VIDEO: Protest outside PM’s Office over vaccination, state of emergency


Protesters were today ordered to social distance of 6 feet during a protest outside Office of the Prime Minister this morning.

Police also instructed them to move around and not remain stationary.

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  1. Since I am yet to get a response from the UPP Hierarchy can someone advise as to what precisely is the alternative plan of the UPP to dealing with covid.

    • As you are aware, the UPP presented a COVID Relief Plan to the Gaston Browne Administration in March of 2010.
      Where is Gaston’s Plan?
      The UPP at it’s first Virtual Public Meeting, presented some additional strategies to deal with Covid. This included a stimulus package.
      Where is Gaston’s Plan

      The UPP before it left office , left over $ 20 million in the Medical Benefits Scheme to be used in the event of a pandemic that is called vision; but your wicked prime minister called gaston browne spent it off because he said that the Statutory bodies should not have a surplus.
      ( See Observer 7 Feb 2014 )

      So those are just some of the plans of the UPP.

      The question is: What has your ABLP government done.

      I will tell you: Enrich themselves while poor people suffer.


  2. Prince Klass try to revolt and some of the slaves will say it’s foolishness, this is not about certificate of vaccination identification 19(covid19) this is more about control a lot of people are still sleeping.

    A deadly virus one must stay 6 feet apart but to do a test a swab has to go about 8-12 inches in your nose to find the virus. Science has outweighed common sense, we have lean on the wisdom of man trusting science and can be deceived

  3. The point is not about the UPP or DNA or ALP. It is more a matter where the people elect learders to serve their interest and if the leaders fail to do so, then the people have the right to terminate them.

    We must not choice to give up of rights in favour of party politics. Once we start giving away some, they will ask for more. An soon we will have no control.

    So these persons are standing up for their rights and for those who are unable to join them.

    • Who said it was about politics…If it is said that John Doe has a small prick…Would you equate it to someone saying he cant satisfy his wife?

      • Wow! JUST SAYING I cannot believe that comment is coming from you. I hope you are not the John Doe referred to 😂.

  4. Lol I’ve been away way too long I don’t even know that song I’m embarrassed.
    Cows free and they not 🤔

  5. Untill politicians stop unvaccinated persons from coming through our borders please tell dem leave the citizens that belong here and live here to be comfortable like the people that u open up to.

  6. Heaven knows how the vaccine is going to negatively affect the body in the next few years. Help us Lord. I never hear the vaccine was tested on rats or other lab animals. Help us Lord. Anthony Fauci said the vaccine is going to mess with people’s DNA. Help Lord, the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

  7. Please read this:
    MYTH: The mRNA vaccines being developed for COVID-19 will alter human DNA.
    THE FACTS: Several COVID-19 vaccine candidates rely on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which carries genetic information needed to make proteins, according to the U.S. National Cancer Institute. These vaccines would instruct cells to produce a protein that resembles part of the COVID-19 virus, triggering the body’s immune system to respond and produce antibodies.

    MRNA vaccines are a new technology, but it is not possible for those vaccines to alter your DNA. “This cannot change your genetic makeup,” Dr. Dan Culver, a pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic, told The Associated Press in September 2020. “The time that this RNA survives in the cells is relatively brief in the span of hours. What you are really doing is sticking a recipe card into the cell making protein for a few hours.”

  8. If you believe in forcing people to be vaccinated against their will say Yes in not say No. We all have a choice either you choose to or not. People crying down the folks who protesting. Why dont the Government lobby this much to provide a better water supply service.. this is essential… i never seen so much ads and incentives yet for a vaccine that no one knows if its effective or not.

  9. As world dictator traitor liar human Gaston Browne say, my freedoms end where his begins. The same shit goes to him, his freedoms end where mine begins.

    Where are the kidnappers and abductors of Mehul Choksi?

    Why haven’t the murderers of Nigel Christian been brought to justice? Apparently certain ministers and high up people are really above the law.

    Are we the people going to accept this and let them all get away with this bulls?

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