VIDEO: Release us! Barbudans want to return home


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  1. I agree 100% with this msn. Let the people go back home and start repairing their lives. We can lend them a hand in doing this. Who told the government that they want to be integrated into Antiguan society? I support the return of the people to Barbuda. Barbudans , dont give up your lands.

  2. If they want to leave, let them. If it is for their detriment , well! If it is for their good , excellent! People must live by the consequences of their actions.

  3. I agree… If the Barbudans want to go back home why stopping them? Diseases happened all around the world after a natural disaster. Let the people go home. I am wondering if the state of Barbuda had already been sold?

  4. My Question is: does he speak on behalf of ALL Barbudians – as some of my Barbudians Friends are not in agreement.

  5. Most of what Mr. Mussington said I agree with; and I quite understand his point of view. Since their homes have been damaged partially or totally, able bodied men and women could return to Barbuda daily to clean up and get their properties ready for rebuilding. That would help the government greatly. Remember, they would be working on their own for FREE. At the end of the work shift, they would return to Antigua for the night. Allow them the opportunity and see how it goes…

  6. I asked the question before and I’m asking again. Why is everything so political. I am an antiguan and most of tbe things i read when people comment makes me ashamed. I mean you who made the comment about barbuda being sold,tell me,did the seller cause the hurricane in order to finish the sale? Just ridiculous. They are not saying they can’t go back,but they will when it is safe to do so.If the government had left them there to be in rubble and water then oh they would be called all sort of names. It seems no matter what’s done there is a problem. Smdh

  7. This situation is a very difficult situation, and there is no easy answer. However i believe both sides are not trying hard enough. We only want to help barbuda, i really think they should be given the chance to go back home and see what is really left and if there is anything that can be salvaged. I also think the our sister island can handle their attitude a little better, we are really trying to handle the situation, but all we are getting is alot of negative feedback.

    • U are so dumb if u listen to what the man say u won’t say such a crap if all Antiguan are like barbudian people we Antiguan would never take in all these bullshit that Antigua labour party done us in many year all we think about in Antigua is who is blue and who is red we Dont think about our country first look at how Antigua look in 21 century run down no proper water system in place and electricity look at our road can’t we see good or we just Dont care or we just care about these bad ass politician that rod us blind ever day of our life Antigua is in a mess look around and u will see

  8. We cannot be so callus in dealing with each other. Ot is very difficult to seperate ourselves from our homes. Look at Montserrat. Some people have setteled for what ever piece of land they could inhabit. Let us support our brothers and sisters andhelp them to build stronger by Gods Grace. Peace.

  9. Let the Barbudans teturn. Let them find funding for schools hospital police , airport. Post office. How does Barbuda benefit.Antigua? They looking, handouts but still want to dictate to the giver. What to give, when to give and how much to give

  10. I concur that the Barbudans should be included in the plan to rebuild the island. However, it is also my opinion that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the citizens. Based on the information I have gathered Barbuda requires cleaning up which if not done appropriately can be detrimental. Therefore, I agree with the government for taking the current steps.

  11. I understand wat hes saying n the time will come wen they can get ti go home to do so ….. but in the mean time electricity n water has to b restored first …pm hve to make sure no watee or air born diseases will take effect. .being impatient gets no man nowhere…going back m forth everyday costs money

  12. As an American tourist who loves these islands and wishes for the best on the road to recovery, I appreciate these challenges. Barbudans who wish to repair their homes should be allowed and encouraged. This will serve both parties well. Let them go with the understanding that their risks are for them to bear, not the governments responsibility.
    I hope the recovery is swift and a model of people working and pulling together. The world could learn from your countries! Best of luck, and I will be back soon to support your country.

  13. Who will be responsible for their health care if they go over and decide to dwell in the unsuitable area? Antiguan tax payers ! Where are their salaries paid from? What is their contribution to the treasury? What needs to be articulated is the monies for donation should towards infrastructures ie roads, running of pipes and wires, lamp post, hospital, school etc, not to put in their pockets as they are asuming . What revenues have Caribana generated and if so what has it gone towards? Service providers from Antigua independence and carnival are still owed, why cant the caribana prize winners wait? Lady need to see a specialist for her ear and expect PM to pay for this, for those who have never seen Antigua hope this is an opportunity for you to think beyond your village but understand that work has to be done in order to pay you the sums you demand, it’s one country … all should pay the same taxes… Land my foot… it’s about time we integrate them into the global economy and how thing really work… hold a deed, get a loan pay a mortgage

  14. First we have to give GOD thanks for spearing us, unfortunately our sister Island Barbuda was not as fortunate as us. If my memory serve me right I remember during hurricane Luis lots of Antiguan did not want to leave their homes and animals for safer shelter, having said this. I truly believe the Government Of Antigua and Barbuda did the best thing in evacuating the people from our sister Island to safety.

    I also think as a people we should understand how our brothers and sisters feel about returning to Barbuda to try to rebuild their lives. We are not GOD and therefore we really need to be more understanding instead of allowing ourselves to become bitter and cynical. This could have been us in the same situation, lets put ourselves in their shoe and search our hearts then be honest and say exactly how we as a people would react.

    Our brothers and sisters have been through and still is going through a terrible catastrophic. what they need is lots of love, understanding, counseling and prayers.

    Dear god I prayer you touch our hearts and teach us to be kind and loving to our brothers and sisters from Barbuda and all the countries that are hurting from Hurricane Irma.

  15. Let them go ? Cool and what exactly would most of them be returning to? Their houses that were destroyed? Unfit environment which conditions arent exactly fit to live in? Not to mention no electricity power? Or water?…. although no one would want to be put in that position that theyve lost everything and yes their emotions are on a spiral, it is what it is and everything takes time so be patient , be hopeful , make the best of where they are right now and keep constant prayers💯✔

  16. Be gone. Ungrateful people coming over here demanding Wifi, money etc. Dont eat this dont eat that. People trying to help and they been picky and demanding. People must stop their business and wash their clothes now..
    I can not waiting for them to leave. Dont know if i would be alive in 2050 to see Barbuda lands under water..what then?ungrateful set a people.

  17. monies were sent to help with the temporary care of Barbudans. so was food and beds and chlorine tabs etc. where are those things ?

  18. This is not at the cost to the GOAB. goods services and money was sent for them to use. FULL AUDIT NEEDED ! and a check of ministers’ homes !

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