replying to. Sad you are ignorant of the reply feature. This explains why you tend create a new thread when responding instead of using the reply function

  2. Taking what she is saying with a bucket full of salt. Why is she now saying this? Was she not fully vaccinated since May? Why she did not talk about this earlier seems like politicking to me🤷🏿‍♂

    • Well she has to be careful round dem people dey, cause PM will go on his radio show and say he hear she go Epicurean and buy the biggest size in Always maxi pad. You know how he lub fuh try fatshame and gendershame. Memba he demote Gail when she was pregnant. Memba the Vinci women who the Antiguan men were to breed. And pawning off female Antiguans on the Prince. Imagine.

  3. This woman has got to be out of her mind! She would do it again for country? The country must have done plenty for her to sell her soul….smh

  4. Yes Senator Nicholas, a pity we need more persons to understand the importance of country. Interestingly the same persons who see only themselves, will leave Anu and go to a place like the US and join their armed forces, in order to get a green card. Antigua & Barbuda I gather to their mind is small hence unworthy

  5. What you can do for the country is to hurry up and die cuz is fuckery all y’all deh pon. Good to see the same vaccine y’all praising are catching y’all rass too. Gaston need to take it too so he can get his fate as well

    • You sound like an evil being. The words you speak may fall on you and your offspring, so be careful what you utter!


        the only ones that is going to fall to anything is the evil beast system that brought about this BS, the persons involved in fooling the ppl to taking this BS and the ppl that ignored the warnings. anyone who takes it are a walking dead.

        do your self a favor and go read the revaltion, the book of enoch and the enuma elis which indicates the things happening today.

        so do NOT come to me talking about I sound like an evil being when the creator, the one true God, the GODHEAD aka YAHAWAH stated that those who take the mark of the beast will surely die and the beast alone with those who assisted the beast will be cast into the lake of fire.

        I live by the real scripture given to the real children of Isreal which is why we see the lies being told and not by the science created by bathomet to deceive all the nations.


  6. Well this Senator just set the process of herd immunity back. All the hard work in educating the unvaccinated was just undone. If anyone was on the fence about getting the vaccine they’re definitely not gonna get it now.

    • She didn’t set anything back……HERD IMMUNITY will never happen because the vaccine doesn’t make you immune. Damn idiot’s. 😂 And you saying that like you rather people be deceived and take it maybe just like you were but some of us ain’t stupid. 😙

    • @Will I abort or will I be barren?
      And scary it is. What or who encouraged the Senator to tell such a story in the Parliament? Isn’t she thinking politically? I understand that she is the general secretry of the UPP. How did this story enhance her or her party’s position? By making women scared now to take the vaccine? Was that her original intent? God forbid.
      Didn’t she see that it could have effect of scaring other women and so don’t say it in there? And if she had to and must say it, best to say it on her community affairs program on Crusade on Friday morning?
      This lady is not politically offay. Thank the Lord that she is no longer running for office. Not surprising that her party is drifting as it is. Leader light as whipped cream, general secretary not a political bone in her body and the party faithfuls confused as hell.

      • Im glad she said what she said because too many people are quiet about the side effects so far and way worse side effects are coming in the long run too. You antiguans dont like truth yall rather a leader who constantly lie and deceive people but it’s gonna catch up to all of them sooner or later.

  7. Shawn Nicholas has been one of my favorite person/Antiguan for quite awhile. She is a genuine person. What she said is that we must face reality and although the vaccine has side effects the benefit far outweighs the negatives. I was looking forward to her advancing in the political arena but you foolish people choose Mr.1735 over her. Anyhow I am now looking forward to her becoming madam speaker and a balance one . D . Gisele I know you cannot wait to return but please aim for the senate. Shawn is a citizen of class, a humble, gentle and yes a kindhearted country gal with an impeccable character. God bless you Shawn !

    • The benefits do not outweighed the negatives because there is no actual health benefit of the vaccine only social benefits like not having to get tested even though VACCINATED PEOPLE CAN CATCH AND SPREAD the virus, and getting to keep your jobs and as you see how the world is going, not being outcasted. This only will affect people who have a need to be in the system and who is of this world and need validation from the world. When there is actual HEALTH benefits, let me know.

  8. Interesting- The benefits do outweigh and the science is there to back it up. Look at the amount of people that are dying here in Antigua. Not one fully vaccinated person have died of Covid 19. Most vaccinated will not be affected my the virus and those who do gets well in a very short period. This means that you not be going around and shedding the virus. So put 10 vaccinated people in a house and send another vaccinated person in that house. Have enough food etc, leave them there for two months, then do a test . The virus will be dead and gone! Do the same with the unvaccinated 10 unvaccinated and one unvaccinated carry it in the house. No one leave for 2 months – the probability of several dying is high.

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