VIDEO raises question about COVID-19 enforcement measures


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  1. They need to put back the curfew this is nonsense, why was no police there to shut this down yet still if they see a one person in the streets without mask they arrass you like ur a dam villain,Mr priminister this curfew need to be back in place this isn’t safe!!!!!!!! No protocol here none at all. All this is our recklessness an nobody concerned here about there life,or other person life. Such shame here

  2. Every single one of these events that are happening around Antigua, police officers is in charge of security.

  3. Watch covid fly through the roof now that everything free up. Once the curfew gone, people think there are no more restrictions. English Harbour ram and swinging every night as the clubs and bars are cork. People fetting again as if it is normal. Old Years Night fetes going ram out. Covid going murder us in January!! Government made a mistake removing the curfew.

  4. they should charge u for using ya phone and driving cause how tf u can see cars and say no body have mask on they face u just wanna kiss ass so bad that gassy notice u rite?

  5. Ppl have a right to speak their mind if I was in charge I would have fined the promoter/promoters. It was clearly stated that fetes weren’t allowed. All you ppl think about is partying and a lot of you that’s out there partying and doesn’t live anywhere decent. As soon as someone voice their opinion about something that you all don’t agree with some of you have something to say. Ah you sick me fetching tummuck. Covid is real and unless it doesn’t hit close to home ppl won’t understand

  6. Then they will ball murder when Gaston puts back on the curfew and restrictions again, have some sense people

  7. Lmao. I wonder if it’s only in Antigua Antiguans worry about catching covid. Covid this and covid that and when we’re overseas and see hardly anyone wearing masks we follow suit.

    Differently I’ve traveled to England since the pandemic and while on the plane we had our masks on that’s until the food came and all masks disappeared.

    I find this covid thing overrated because here we are cussing about a fete but not concerned about British Airways nor Virgin Atlantic coming to Antigua every few days carrying hundreds of ppl from a country plagued with covid. Everyone has their opinion but I’m over worrying about something that when most of us catch we need a test done to find out.

    And btw isn’t it strange that when a new variant pops up the other one poof and disappears?

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