VIDEO: Protest against office of DPP, Ministry of Legal Affairs


Dozens of residents are protesting the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal the bus case involving three former ministers of government.

Video Courtesy BNN:

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  1. That picture does NOT look like any ´dozens´lol less than a handful of UPP supporters and upholders who are happy to see Wilmoth Daniel tell them to shove it because the bus a fu he. Big up to the STRIPPER POLE BUS CREW for this lukewarm attempt of a protest. Slither on down Lovell, slither on down the pole inside Wilmoth Daniel bus.

    President Lee Myung-Bak must be thrilled to see that the UPP has put to good use his personally donated bus gifts to them. STRIPPER BUS POLE, STRIPPER BUS POLE. All hail Pimp tight pants and the STRIPPER BUS POLE!

    • Like the “new” engines and the Can’t Park at East bus station?

      This reminds me of the public disrespect for the courts that the UPP has a history of expressing. Recall that their very own Hilson Baptiste basically said that if a certain judge was in Jamaica, they wouldn’t be able to leave the courtroom.

      • Do you remember the conduct of Gaston Browne. ” Don’t touch it, DON’T TOUCH IT”, he was protesting when he was in opposition.
        How easily you forget

  2. Carl the cowboy, why you allowing Lovell and Pearl to pappyshow you for their selfish political axe grinding?? Nah worry wid dem. You are better of using your time to polish your boots and practise your gun-slinging skills. Pearl can use the time to straighten her teeth and figure out why the people will reject her at the polls.

    • call in to Missa Knight show and ask your question. If you are a 13-year old girl, please be careful around Ian Magic Hughes the unremorseful CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and UPP frontman

      • I am happy that Michael Browne was acquitted. Will he now be accepted back into the ABLP. Just want to know your point of view.

  3. So is the UPP endorsing the misuse of public property? I think a case could be made for some politicing being at the base of this matter, but the bottom line is that they cannot justify the actions of the ‘UPP 3’. To make bad matters worse, it was sickening to witness Wilmoth Daniel collecting his bus from the police. Absolutely sickening!!

    Obviously, the UPP haven’t learned their lesson. Similarly, they backed Winston Williams in the fencing scandal, then they are currently throwing his mis-deeds in his face now that he has switched sides. No ideology; no principles; empty vessels.

      • The Hon. Gaston Browne has WON each contested election so far since 1999. NO political opponent to date has beaten him. And empty head Fallister Thomas has his share of beating to get just now lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Remember that there are people within the UPP who are waiting with baited breath to see the back of Lovell once and for all. The TRADEWINDS GANG is alive and kicking in the UPP. Goal? Get rid of Lovell at all cost!

        • GASTON has been a member of Cabinet since 1999. He was therefore in Cabinet when the ABLP raped Social Security. And he said nothing!!!

          He has been the representative for POINTE since 1999. Look at the state of POINT. As school children would say, it is easy to give away inducements to win an election, it is more difficult to make life easier for people if you don’t have a heart and you are merely concerned with enriching yourself and acquiring prime waterfront land yourself.

          You see, it is clear to see that Gaston does not like black people. It is so sad.

          Now you should be concerned with Asot. Asot has Gaston’s secrets. Many people in the ABLP would like to see the back of Gaston

        • Did he win each election as you say, or is it more likely, what really happened here in Antigua and in elections all around the world, the criminal cabal has INSTALLED people into these positions through CHEATING?

          The next election needs to have monitors from both parties as well as foreign observers. These monitors need to be at EVERY location that voting is happening as well as during vote transport and at the vote counting locations.

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